Vision, Mission & Core Values

The Faculty of Public Administration and Management aims to become a regional pole in education and scientific research in the field of administrative and socio-human sciences. Our continuous concerns about identifying concrete solutions to the challenges of the administrative and economic environment and updating and constantly adapting the university curriculum to labor market mutations facilitate the endowment of future civil servants and specialists in the field of human resources with basic knowledge and the specialty needed for the joint effort to modernize Romanian society in line with European and international standards.

The mission of the academic community within the faculty consists in the training of specialists with higher education in the field of central and local public administration for Romania and the EU and the scientific research in the field. We want to develop strong personalities and characters that conform to the humanist ideals and qualitative standards of training for competitive professional skills in the fields of social sciences. In order to fulfill its mission, our faculty cooperates with the line ministries, with local, county, national and international partners, and also provides the necessary framework for completing the theoretical specialized training of students with practical activities.

The core values ​​on which our faculty’s vision and mission are based are: continuity, professionalism, responsibility, solidarity, creativity, performance, credibility, transparency, quality and ethics in the educational act. These values ​​have shown that they can make a difference because they have contributed over time to the development of a highly organizational culture that is highly performance-oriented in academic education and research.