Starting 1913, in the contents of the law of founding the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies, promulgated through Royal Decree no. 2978 from the 6th of April 1913, the Mission of the Faculty of Public Administration was stated under article 1, sub-heading C. That mission was “to prepare for the functions of public administration with an economic character”.

From the university year  1995 – 1996 , this tradition was rekindled by creating the Administration and Public Management specialization as part of the Management Faculty, and in 2003, the Department for Administration and Public Management came into being.

The university year 2010-2011 saw the birth of the Administration and Public Management Faculty, as a result of the combined efforts of all the members of the Administration and Public Management Department which, through professionalism, perseverance and ambition managed to create an effective public administration program, ranked in the first category in Romania.

In the university year 2014 – 2015, the “Human Resources” specialty was created, pertaining to the Sociology domain, a program which corresponds to the actual necessities of the workforce market which is in need of well trained specialists with good knowledge of disciplines in the field of sociology – human resources, persons able to adequately manage human resources activities and to research the social climate inside organizations in the context of cultural globalization.

The Mission of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management consists in preparing specialists in the field of public affairs for both Romania and the European Union, as well as to conduct scientific research in its respective field. Moreover, we aim to develop personalities and characters which are examples of humanistic ideals and also to create highly trained professionals which more than meet quality and competence standards in the field of Social Sciences, particularly so in the field of Human Resources.

Our Cornerstone Values on which we rely in fulfilling the FAPM’s mission are: continuity, professionalism, responsibility, the spirit of solidarity, creativity, transparency in the running of our activities for all members of the faculty, performance, credibility, quality and ethics in the educational act.

The cultural dimension of the faculty and its set of guiding moral values maintain a major importance in cultivating our institutional identity and our distinctive reputation

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