where can i add money to my moneylion card

Green Dot will not be able to deposit your payment if we are unable to match recipients. Check was not written to you, as your name appears on your Ingo Money account. You can add your MoneyLion debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or Google Pay. Can I transfer money from my Green Dot account to another bank account? Once you deposit a check with us, you can’t cash it anywhere else. Just remember only to use deposit codes that you personally generated from your own account. If you log in to your account and set up the direct deposit Account Alert, we’ll automatically notify you any time a direct deposit is received. On the website select “Add Funds” or in the app tap “Deposit”. If they do, we’ll credit the amount to your card when we receive payment instructions (instead of waiting for the actual payday) so you can enjoy your money sooner. There is a MoneyPak service fee of $5.95. I keep trying to open the money lion app and it will open but before i can use it it closes and shuts down. The place my last stimulus check was sent is a bank that was over-drafted a few dollars for over 30 days, so they closed out my account. faq:AddingMoney/DepositCash/Depositcashtoyouraccountusingtheapp. If you decide you no longer want direct deposit, contact your payor and they’ll tell you how to cancel the service. The cashier will scan the deposit code, complete the transaction and provide a receipt. 2nd Question do you do small business accounts? Your receipt is proof of the reload. Please contact the MoneyLion customer care team for assistance. If you are concerned about the status of your direct deposit, please follow these steps: NOTE: If you recently reported your card lost or stolen, please be sure to tell the Green Dot Customer Support Specialist when you call. MoneyLion aims to be transparent when it comes to fees, and this is no different when it comes to using your MoneyLion debit or credit card overseas. You’ll need your Green Dot routing and account number to set up the transfer and complete the transaction. Reload Service fee and limits apply. 4. When you submit a check, it usually takes a few seconds to review a check for approval, although it can take 3-5 minutes and, in rare circumstances, up to an hour while Ingo Money works to verify sufficient information to approve your check. IMPORTANT: These services are not available in all states or stores. There are times though when Ingo Money is unable to approve a check due to inconsistencies in check images, limit-related issues, insufficient check verification data, or information about the check writer’s account. What if I have problems with my MoneyPak? MoneyPak will only work with prepaid or bank debit cards that have been activated and are personalized with the recipient’s name. You can unlock these features only after you’ve completed an initial bank transfer. The phone number won't let me check balance. MoneyPak will only work with prepaid and bank debit cards that have been activated and are personalized with the recipient’s name. Use this information when asked for your routing and direct deposit account number. We are unable to accept the following types of checks for mobile check deposit using the Green Dot app. Load card: Enter your prepaid or bank debit card number. As such, the availability or timing of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period. Transactions cannot be reversed, so only give the number to a trusted recipient. There are 4 ways to cash and deposit checks, 1. ^ MoneyLion Debit Mastercard can be used for no-fee withdrawals at ATMs in the Allpoint network. If you haven’t received a direct deposit that you are expecting, it’s because we haven’t received the payment instructions from your employer or benefits provider. Retail deposit fee of up to $4.95 may apply. The Credit Reserve Account is not a transaction or trading account. MoneyLion Plus uses the behavioral data and analytics from your use of the MoneyLion app in order to approve you for a low-interest loan. To get more information about your MoneyLion visa debit card, please contact the MoneyLion customer care team by phone at 701-566-****. I had made an account with u guys about 2-3 years ago and I got like $400 in investing and I would to cancel all tht nd have my money back if I could please. How can I get my direct deposit money up to 2 days early or my government benefits up to 4 days early? Many customers who sign up for MoneyLion’s … Remember to treat your MoneyPak like cash. What is a Secure Login? 2. Get smart about your finances. If so, ask them for the TRACE # of your direct deposit transaction. • The bank account you’re transferring from may be closed. With the exception of certain federal government benefit payments, or your employer or payroll department's restrictions, you can choose to have as much or as little of your paycheck or benefits payment deposited to your Green Dot card as you’d like. No. Is there a limit to how much I can transfer? With this card, you can spend up to $5,000 per day, which is higher than most prepaid cards, and you can withdraw up to $940 per day at an ATM. 6. We deposit your payroll or government benefits to your Green Dot account, including: You can check for your direct deposit a few ways: Note: Your payor will usually provide a payment stub or notice to let you know the amount of the payment deposited to your account. click Moneylion Checking and you will see your transactions. Remember, your bank must be located within the U.S. This feature is only available with the Unlimited Cash Back Bank Account, Cash Back Visa® Debit Card, Visa® Debit Card and Pay As You Go Visa® Debit Card. As such, the availability or timing of early direct deposit may vary from pay period to pay period. To fund online accounts, check out GreenDot@theRegister. Go to the main menu by clicking on your profile picture on the top left of your home screen. When will my money be available after cashing a check with the Ingo® Money App? MoneyLion breaks down traditional barriers to financial health and provides financial access to hardworking Americans, helping them take control of their money and reach their goals.

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