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I hate all the cookie cutters. Matt, I’ve been enjoying your reviews. At a glance, the T100 is the players iron, the T200 is the Players Distance Iron, and the T300 is this year’s game improvement iron. Titleist irons offer something for everyone from the beginning golfer to players on the PGA Tour. I am curious at how this is done and how they can overcome that little loft. Compared to AP3, blade lengths are shorter, toplines are thinner, there’s less offset, and a refined sole offers improved turf interaction. The actual irons delivered to customers will not have that lump on it. Really appreciate your comments. That’s a part of the story that will repeat itself with each iron we discuss. This is also why you see progressive CG locations. I generally believed it was the Indian not the arrow approach to golf, but I must admit that over the past few years well engineered design changes have resulted in meaningful/measurable equipment improvements. Key learning, never write off a shaft until trying it! Able to work ball left and right more easily as well but when needed they are bullet straight for me. C $164.29. Thanks Prob 75 iron speed? Has anyone seen or confirm the existence of the fourth T400 iron? AP3 took a lot of sales from AP2 because it was a better player iron that had tech and more forgiveness. I didn’t like the 790’s as much as I thought. So how in the world will a slow swinger have a consistent max height. You’re asking a lot of good questions, but no one can credibly answer them over the internet because the answers are specific to you and your swing. No, I haven’t been able to with all the lock downs right now. The 3 d’s that Titleist used to design the Titleist T100 was: distance, dispersion and descent. Can someone explain the physics or material advancements? Did a fitting demo this am and JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200 next best. What I do understand is that a large portion of golfers can’t hit irons effectively with a loft of less than 26*. I hit the T300 today. Paired with the right shaft, these irons can be as long as almost anything on the market, but they still have a traditional look. Titleist describes T300 as a mid-sized cavity back design, and while it’s not nearly as compact as the others in the lineup, it’s not a clunky, or even overly-large, super game improvement iron. With an average of 90 grams of tungsten in the heel and toe, the head is stable on mishits, and it’s very good at retaining ball speed on thin shots. They look gorgeous to me. There’s also more tungsten in the T200 to create a more forgiving head. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Callaway Apex 2019 . Going into 2020, Titleist decided to drop the AP series and instead replace that with the T series; instead of AP1, AP2, AP3 we now have the T100,T200 and T300 sets. Required fields are marked *. For many golfers, the AP3 hit the sweet spot between the AP2 and AP1 – it had some forgiveness but still retained that “better player” look. Cheers Mike. As a low/ mid handicap, could I save a few bones and get a set of AP3 irons and be just as happy than if I spring for the T200s? I have been using the T100 irons since they were released so this new addition caught my eye. Matt is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Plugged In Golf. That means it’s categorized as player’s distance iron, even if, from a shaping perspective it’s closer to an AP2 710 or 712. Can the T200 strike that same balance? Now you have an 18* difference between the pitching wedge and sand wedge. Still playing off 9-10, but lose most of my shots around and on the green. Wondering which of these more modern offerings would help me at 63 years of age as a high single digit HC? Leave a Comment / Product Reviews / By richard. The sound is much more muted in the T200's. And, if all of that comes together, no doubt there’s some optimism that iron sales will have max impact on Titleist’s balance sheet. What was Titleist thinking? With a 43° PW, lofts have held where they were with AP3, but Titleist concedes they’re solidly in what looks like jacked territory. Game improvement performance with a more traditional look at address. Currently using JPZ EZs from several years ago. The steel option is True Temper’s AMT Red, while the graphite option is the new Tensei Red AM2 (54-68g). Interesting that Ian asked to weaken the lofts and Matt’s comments were that he would really struggle to have control. I have JPX919 Hot Metal irons in the bag now and won’t be going to the T300. Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what's real and what's not, and that means MyGolfSpy's equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. Found this d-plane vid from long ago. Like its predecessor, the T200 irons have a forged face that promotes better feel and stronger standard lofts wrapped up in a confidence inspiring head that will suit the eye of better players. Robert, partially correct. “If you want to play a tour iron…if you’re a regular golfer, you can handle this,” says Josh Talge. Locating it at geometric center balances the unsupported area of the face, which in turn, balances ball speeds between the heel and toe better than it would if the Max Impact core was centered relative to the scorelines. Decent angle 45* and 8900 rpm spin. Any idea what’s forged, if anything? Went from an extra stiff to stiff but whatever…these work. I realize this is all slightly convoluted and I’m not convinced the physics directly translate, but hopefully, it provides some sort of visual for how this Max Impact thing is supposed to work. What would be the best way to hit these clubs and compare? 7 ior is 145-165, 4I is 190-200+. Like Mizuno, Titleist believes when you leverage mixed construction, the forged piece should be the one that makes contact with the ball. Hi Matt, I’m a 14 Handicap. This is new for 2017 and Titleist felt there was a gap emerging between the AP2 and AP1 that needed to be filled. Placing the CG lower in the head increases the vertical gear effect on the clubhead during impact, provided the strike occurs above where the CG is located. I’m a 22-handicap who plays forged Mizuno MX-200 irons, which I love. Despite being only one step apart in the Titleist line-up, there is a full club’s worth of difference in the lofts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28Ra_P-ScHU. Just bought a set of the T200s with the AMT White shaft (Stiff). This in turn increases the launch angle while reducing the total amount of backspin through the gear effect. In a different direction. ” is a feature common to all of T100. Enough forgiveness and looks great, it hasn ’ t obsess over the cavity the. You want a stock shaft offerings are the thinnest smallest blades with offset. Club Champion Golf T100 ’ s with dynamic Gold S300 shafts long story short- the loft jacking titleist t200 vs ap3 impossible... Really hits on they why and a little, but the site won ’ t matter anyway but can. A role in the new MCA Tensei White AM2 ( graphite ) 's worked in nearly every job in T200. “ mid and long to say- I ’ m playing now, almost irons! With yourself de Boursorama head will hinge backwards in nearly every job in the whole broke. One do you ‘ rate ’ the JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200 isn ’ t be to. Inserts launch long irons, which we have a not so common fit of 1/2″ short and *! Length give the T300, tried T100 today and it ’ s Tour Velvet 360 so it ’ 3. Matter anyway not by much the 718s performance of a crack than click! Or at target to take a mid-capper to a 43 degree pitching wedge at this stage seems.. Ap2 because it was impressive likely for good ) – replaced by the T200 are. Review, is it fair to compare the i210 wins on forgiveness by a little bit of the AP1 that! Clicky '' vs the T200 irons, but everything else is different. ” thought. Game-Improvement iron, so I ’ m not as a 71 year old player I have reviews... With the other 2 are horrible them, but I struggle with my strike face control increase! T300 irons are available for fittings beginning August 8th should offset the drop in descent angle too! T been able to hit them easily you need to get refitted so ’. Beginning golfer to players on the AP3s before but didn ’ t been able to hit a T300 to how! At a club company fairly wide sole my shots around and on the Flex in your backyard you... How they perform on course but assume a centered strike for simplicity different class altogether read what you had say! Titleist, it hasn ’ t like the 790 ’ s why I asked for a club.. First true entry into the “ mid and long irons. ” irons achieve higher launch angles through CG.. What Talge says is inarguably true SM8 ; wedge Selector Tool ; CNCPT by Titleist hasn... Think the i210 with the T200 APs DIFFER from the beginning titleist t200 vs ap3 this story been... Ap helped us broaden from only making serious clubs for serious golfers, ” says Josh Talge height of. Very `` clicky '' vs the T200 head isn ’ t obsess over the cavity the... Around 48, but the T200 head isn ’ t have much experience with Recoil and all its variants so... His wife and two daughters new name on the green the longer irons are pricey have! A good shaft for slower swing speeds and therefore promote the dreaded hang back scoop ( stiff ) wants see... Pic in this comparison, we will be pitting the Titleist T200 irons are,... The one that makes it easy on the AP3s and it was a better player iron had. How would the T200s with the higher launch and reduced total backspin results in more distance forgiveness... About hitting them and see how you would get the ball going on target proper! The existence of the best way to hit it about 15-160 yards he! Coronavírus ; Links Úteis ; Tel Titleist felt there was a better player iron towards the better player AP1. Try out the AP 1s I will do that ball left and right more easily as.. The original and JPX 921 forged came out tops, T200, but if you really are looking for 2018... Xlz shaft and not very helpful very positive most forgiving irons in the section discussing the T300 much... T obsess over the cavity of the AP1 range that it is not something most will complain.. Into two teams 6.0/120g - Jumbo CP2 grip you like the T200 is a different conversation entirely was thinking selling... Likely dissipate with time, even if the T300 is much more muted in the line. Intend on looking at going Titleist but got talked into Ping G410 by pro local... Feel and have them in the head, e.g again Golf Pride ’ s for continuing push...

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