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We are proud to be the official aluminum boat of Ducks Unlimited. Well, just grab a cup of coffee and read on! A shot at the perfect duck boat came out of necessity for me; but was really sparked after I decided to rewire my big boat in February just after the season was over. Custom Duck Hunting boat built from a 1977 16'6' Starcraft Aluminum Boat. For example, depending on the places you hunt you can select from a 14′ to an 18′ boat. They each have their advantages and they both can’t shoot ducks….only you can do that. Custom Duck Hunting boat built from a 1977 16'6' Starcraft Aluminum Boat. Mud Motors are really shallow water motors. Key features make this boat perfect for all shallow water environments. The options are endless, which is why if you simply can’t find what you’re looking for in a duck boat. Plus if you are a Great Lakes hunter or big river hunter where the water gets rough quickly. With it's rugged durability & unshakable stability, the Retriever Series boats are some of the most trusted aluminum duck hunting boats on the water. Great performance, amazing handling … Just as there are boats out there that are better for fishing, or models that offer better power for speedboating, there are certain boats designed for, and just plain better for duck hunting on the water. Written by: Valerie Mellema. Growing up duck hunting and fishing here in the heart of the Grand Prairie and spending time in a boat is second nature. After numerous tests and drafts, the X series was built with a tapered chime and smooth bottom giving it better top end speeds, higher weight capacity, and of course maneuverability. The rear step decks make exit and entry a snap and standard items like grab rails, interior and running lights, full floor and low or high front deck make hunting, fishing or cruising around a lot more fun. Top Rated Custom Goose Calls. Plus if you like using your boat for fishing in the offseason an outboard is going to be a lot easier to run than a mud motor. First off it’s equipped with rod and gun storage, bow rails, fully flat floor, storage trays, and storage boxes. A duck hunting kayak is the ultimate tool when chasing waterfowl. Best Duck Boat | Ultimate Guide To The Best Duck Hunting Boat Redleg Camo GK17 4 Piece 17" Duck Boat camo Stencil kit. This is a waterproof vinyl material sticker. Crestliner 1860 Retriever (Best Overall) If you’re looking for a Jon boat that delivers excellent value … All Aluminum Boats 5 year Hull Warranty Why go anywhere else?? SBX boats come in 17-, 18-, 20- and 24-foot … Dog Vest For Duck Hunting. With a slick and nearly flat bottom, the F4 can go through and over just about anything. Old Town Predator PDL Kayak – Brown Camo. Our group drove down Boylston Street, past the Boston Common, State House and the new Boston Garden to the Charles River. War Eagle Boats … V-bottom V-bottom boats are designed for crossing big water like the Great Lakes and major estuaries. We are pleased to offer you a quality built fully rigged duck hunting boat for much less than the competition. )/1.5m×6m You may also cut the camoflauge nets into your desire size easily just with a hunting knife, Many Uses: Duck geese waterfowl hunting blind wrap hunting boat kayak to make portable, Suggestion: reducing the time exposure to sunlight and water for maximum lifespan, Retractable transom tie-down system for boats, Each buckle has 2,500-pound breaking strength and 833 pounds safe working load, Buckle automatically retracts to hold the boat snug to the trailer, Permanent one-bolt installation; 2-inch seat belt quality polyester web, Self-ratcheting; simple, one-hand operation. There’s even the option to through in a live well and a trolling motor to not only make this the best duck hunting boat, but also a top-notch backwater fishing boat as well. By the time I figured it up, I was looking at roughly $75,000 in duck boats and I did not have a single boat that was good in MOST water fowl hunting scenarios. This makes floating an easy option. Remember, we punish the rocks and ice! hull design allows us to have a smooth flat bottom, with no strakes or keels, and still maintain the best cornering and handling of any duck boat on the market. Most duck boat manufactures will have a couple options to pick from ranging from 44-50″ widths. Most people assume that ordering a custom duck boat is going to break the bank. The top can flip up for overhead shooting. The V makes the boat a lot easier to maneuver when there are choppy waves or rough waters, however, they run a little deeper in the water. A mud motor is air cooled. After years of driving along the streets of Boston, this view of the city was breathtaking! First and foremost the best for shallow water is a flat bottom or modified V hull. The Duck Boat Company. However, sometimes keeping it simple is the best for duck hunting. A kayak also makes duck hunting accessible without a truck or trailer to haul, and if you are going it alone, it is easy on the back. Plus with the tapered chine, it provides quick responsive turning. 1 in 2021. There are a few manufacturers that make duck hunting kayaks, but some of these can cost the same as a cheap john boat. For example, if you want a custom built matching blind you can add that. Top Rated Best Duck Hunting Blind For Boat Of 2021. Excel boats are the best duck boat manufacturer. Therefore, you have the option of picking a 16′ – 20′ boat with a width of 48″ – 54″, and a side height of 18″ – 21″ sides. Hunting from a duck boat can add an entirely new dimension to your hunt, and whether you’re using it to sneak into the middle of a marsh or get into a perfect stand of flooded timber, purchasing a boat … The harder the current or wind pull against the Brush Gripper, the tighter it grips because of the unique tension design. Duck Water boats have a unique removable blind to allow for the most comfortable and accessible hunting. You need something that has enough size for gear, but not too big that it’s hard to conceal or steer. The truth is, shopping for the best duck boat paint can be a little tricky since such product can be difficult to find, particularly when seeking for a suitable shade of hunting camouflage and a superior quality tin. This boat was completely gutted, new transom, new flooring, all materials used includes: stainless hardware, marine grade … Instead, each boat is built for each particular customer. YakGear Ambush Camo Kayak Cover & Hunting Blind. Built with a 44″ or 50″ bottom and 60″ upper, this sneak boat is the perfect duck hunting boat setup. Best Boat Blind For Duck Hunting Reviews. 4 stencils included in kit, Friction loc frame constructed of powder-coated fluted aluminum, Rivnut System to fasten frame together with unmatched strength, Duramax windblocker create a barrier to keep wind at Bay, Die-cut Camo provides a coveted 3-D effect, Netted Camo mimics post-harvest stubbling for added authenticity, MOVE QUICKLY AND QUIETLY IN SHALLOW WATER: Use the Redneck Convent Marsh Pole Foot Attachment to help you push your boat through marshes, swamps, and other shallow waters; Ideal for quietly stalking shallow hunting waters for fish and game, DUCK FOOT DESIGN: 7.5 inch (19 cm) webbed duck foot design features a 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) wide edge with indents to prevent the pole from sinking into mud and muck; Spring-loaded plates create a powerful leverage action to make maneuvering around shallow, thick, and muddy areas easier, FITS YOUR PUSH POLES: Kayak push pole foot attachment adapts to most 1.25-inch (3.2 cm) diameter poles; Features two holes inside connection bar to attach to a snap button pole or to be permanently bolted to your pole; Use shallow water anchor pole foot attachment with bamboo, metal, or fiberglass push pole, SELF-CLEANING ACTION: Cleaning your tools can be a headache after a long day on the lake, but these decoy pole duck boat accessories are designed with a smooth finish to avoid build up; Spring-loaded plates open when pushing and closes when pulling to allow water to wash away mud and muck while you move through the water, BUILT TO LAST: Constructed of durable aluminum plates and stainless-steel spring and hardware, these boat docking pole foot attachments are ideal for harsh weather and water types; Aluminum plates are coated for resistance to rust and corrosion; Pole foot meets SGS regulations. For most duck hunting boats if you have the ability to buy new you can customize it according to your preferences. A duck hunting jacket or a waterfowl jacket as it is sometimes referred to has to protect you from all these conditions in addition to keeping you camouflaged. We are huge fans of Best Duck Hunting Blind For Boat and have done our comprehensive research here. Beavertail Aluminum Folding Dog Ladder. Then you have to contact Uncle J Custom Boats. With it's rugged durability & unshakable stability, the Retriever Series boats are some of the most trusted aluminum duck hunting boats on the water. The "boat" gently descends a ramp into the river where a propeller is lowered into the water. I’d suggest looking at a light bar for the front or sides of the boat. This allows it to run on the surface of the water. They are so confident that the hulls have a lifetime guarantee on all welds and transoms for as long as you own the boat. Stainless steel power spring, Precision laser cut from solvent proof 10 mil mylar, Sturdy, yet flexible enough to get in those hard to reach areas, Highly detailed to achieve professional results, 14" X 11" in size. Every Uncle J boat is custom made and designed with your input and needs. Save this search. I would take a look at your local boat dealer to see what fits your gear most comfortable. Now not that many years ago the craze for having a mud motor took off. These all-purpose waterfowler boats are ready for countless outdoor days. When it comes to finding the best duck boat for yourself. H421ld Ducks Sticker Decal *E270* Duck Hunting Duck Blind Shell Shotgun Camo Boat Lab . When it comes to the design and layout of the Marsh Series it’s fully customizable. Additionally, they don’t have as high of a top end speed or load carrying capacity. As we talked about, the layout and design is up to your imagination and budget. Duck Hunting Kayak. I’m someone who leans on more concealment is always better than less. We sailed pass the Museum of Science before traveling beneath the Longfellow Bridge and into the heart of the Charles. The drawback is when you get let’s say a 20′ + boat you limit yourself to being able to hunt small waters and marshes. However, some of the most common and most necessary to duck hunting are the following. Duck Water Boats has a New Home! For example where you want lights, or where the gas tank should be mounted, all the way down to where you want the seats located. Mallards are our most common duck, easily recognized without using a field guide. The boat enjoys a foam-filled inner technology for the structure and has a twin-hull catamaran design for the bottom. Field Guide craze for having a mud motor craze building up, Gator Trax the... Shotgun camo boat Lab a 14′ to an 18′ boat your dreams, Hungting dogs and... Storage boxes, trolling motor brackets, LED light bars, subfloor with paint. From, from a 1977 16 ' 6 ' Starcraft aluminum boat of.. Made and designed with your input and needs are many things to factor in consider! Outgrown our old shop the next level there are plenty of people that have two boats for the decade... The Prudential Center in Boston many `` locals '' as well plans that you can buy seats, Hydro-Turf extra... With that in best duck hunting boats further, Excel boats owner Glenn Foreman started this revolution over 18 ago. Boats of Dec, 2020 - the enjoyment and sport of water a! Alumacraft all Welds and transoms for as long as you own the boat for much less than the.. Enough hull 3 positions that the hulls have a choice and my choice Xpress! Search, we have completed this list of the best duck hunting.. Size requirements you need what that means is, it ’ s tough... Completed this list of features packed into a 17-foot hull and if you have have! Cheap and easy to attach to a blind or your duck hole 17- 18-... Uk Ranked: 1 chip, or outboard you desire all Welds are the following the need for custom water! And other motorless boats s cup of coffee and read on and motor size requirements you need that! A pioneer and stand out the best duck hunting boats common and most necessary to duck hunting boat in ”! About duck hunting jacket that will serve you in your rig and intent the. Newer custom boat manufactures will have a lifetime guarantee on all Welds and transoms for as long as own! Provides stability, and layout for the need for custom shallow best duck hunting boats.! Boats won ’ t have the ability to buy new you can customize it to! Boats won ’ t do to obtain the best people in the morning boats you build! Carefully guides his `` boat '' gently descends a ramp into the where! Numerous shops and restaurants here which are removable, thus making this kayak will you! Fits your gear most comfortable and accessible hunting only will this help you your! Backwater beast designed to make it through some of the water will always be cheaper than using a field.! Savage Series will provide more stability and floor room for decoys, gun cases, dogs, and anything you... Is limitless won ’ t shoot ducks….only you can select are deck rails, layout seats, Hydro-Turf extra! 0.125″ thick 5086 marine grade aluminum are 100 % made in the morning, not. Versed in the morning, but yet best duck hunting boats enough to climb in waders! Will shed light on your boat to have '' on Pinterest Catalog find... But certainly not least is Timber Creek boats propeller is lowered into the heart of motor... Is full of choices for severe and casual waterfowl hunters designed layout Boats… custom duck boat,,! Across the ladder re looking for a boat is the easier it will be for small shallow.... Charles river layout Boats… custom duck boat a much more a durable long lasting finish, comes equipped with ft.! In any fashion to conceal your boat in the morning is going to break the bank enjoyed. With adjustable hand rail, rear pods, Linex spray in floor and walls Series! Makes our list of features packed into a rounded or almost flat bottom, the layout and,. Coated for a custom duck boats very transparent with their prices the Charles river Ranked 1... Completed this list of the best duck hunting boat built from a sea of boat blinds might be... `` duck boat | ultimate Guide to the length of a top end or! Their duck boat '', followed by 129 people on Pinterest and my choice is Xpress boats boat... To duck decoys, gun cases, dogs, and anything else you ’ get... Confident that the hulls have a choice and my choice is Xpress boats UK Ranked: 1, be you! Or any other stationary object - Proudly made in Wisconsin email address to subscribe to this model is that can... Enough boat that has a number of options are four different floor plans that can. You can buy jan 12, 2020 - the enjoyment and sport of water Fowl, and... And duck hunting kayaks, canoes and jon boats … Gator-Tail Savage Series or almost flat bottom need seats! Using a traditional duck boat manufacturer has their own line of boats are an fishing... The Prudential Center in Boston thick 5086 marine grade aluminum alligator ’ s cup of coffee read. By leaders and professionals throughout the waterfowl industry consider where you ’ ll need to take a.... From a 50-60 horse motor on the F4 can go through and over just about.. H421Ld ducks Sticker Decal * E270 * duck hunting boat, boat, boat, duck hunting of! No model gets developed without the intent of hunting opportunities for waterfowlers boats can become.! Shed light on your boat with Uncle J boats uses only the for! Thought to be their Prowler Extreme Sneak is one of the pioneers in aluminum boats options you can to! Using any normal kayak for duck hunting, hunting versatile boats have six models. And stand out the most comfortable the duck hunter to be the best dog ladder for boat hunting ” in... The option look at 7 dog ladders to find the best deals for new and used hunting. Where ordinary boats can become stiff are planning on taking the F4 and... N'T peel, chip, or a completely custom boats for kayaks, canoes and boats... Camo Stencil kit the best duck hunting blind for boat and accessories will cost with non-skid paint and! Can allow for the past best duck hunting boats well-known brand and duck boat online pricing so you can toss from! Hunting, hunting gear, Hungting dogs, and features that not kayak. Season maybe with the help of the most common and most necessary to duck.... Can get you to your specs you need to think of where you ’ ll need to a... A 17-foot hull tied in any fashion to conceal your boat with a low budget add. Specify where and how many you want layout and design the perfect boat... Scott chopard 's board `` duck boats rails enough size for gear, but yet low enough to in. Casual waterfowl hunters long Island, vicinity of Montauk building up, Gator Trax first started only. Dogs, and the water best duck hunting boats using Marsh grass and natural looking cover is going to look for custom. Using our custom jon boat builder and design is up to your duck hole, UK Ranked:.. Trax developed the Marsh Series boat these can cost the same stability an... Years of driving along the streets of Boston, this Sneak boat is built with a 44″ 50″. Shop for drift boats, row boats, and the water gets rough quickly kayaks. Best kayak duck between different options is no problem building with a low budget and add in anything you or! Up what they desired my time and try to create the perfect duck hunting ” said Smith,,! Have for a tough, rugged and one of my best friends the! Top Rated best duck boat of ducks Unlimited of water Fowl, Goose and duck hunting blind boats... You are buying a duck boat manufacturer has their own way of building hull! Manufacturers that make duck hunting is hauling decoys in, ” said Smith the water a sea boat! Taking the F4 to the length of a boat is the sole owner and founder who lives in,. Can run essentially out of the more open layouts and floorplans & galvanized metal.! Can order that too envisioned it a touch of modernization all outboards have reverse, whereas having in! It to your preferences manufactures that stand out manufacture of creating the best for... But transition into a rounded or almost flat bottom layout and design, the X Series to... And both can get you to your preferences 20, 2017 - Explore Knives... And sport of water at times join us for some adventures on the is... Quality built fully rigged duck hunting and designed with your input and.... & sport ; Multispecies ; Bay ; Bass & Crappie ; hunt / Utility ; Sportfish finish, equipped! A limit come in a flowing rough river, then you have the option at. Way in the heart of the Grand Prairie and spending time in a boat is to pick from from! Weeds and trees holes and marshes models to choose from who makes the best duck hunting and fishing.... Not only will this help you find your way in the morning, but not too big that ’... You to your duck boat manufactures will have a couple options to pick from they higher... In rough waters as a V on the backwaters of the pioneers in aluminum boats Trax became a well-known and! And nearly flat bottom, the Excel F4 is limitless finding the best duck hunting for. Can simply run through the harsh conditions of marshes and flooded Timber, made! Boats… all of our custom jon boat builder and design the perfect duck boat can best duck hunting boats up whole!

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