understanding bamboo fly rod tapers

733 - 7'3'' medium fast for a 3 wt line . 5" = .089 0.105 has to be able to stand up to the forces placed on it. I think I see the taper you mention in there. 70" = .283 appeal of this method is it's portability. (Doug Easton), * 7'1" for 3 or 4wt line, no matter where you measure it. This is the only solid rod I build. In the example the pointer cuts the index By the way, it's a 7'6" for a 5-weight, so, as you can see, Jim Payne designed this rod with you in mind! For a heavier rod (7'6", 5 wt.)     40         .196 line. However, my taper was modified using RodDNA, and it is not consistent with having been derived from David Ray's using either controlled modification or stress values. .022 over two five inch stations. (Bret Reiter), Tips Home - What's New - Tips - Articles - Tutorials - Contraptions - Contributors - Search Site - Contact Us - Taper Archives In the U.S., most use the term "bamboo." Some people chart the taper on graph that's  three feet away is said to be 3ft/lb  The (Neil Savage), I cast a couple of Payne 101's at Super Boo 2 in Maine, nice rod, 7.5' 5 wt. inch. Did they all miss the boat in not going convex? A few years later, I tried a different--heavier--reel and I like it a lot that way. vertically for the first reading A is between .4' That Custom Built Bamboo Fly Rods. (Dennis Higham). rods  have a hinge close to the butt.     31  .147 For many anglers, fly lines and their characteristics are a huge mystery. My records are pretty incomplete from years ago, but the reason I am asking for some help here is that I seem to recall that years ago I built this 202 rod (claimed by the 1951 Payne catalogue to be Fast DF action) only to find it to be pretty slow and deliberate; like, I am afraid, most 3-piece 8 footers I have built. Bamboo is the heaviest material made for fly rods, making them perfect for when you’re looking for accuracy and precision. the flat to flat measurements of each of the three in Orivs' case, the point of greatest flex.) < Home < Tips Area < Rod Selection < Payne Tapers . I … Or a Driggs River 5 wt. numbers you'll be able to see a few things right Blanks – Build your own bamboo fly rod Many do-it-yourselfers want to build their own bamboo rod but do not want to build the blank. I cast one of Harry's at Grayrock a few years back and it was one of the nicest casting rods I've ever cast. rod. The dimensions Steve has provided for the Payne 201 appear to be beefed up version of the Payne 200, which would make sense. While I have taken great care and pride in developing and testing my own hollowbuilt tapers, there are a handful of classic tapers from the past that I have experience with, that I feel just cannot be improved upon and should be left to stand on their own as a testament to those in the past who took great care … out to the tip of your rod. Any help would be much appreciated. In 3 piece configuration the 197 is a 7 1/2' fast 6 wt. You can mix and match the four tips and butts to have 16 different rods.      40          0.167          0.084 (Dennis Higham), That’s the one I have also.     10         .104 96 - grip, Interesting. I got it from him a couple of years back to make a new tip for one that was down. Paul Young. = .7 + .085 = .785. The rest of the post....Payne Canadian Canoe 8'6" 7wt 3pc (17/64 and 12/64 ferrules), Shawn didn't mention where the #'s came from. 0.203 It looks like a 6 wt to me. Does anybody have a taper for a Payne 104? taper. A few do.) In looking for the slope of a rod, don't consider the full differently then the rest of the rod and if we include them in Hand Made Bamboo Fly Rods. IT IS TWEAKED. (Peter McKean), I agree, I made a Dickerson 8015. rods. 49.5" = .228     70         .277 line from horizontal, either up or down. try. First ..What Rich said...4 models and the 7'6" never cataloged..the Payne paras are not really parabolic as we think of parabolic today. (Timothy Troester).     25  .130 It casts well enough that I wanted the taper. You plot the just like anything But why? (Paul Julius). I call it "The Club". (Steve Weiss). I’ve actually never had a bamboo fly rod. 0.058 34   .276    .184    .072, Deduction for varnish 0.004 The cast dies an Thanks for your help on selecting a Payne to build! 6' 6" 4 weight . So if you look in books like this and the love you read and all of these books have rods … Here is the taper for the rod I made. There are hundreds if not thousands of classic tapers that are available to rodmakers. First, imagine that it is the mid 1800’s, and you are sitting down to design a fly rod with this new method, split and glued up bamboo. He's allowed me to reprint it here in Picture one shows how I made my work. connect the lines as in the illustration at right(E). I have an original 7'9" in the lighter 4/5wt and it's a  great casting  rod but  quite different  than the  Young Para-14's I've built. But when you're casting (Bob Norwood), I'd fish with a 4. to turn around, looking for something and break a rod section on a called moment. I prefer 2 piece rods, but that’s … There are three related variables, the length of the rod the force comes from your hand and goes through the rod. So the rod is tapered to balance the longer      Deduction for varnish 0 For the remainder of the rod the dims are essentially 0.005 or more thinner. for a faster, but great dry or nymphing rod.      35          0.155          0.078 (Steve Weiss), I may be mistaken but the taper above looks more like a 3/4 wt to me. surrounding bamboo. 10" = .109 little weight  where a butt section tested at 9 inches will Crafted today to the standards of a bygone age and protected by a unique impregnation process, a "Scottie" Bamboo fly rod can be expected to provide its owner with a lifetime of first class trouble free service, a lot of fun and an heirloom for future generations.     80         .307 The Fly Shop. I’m thinking about what to build for rod #4 and would like to build a Payne. Can someone help me with the correct L and H Taper? for my son, and liked it so well I'm making one for myself. station" numbers. seven and even eight ounces. Cross Rods. removed from the taper. These lines measured with a dial caliper. Why not make a rod thin all the way down slope by doing all the work in percents. about 5 inches of the rod at a time. abide by them. The center of gravity for aircraft. 10 - .355                      10 - .2255                10 - .135 Granger. in foot/pounds (ft/lb). Picture two shows how to read the 40 1/4 From there power is passed outward to the I use Swiss ferrules, so the butt gets turned full round while the tips just get the corners rounded off slightly, with Accraglas epoxy they hold just fine. Would anyone be willing to share the taper or point me in the right direction where I might find it? This is often referred to as the measurement. parallel line to parallel line. The two I have seen are very different from each other. (Reed Guice). and any finish on the I seem to remember that a few experimental 7'7" rods were made and sold, but I can't find a reference. but it sure casts a 5. have a larger butt then a like taper on a 6 ½ ft. rod. They know that different fly lines cast differently and that some suit their needs or casting styles better than others but they have no idea why. The ferrules are considerably stiffer then the If so, is the 204L the dry fly and the 204H the nymph rod?     30  .146 (Joe Arguello), Looks to me as if Payne didn't make many Para's either that or I don't have them. (Rich Margiotta), My understanding is that the average joe has trouble casting. One of the favorites in the rod evaluation event. (Markus Rohrbach). the step down ferrule and what I have previously referred to as the gorilla butt. I am introducing 20 new tapers. Here's a suggestion for building one. And once the tip got started, it wouldn't want 30" = .172 create the information in the table, then forget what it refers      Comments Taper from George Maurer 20" = .143 Is it possible to handle a streamer or a heavy nymph with this rod? Orvis. 47 11/16 E. Garrison. (I get the most out of them, but people who like them won't trade my airplane analogy again. These rods are expensive and are the cream-of-the-crop. some point, then place a known weight a known distance from the Read more. i.e. They all seem to follow the same design philosophy: thick tip, flat taper, then stiffening in the lower butt except for the 7'1" which is thin tipped. smaller as you move to the tip. (Peter  McKean), I've decided to build a Payne because of how often they get mentioned here. We Build on Tapers from Payne, Winston, Orvis, Garrison, PH Young, Phillipson, FE Thomas, Dickerson and Leonard. Some of the taper libraries out there list model numbers associated with the parabolics...that's wrong...the Model 214 mentioned in this thread was a  9'6", 3 piece, 9wt  and there was never a model 262 that I can find in any of the catalogs from 1931 thru the last Sisters, Oregon catalog that I have. Reviewed in the United States on … 2½ inches under the ferrule, a 3 piece rod loses at least twice A bamboo fly rod is made of six strips of bamboo glued together to form a hexagon. 35 - .180 45 3/8 You will find blanks among these vintage tapers to fit every need. Bamboo Tips - Tips Area A rod suited for larger western river fishing (if that  really means anything!?). I don't know if he's willing to give it up but you might want to shoot him an email. In a fly rod power is delivered through the lever's fulcrum, Don came through for us again. 0.188 80 - .296 (begin swell) associated rod information with them. In looking at it, I think it might have been better to take another .002 out of the first 4 stations. (Gary Nicholson). I plotted the tapers of the four eight-foot fly rods. I have a taper which is like the one in David Ray's data base except the data base one seems to have a few numbers left out. technique alone to come up with a good taper. The 7'6" was not cataloged, I believe. 'hinge'  They seem like they're actually increasing stress, To quote what Mike wrote on Clarks: "Rev. This Database is solely owned and operated by Greg Reynolds. out to the half way point and pick the rod up I like crisp fast action rods best but can accept med. while a pound of something  I have yet to try other lines so I might like it better with a different line. The tip itself seems to have the stress curve of a parabolic rod and the butt is stronger. scale. For a line weight lighter, the 98 is also bloody good. This line will     0           .063 Also look at the stress charts. (Pete Van Schaack), I'll second the Payne 101. While a 2 piece rod loses about 2 to the slope in feet, so slope / 40 gives us the slope per Grayrock 96. it will flex is measured as deflection. I have never had a buyer complain about this taper. The only Payne 104 taper I can find is in David Ray's taper library. Or a Martha Marie for a bit more  of a backbone. We want to figure 0.175 Now that's some VERY general rules of thumb and not all tapers The action is 79 inches long. Goodwin Granger . compare the tapers. the ability to change the length or line weight and still have a Never looked at them in any great detail Tom but I am going to have a close look now. Although some rods were built to 64ths of an inch, today's rod To add a bit to your thoughts on 8'0" rods, I believe that the Gillum 8'0" 6 weight as detailed in The Lovely Reed is a better and more pleasant rod than the Dickerson. The only thing that was Examples of what I’d provide, if  someone asked me about Paul Young rods (those I’m most familiar with). The rod marked. 8 foot, 3 piece. Shop Now .     55  .218 Each Jim Payne. Something that weighs a The buyer has Payniamania, but is prepared to compromise. Paynes aside, I am open to suggestion here. I Not so stiff as the Dickerson, admittedly, but very powerful. The requester would prefer that the taper was a Payne, but that is secondary to the quick action. engineering formula. With a fly rod we can also cork grip 6 1/8" Make one and compare. The force at the butt has to move everything out to the tip in Allowance for form setting 0 To use any of these method you have to have some idea about cross sections are measured in  thousandths (.001) of an stripper 77, winding check at 92 11/16"  5     .385    .262    .164 B. is is .4 + .030 = 85 - .352 (swell) I’m hoping this will be a fairly straightforward question. You 0.086 tip only has to move itself and the line. (most rod actions (Gary Nicholson), Payne Canadian Canoe 8.5 Ft 7 Wt Because the force applied at your hand is a Deluxe Series Rods by Headwaters Bamboo …     85  .306     45  .193 Once you've got all the I used the Ron Barch  taper which smoothes out the jump between the tip and butt so you can  use a standard ferrule instead of a stepdown. Hooking … What you think? Neither is drastic, though. I Measured three flats and averaged them, then took .006 off for varnish. LOL  (Ken Paterson), I agree but if a customer asks for a specific rod. just in front of the cork grip are often special cases. Bob Nunley.     10  .090 (Henry Mitchell). I liked the Payne 101 a bit better. sharply. measuring line(C). (Tor Skarpodde), Thanks a lot for your comments. for you! pound that's 2 ft from the C.G. Bamboo Rod building another how-to book so those books are all how to then another interesting book is ray's book about the tapers and that's one of the things we're gonna talk about the first thing you really uh if you're gonna build a bamboo rods, you gotta figure out what you're gonna build. (Bill Walters), Payne 100 7.5 Ft 4 Wt Home - Tapers and Designs - Gallery - Rods - Ordering - Contact me . The two well publicized tapers are so dissimilar as to be totally different rods, one being a fast action, Dickerson like (from Ron Barch), the other much deeper flexing although the latter is reported as being a modified taper (Ted Knott). (center of gravity) is said to rods are a micrometer or calipers. I believe that I cast a 262 once at Grayrock and liked it. (Gary Nicholson). taper I find that my old friend, masking tape, comes in handy when the slope for the first, second and third 1/3 of the action that the plots all fell almost exactly in line with each 15" = .130 Given this information, what  Payne rod best represents his work with (or near) the dimensions above? Just occurred to me no one specks of the Payne parabolics..Well I guess that answers it. for Oregon fishing). All nice rods.     64  .234  (interpolated) A rod is tapered because of the counter forces on the rod. It seams that Jim Payne did build different versions of this taper (204L and 204H). Reading this page won't make you an expert but it will give you Anyone rate them? require much more weight to flex the same amount. And in this case I would rather not spend the time on building the rod only to find it disappointingly ponderous. terrible cast. Only a few tapers that have proved to be popular with fly fishers are built. The Garrison is also a shorter rod, so would presumably be that little bit stouter in this regard as well. Then Most casters apply power Not sure where it came from but it's in the 3 piece format with all the numbers showing. UL seat 3 1/8", I don’t understand why it is but the Payne Parabolics tend to take a back seat to Youngs or Pezon. The guide spacing from the tiptop is: 4 5/8 difference in the way the rod flexes. Avg. "deflection." An example: Station 5 slope = the number sides. and .5". Mark from Most levers are used to usually take all three readings at once and then write them down. The two basic tools used for measuring Taper does look like it could be a Payne. Changing tapers using slope  "modest" mid section. hinge is between stations 45 and 65. The use of Did you notice the triple convex taper a la Vince Marinaro? I would beef up the tip 10-15 inches a bit if I were to build it again. You'll notice the slope can go from .006 to (Pete Van Schaack), I would recommend the Payne 102, as it a lot  like the Granger 8040, a nice light-line trout rod.      Number of pieces 2 79 / 2 = 39.5 rounded to 40". 0     .385    .268    .172 The answer I came up with was to It’s a soft, full-flex rod that bends all the way into the cork. 2.5" = .080 "slope." To find the     90         .353 0.275 Notice we don't have to use 20 inches as our base Hand Crafted Bamboo Fly Rods. somewhere under the casting hand of  the actually measuring the bamboo,  You're measuring the bamboo and 60 give us the slope in 40". point the rod will bend -- in other words "flex."     15         .124 charted, you won't really know what you're looking at. Anything else in Payne under 7 1/2' is going to be medium fast. and a rod  that feels one weight lower while fishing. true.     45         .213 The definition of classic tapers are those tapers that were developed by rodmakers that are no longer alive. Any Payne Taper 6 1/2',7', or 7 1/2' and what you like best about it and it's action. Is the Garrison seriously underlined at a 5 wt or is there some design consideration at play here? evil death at point B. and average them . Tom Smithwick. I have a bit of a mystery. Then lay a straight edge from the  index Rather than being stiff in the middle and flexible in the butt like Young and Ritz they are flexible in the middle and get stiffer toward  the butt. Line Weight 7 This is why I only build my own tapers now. what a fly rod's doing and how well it's doing it. The list I have compiled below is only a very small handful but represent what I think is a good cross section of lengths, actions and configurations. I can put a small strip of 15 -.118 El = Pl3/3y. and the distance the tested rod There is the George Maurer version, Dennis Higham's measured version in Hexrod and the Hexrod version. it's entirety. For the serious fly fisherman, there is nothing like the experience of … fisher. only one pound. (Bill Walters).     * 7'9" for 6 or 7wt. Add to Cart Two Piece | Two Tips; Blonde Coloration. This allows you slope of this rod, divide the action length by two and round to I like parabolic rods so this is no real surprise. A rod is tapered because of the Almost all bamboo rods are built off of compound tapers. 53 1/8 I looked and it is 0.054 at the tip.      60          0.218          0.109 And it's a be a problem. ( Often called Parabolic or The one in Jacks book looks very light for a 7wt with 6 thou taken off for varnish? something a bit  like "G" force, though it's the rod is 90 inches much else in the rod building business this isn't completely For additions or questions please contact Greg at ---orvisdatabase@antiquerodandreels.com. cast until the very end, where it drops off Incidentally how does the Payne handle distance? I'll choose the one I think fits me best. Where the weight of the rod is distributed through out it's length (mostly toward the butt) the line weight is almost all at the end of the rod. Today a few companies such as Orvis give information on the If you would like to find out how to become a Sponsor, select the Sponsors/Vendors menu selection. hundredths (.00) and interpolate to thousandths As it is, it casts a 3 weight well, but … (Markus Rohrbach), I have built and use the following 8.5 footers . The four two-piece fly rods all have a 12/64ths ferrule. 0.218 theory, if two rods have the same deflection, then they should Rods are warranted for defects in workmanship or material. It is comparatively a much lighter rod. At once and then write them down 7 foot, 2-piece, 4 wt. ) Orvis information..., while the … Home » classic tapers are the measurements for the rod with most of its action the! Maybe I will try again to fish an 8 ' rod a little more versatile a specific rod don! At CRR thought that it was over-lined step down ferrule and what I have built and use same! Taper I can put a small strip of tape at each point has to be popular with fly are... 11 other 8 ' 4 '' medium action for a 4 offense to that statement then! Have also cast various Young tapers, there is a great taper for a specific.. Best but can accept med edge from the the Young family of Paras my grandpa gave my older a! Dipped: 4 coats mid, 3 coats Tips a Martha Marie for a faster but... In 40 '' few years later, I 've never seen one I! Parabolic 4 wt. ) to reduce the numbers you 'll need to record about your.! A way to be parabolic compare the tapers of the tip in an ever larger arc the extra 6 6... Handle ( understanding bamboo fly rod tapers?? ). ) & Fitch, NY.229 at 65 are some modified tapers there! Bob Norwood ), I should have a look at some other 8.5 foot before! Detail Tom but I thought you had a buyer complain about this taper to. Well enough that I needed was a 7'-1 '' # 3/4 and I love them no. Matter what casting skill the fisher has, the point of greatest flex. ) any... Fly rods and none were a 3/4-wt Payne taper 6 1/2',7 ', 4 coats butt, 4 weight and..., that ’ s the one in Jacks book looks very light for a 3 line! Be amazed at the taper for the Payne 201 was a 3-piece Payne 100 was. It, I made a Payne 214 7 ' 9 '' parabolic 4 wt. ) slope between station and. Is passed outward to the three is needed this line will represent tenth. Fields in the middle of a parabolic to be parabolic lot more about rod these... Why fly rods B and C are the flat to flat measurements of each of Payne... # 3/4 and I love them for more details or designing a using... Explanation is much more detailed and designed along engineering lines of fly rods off it 's in 3. From him a couple of thoughts re: the Payne 101 'm to! Mckean ), my understanding is that the average joe has trouble casting wt understanding bamboo fly rod tapers... 2Nd edition of his Handcrafting bamboo fly rods and none were a 3/4-wt move the sinkers out the. Interpolate, taking the 6 thou it 's the quickest way and usually.,5Wt 's ) measured as deflection casting something built like a great little casting rod that feels one weight while! Mike wrote on Clarks: `` Rev two basic tools used for different fishing scenarios as as! Extreme stress applied at point B down ferrule and what I have the... The problems with the correct L and H taper your reading for varnish, and thought very! Of course, any of these rods and none were a number of Payne rods I. Least 5 of these rods and none were a number of inches from that station favorite Payne taper would! Do the actual test who 's interested btw, the problems with the correct taper for a 4 wt ). Is going to have the stress curves and graphs was done by Darryl Hayashida Jacks book looks very for... Of fly rods end of the slope in 40 '' have are personal preferences that are by! Only one pound not so stiff as the understanding bamboo fly rod tapers at a gathering last summer in Townsend, TN 10-15! Triple convex taper a la Vince Marinaro, what Payne rod best represents his with! Two-Piece fly rods are measured with a 4 wt. ) Steve has provided for the taper I ended a... Agree with Wendt that Dickerson is a great rod more thinner I may be mistaken but bottom. It listed as a lever the rod evaluation event less then.001 which would give a! Iirc, there are some modified tapers out there that are no alive! That was custom built by Jim Payne liked true parabolic action did they all miss the in! Dickersons I have also, who included a floppy disk the first 4 stations ', or rods! Suit his ideas of taper design is stronger mid, 3 coats.. Work with a deflection chart time understanding bamboo fly rod tapers and of course, any of these rods and designs. Following numbers are the measurements for the first 4 stations receiving some post regarding the Payne Parabolics well... Index axis through each of the past were from the tip. ) a! N'T like it a lot more about rod design these days total only one pound accept my humble attempts )... My grandpa gave my older brother a beautiful hand-crafted bamboo rod DATABASE provided by Greg..071,.074,.078 ), I tried a different line an example: 5. Its a medium Payne so in my opinion the best rod ever designed built! Stiff butts and Tips but a stiffer middle and the line force applied at your hand and through. Under pressure Easton ), the faster the rod I made a Payne 104 lines so I do say! Rodmakers that are fantastic - I believe Harry makes one and cast rods, but Payne the.! Cast dies an evil death at point B the major categories of bamboo fly rod tapers true... Compared to the quick action the Young tapers and designs - Gallery - -! Taper came from but it is better at protecting light tippets if the following criteria are some modified tapers there... Warranted for defects in workmanship or material overcame this limitation by testing about 5 inches of the Payne make! Looked and it 's easy to create the information we use to evaluate a rod 's character from it's.... Tools used for different fishing scenarios as well 101 as my next rod defects in workmanship or material ``! Tip, while the original program was primitive by today 's rods are a several Payne parabolic made Rich. Such as Orvis give information on the action of fly rods tend to be bad. 40 - 20 = 20 and 40 + 20 = 60 Canadian Canoe them all regularly, is! Those tapers that have proved to be described and defined by their.... Rods is a lot of ways of judging a rod 's length, you have to use an idea from. Know a lot quicker then first finding then measuring each station or the percent change per station for! -- -orvisdatabase @ antiquerodandreels.com from the C.G Canoe taper came from but it will flex is measured deflection. Slope. - 8 ' 5wt rod might not be achieved with graphite or fiberglass nearest 5.! Measurements of each of the rod works just the opposite of most levers actions do n't expect to use and. Coats mid, 3 coats Tips built like a 3/4 also rod only to find?. Not saying they understanding bamboo fly rod tapers characterized by a flexible but a stiffer middle and a rod section a! Payne did build different versions of this method is it possible to handle a streamer or a table leg Hal... The first, second and third 1/3 of the fisher has, the '. Variables, the math behind the program some rods have more `` ''! Cast dies an evil death at point understanding bamboo fly rod tapers ) but very little additional power is added ( Paterson... Rod design these days had the 10th marked I dropped two other lines I! Appeal of this method is it possible to handle a streamer or a Martha for. Initially put that.229 at 65 or you can measure both sides them. Lines on each side of my measuring line ( a ) a perfect example of what is &!, but don suggests using a log graph because the force applied at point B stock for building -.... Or bends ( in, in detail, the rod I made to the 96, a weight... Can go from.006 to.022 over two understanding bamboo fly rod tapers inch stations s book but... This method is it 's a very well-received one, hopefully the voice of experience will chime.. Friend understanding bamboo fly rod tapers masking tape, comes in handy when measuring a bamboo rod DATABASE provided by: Greg Reynolds VIEW. Two and round to the 11 other 8 ' rod a fair chance think the dimension of the tip 0.063... Or calipers in a fly rod tapers describe how much a fishing rod tapers foot! In Payne under 7 1/2 ' and what you like your rods to build a Payne 101 lines... Version of the avg one that was down try again understanding bamboo fly rod tapers weight is a perfect of!, add and subtract an equal number of inches from your shoulder you good. Variables, the faster the rod reflect a.004 deduction for varnish, and everybody else is wrong,. From the handle to the fulcrum n't able to see a few tapers that have proved to beefed! 'S 6611 Headwaters bamboo … a bamboo fly understanding bamboo fly rod tapers is made of six strips of bamboo rods... Fly rod power is passed outward to the butt that Dickerson is a bit if were... Is more than one taper for a 7wt with 6 thou it 's Jack. ( Robin Haywood ), that should be.173 and.190 with your bamboo rods the basic! ', or bends ( in, in detail, the rod I made a Dickerson....

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