The Research Centre in Public Administration and Public Services was founded in  2006 in the frame of a CEEX  project „Research on the development of competitive and inteligent cities in knowledge based societies”. Among the interest research areas are: public administration, public services, eGovernment, public policies, public management, urban management, regional development, etc.

The main objectives of the research center are:

  • development of researches in the field of public administration and public services through
  • studies and fundamental research;
  • area research;
  • advanced technological research;
  • organization of postuniversitary courses;
  • information and documentation in the field;
  • continuous training in the field;
  • counseling;

according with the scientific competence of its members and the developments trends in the field.

  • promotion of international cooperation and participation in the european programs in the field of ensignement and research.
  • support for specific dissemination activities: participation at national and international conferences, symposiums and seminars, affiliation to profesional associations, publication of articles in journals and revues, etc

More information about research activities, projects, members could be found here.

The International Public Management Center is the first interdisciplinary research structure set up in Romania in the field of public management. The Center was created in 2006 as part of a CEEX project and is part of the International Public Management Network. The research centre is open to partnerships with universities, public and private organizations in the country and abroad.

The main areas of research and consultancy are: public management, comparative public administration, human resources management, project management, public services, public policy, econometrics, managerial informatics, statistics, sociology, international organizations management, etc.

The main objectives of the Center are: (1) to promote the Romanian public management school in the national and international debates; (2) to develope internal and international partnerships with universities, public institutions and authorities, international consultancy firms and similar public management centers in other countries; (3) to promote the transfer of know-how and good practices in the field of public management from other states to public institutions and authorities in Romania and vice versa; (4) to involve young PhD students, master students, assistants, students and the to develop their research potential; (5) to increase the dissemination of the results of scientific and applied research as a result of the development of collaboration with public institutions and authorities in Romania and other states and to extend the integration into the international research networks.

Additional information about research activities, center members, projects, etc. Can be obtained here.

The Research Centre for Macroeconomic and Regional Forecasting (PROMAR)

 The Research Centre for Macroeconomic and Regional Forecasting (PROMAR) was set up within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies at the beginning of 2007. It covers a large research area in the field of macroeconomic analysis and forecasting (sustainable economic growth, macroeconomic correlations, sectorial correlations, international flows, European integration, etc.) as well as in the field of regional economics and forecasting (regional growth, convergence, competitiveness, territorial cooperation, regional employment, internal and external migration, investment impact, environmental sustainability, regional clusters, territorial capital, urban-rural relationships, local development, metropolitan areas, institutional issues, regional strategies and policies, etc.), employing as the main tools empirical analysis, econometric modelling, scenario-based methods, international comparisons, etc. The contemporary prospective economic thinking is also considered.

Its members are academics with top results in scientific research at national level and important visibility at international scale. PhD students and MSc students are also involved in the centre activities. In total it counts 20 members. They were/ are involved in many international projects (funded by the Horizon 2020 programme, Framework Programe 7, ESPON, SEE Transnational Programme, CERGE, COST, etc.) as well as national projects funded by the National Plan of Scientific Research and the National Council for Scientific Research in Higher Education.

The PROMAR Centre has already established collaboration partnerships with other research centres within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies and other universities (e.g. “Jean Monet” Centre for European Studies – “Al.I.Cuza” University of Iasi) as well as with research institutes of the Romanian Academy (e.g. National Institute of Forecasting), the National Institute of Statistics, the National Commission of Forecasting,  the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funding, etc.. At international level, co-operation agreements have been established with the Regional Applications Laboratory (REAL) of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign –US, Department of Economic Geography and Geoinformatics of Wirtschaftsuniversitaet Vienna, Austria, Research Centre of Regulatory Science – George Mason University, U.S., etc.

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The Public Policies Support Center was created by the Institute for Public Policy together with the Department of Administration and Public Management of the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, with the aim of providing all those interested with access to resources and the possibility of receiving assistance Free technology in the preparation and evaluation of a public policy. Interested individuals can strengthen their knowledge through the services provided by the center, but also by getting in touch with practitioners from the institute who are effectively working in public policy assessment at both local and central government level. The Center offers free access to one of the country’s richest libraries, with public policy papers, and provides visitors with access to online resources on public policy issues. Specialists at the center can recommend different forms of education with this specialization, both in Bucharest and in the country. The Center offers the opportunity to participate in public policy courses with specialized trainers and leading practitioners in the field of public policy. Additional information about the Center’s activities, its facilities, the available book fund, access to electronic resources, etc. Can be obtained here.

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