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During the off-quota season there is no limit to the number of overnight users in each zone. Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used wilderness areas in the country. 213k members in the WildernessBackpacking community. It is located west of Lake Tahoe and north of Highway 50 in El Dorado County. Visitors can also explore Desolation Wilderness starting from Echo Lakes Trailhead, Glen Alpine Trailhead, Bayview Trailhead, Loon Lake Trailhead, Buck Island Trailhead, and Horsetail Falls Trailhead. Desolation Wilderness Area Trailheads You will find a list below of destinations by trailhead. Desolation Wilderness Eldorado National Forest Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit Welcome to Desolation Wilderness, 63,960 acres of subalpine and alpine forest, granite peaks, and glacially-formed valleys and lakes. Resort Spas Camping & RV Parks, Destination Explorer There are two prominences: the north peak is 8,499' and south peak is 8,699'. Hikers climbing out of the densely wooded Lake Tahoe basin are often startled by the Desolation Wilderness' sudden expanse of … The rest of your stay is not subject to zone requirements and you can change locations for the remainder of your trip. Santa Cruz Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival—7/8 – 8/21, North Lake—Imagine your toes in the sand, a fantastic bottle of wine nearby, a gourmet meal in hand and first-class entertainment before you…, Labor Day Lake Tahoe Fireworks Extravaganza—9/4/16 @ 08:30 PM. ... Another issue, is the warm summer months are the best to complete road work. google_ad_height = 600; Sonoma From Berkeley, take Interstate 80 up … It has also create EXTREME fire conditions, so be sure to check with local authorities about campfire and camp stove regulations. The crest of the Sierra Nevada runs through it, just west of Lake Tahoe . google_ad_slot = "8466062329"; If you are planning a lake vacation be sure to check about water levels. /* Med. There are several trailheads in the vicinity of South Lake Tahoe, with access from Highway 50 and Highway 89. Late June is prime time for mosquitos. The Information Center is permanently closed. ||  Desolation Plant Life ─ As much of the ground surface in Desolation is bedrock granite, soils are limited. It can be difficult to find solitude, especially if you’re hiking to Lake Aloha or up Pyramid Peak on a summer weekend. Near Aloha, but pretty quiet when I went, Here are some photos:, I never bothered getting permits, they are all self serve at the trail head, there is also no enforcement. For more information on local attractions, click on the Lake Tahoe Attractions or Recreational Activities. Allow Desolation Wilderness to empower you to leap into the unknown and explore the beauty of the backcountry. Historical Weather. Labor Day Lake Tahoe Fireworks Extravaganza, Big Band Jazz Concert at the Sugar Pine Point State Park. The hike up was less than 4 miles with an elevation gain of less than 1,000 feet ( you start high). A Quick Guide to Desolation Wilderness Adventure Travel // Camp // Explore // Hike // Tips Des­o­la­tion Wilder­ness strad­dles near­ly six­ty-four thou­sand acres across the Lake Tahoe Basin between Lake Tahoe and the Eldo­ra­do Nation­al For­est. Big Sur Reservations start on April 15, 2004 for the entire quota season. //-->, Things to Do By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. I will be driving from the bay area so might not be there super early. Shasta Lake Recommended desolation wilderness permit areas other than Aloha Lake. California +/- 3,000 feet of elevation with a starting elevation of 6,970 feet and a peak elevation of 9,660 feet. Lassen Mount Shasta Lake Tahoe You must enter on the date specified on your permit and must spend your first night in the zone which you have chosen. This video was made July 2019. Hotels, Motels, B&Bs The overnight quota is based upon the number of people entering the wilderness each day, and their first night's destination zone. Just west of Northern California's Lake Tahoe is a remarkable landscape, mostly devoid of dense vegetation but overflowing with alpine lakes. Maggies Peaks are gateway pillars to Desolation Wilderness overlooking Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. I will be with my 11 year old son and it will be his first backpacking trip so I am thinking no more than 6 miles from a trail head. We had snowball fights in July. Half Moon Bay Look up treating your clothes with permethrin, works well. California’s extreme drought has created some long-term consequences. They used to be free, but now cost $5 a person for one night and $10.00 per person for two or more nights up to 14 days (non-refundable). Wedding Venues Highlights include alpine lakes, granite peaks, and expansive views of Desolation Wilderness. Desolation Wilderness Permits and Quotas Because of its beauty and accessibility, Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used wilderness areas in the United States. I was in a bivy sack and had no issues. It attracts nearly 100 hot air balloons. We were surprised by a hailstorm on an 80-degree day and huddled for cover with the dog under a warm, sun-baked boulder. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Nice. Yes, It’s Still Water! ||  Desolation Geology ─ The granitic mountains of the Desolation are part of the massive Sierra batholith, the combined masses of granitic rock that have been uplifted by tectonic action to form the 400 mile long Sierra Nevada range. google_ad_slot = "0939421083"; Big Band Jazz Concert at the Sugar Pine Point State Park—9/4/16. If you choose not to take the water taxi, add 5 miles to the overall trip. West Lake—Concert goers are encouraged to bring a picnic, low-back chairs, blankets, and be prepared to have fun. Awesome hiking from late spring to late summer. Thank you for the photos, looks great. The recent drought took its toll, but finally were seeing some action…. The only thing you might lose in this extreme, otherworldly landscape may be a few unwanted pounds. Plant life, however, has adapted and the flora is diverse. South Lake—This pyrotechnic exhibition explodes over Lake Tahoe after dusk and features a variety of patterns, shapes, and designs. There are 45 zones throughout Desolation Wilderness—visitors must choose a first night destination via this map. In fact, it’s so popular you’ll need a permit to enter, even if you’re planning just a day hike. google_ad_width = 300; There are 45 zones which may be accessed by any of 15 trailhead entry points. Attractions and Considerations : Desolation Wilderness, 63,960 acres of subalpine and alpine forest, granitic peaks, and glacially-formed valleys and lakes. The Desolation Wilderness is located just to the southwest of Lake Tahoe and north of Highway 50. It can be difficult to find solitude, especially if you’re hiking to Lake Aloha or up Pyramid Peak on a summer weekend. We swam naked to granite islands in ice-cold lakes all to ourselves. Thank you. Desolation Wilderness is one of the most heavily used protected areas in the United States. //-->. I don’t know why it’s so bad this season, but from Tahoe City south  along the beaches the bees are everywhere! According the the Merriam-Webster dictionary, desolation is, “extreme sadness caused by loss or loneliness.” -Loss or loneliness? This Wilderness area is split up into 45 different zones, with each having a specific permitting quota. Yosemite, Oregon The charts include the distance one way to the destination, the difficulty rating for that section of the trail, and the zone you will be in when you reach that destination. Eager to get back out and see more of Desolation. I want to go backpacking in Desolation Wilderness for a few days in late June with my son and see that zone 33 (Aloha Lake) is already permitted out. ||  Desolation History  ─ The area now known as Desolation Wilderness has a long history of use by both Native Americans and European settlers. google_ad_client = "ca-pub-5890974185233656"; Tallac, Bayview, Eagle Lake and Meeks Bay. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

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