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Best Skis. “The Spatula, at its time, was so far out of the box it was absurd,” says K2’s Global Brand Director, Jeff Mechura. He was 24 years old, a college drop out (to his mother’s dismay) and hell bent on making a career in skiing. Shane McConkey is revered as a pioneer of freeskiing and ski-BASE jumping, and through his talent and ability to use his trademark irreverent humor, he inspired countless lives. Over the next few years we will see just about every company in the ski industry create some form of rockered or reverse side cut ski. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame’s Class of 2010. 1999-00 Matchstick Productions – Global Storming Shortly thereafter, with an un-sanctioned backflip and a naked spread eagle his “HEY, look at me!! Shane was born in Canada to skiing parents. But what was the most rewarding to him, what made him happy and whole was his family: Sherry, Ayla and Pedro McConkey. Made by now-defunct ski company Volant, it was the first rockered ski to hit the mainstream. McConkey eventually managed to jetison the skis manually—during some 12 seconds of freefall—but by then it was too late. 2004-05 Matchstick Productions – Yearbook He was at the forefront of human flight, and his dreams carried him to Baffin Island, China, New Zealand, Alaska and the Alps, but his most cherished time was that spent at home with his family. Dress up in your most outrageous ski duds and come out to Squaw Valley for a day full of belly laughs, camaraderie and philanthropy in celebration of legendary skier Shane McConkey. 1999-00 Scott Gaffney Pictures – 1999 During that time, he inspired countless lives, changed the ski world forever and altered the paths of thousands of friends and acquaintances through his accomplishments, talent, irreverence, life experience and entirely unique outlook on life. In 1996 Shane played a major role in introducing the world to fat skis when he began using the Volant Chubb (90 mm waist) as an every day ski. Shane McConkey Ski BASEING - triple back flip. BroadbandMovies. Stenmark, from the Lappland region of Sweden, was the only “hero” that our hero ever spoke of. 2003-04 Matchstick Productions – Focused “The funny thing is… everybody who picks them up says, ‘they look like water skis.’ Yeah, that’s where the idea came from” – Shane McConkey. Shane simply followed this intangible comfort and spent his college years doing exactly what made sense: having fun, and ripping it up on the hill. The Beginning. Best Skis True Legend Good Times North America Skiing Travel Tips Brother Memories Free. The Wisdom of Saucer Boy . Shane was certainly one of the most influential skiers ever to have clicked… His father, Jim, as a highly regarded big mountain skier in his own right whose … But if you throw a parachute on your back and you have some BASE jumping … Graphically inspired by Shane’s personality, ability, and many contributions to our sport, the ski … Exotic fire dancers … Bien que né à Vancouver au Canada, il a résidé une grande partie de sa vie à Squaw Valley aux États-Unis. With the release of the Pontoon in 2006, K2 made Shane’s vision of the perfect ski a reality. Comes with: FREE Full Length SKI DVD Movie, FREE USA Shipping, FREE Binding Mount- $90 Value! The Game of GNAR: The Legacy of Shane McConkey. Something about having skis on his feet made a lot of sense, but he did not know exactly what that was. He carved millions of turns into pristine untracked snow, laughed away afternoons with good friends, surfed warm water, enjoyed freefall and flying. His eyes soaked up views of immeasurable beauty. In 1996 Shane played a major role in introducing the world to fat skis when he began using the Volant Chubb (90 mm waist) as an every day ski. The legend, Shane McConkey, ski BASE jumping off some amazing cliffs in Bella Coola, BC. Shane’s imagination stretched further than pioneering uncharted territory in the ski industry. Shane was born in Canada where his father, Jim McConkey, started the Whistler ski school. SQUAW VALLEY USA ANNOUNCES 2009-2010 SEASON PASS PRICING – … 5:34. Back in 1996 Shane was skiing on Elan. 2002-03 Scott Gaffney Pictures – Immersion Until this time fat skis were considered a crutch or training wheels and were largely ridiculed outside of helicopter skiing. 1996-97 Real Action Pictures – Burning Winter 1996-97 Reel Adventure Films – Fetish McConkey started as a competitive ski racer, but moved on to be featured in a long line of extreme skiing movies., Article contenant un appel à traduction en anglais, Page pointant vers des bases relatives au sport, Portail:Biographie/Articles liés/Culture et arts, licence Creative Commons attribution, partage dans les mêmes conditions, comment citer les auteurs et mentionner la licence, 3rd Exit Style Winner of Judges Choice Award, Gravity Games Big Mtn. Shane McConkey was the most influential skier of his generation. He left at 5pm on March 26th, 2009, only 39 years old. It was Shane, who actually coined the term “Freeskiing”. Shane discovered his life partner in a wiry South African, Shahrazade Smulders (Sherry), near the turn of the millennium. While water skiing, he was comparing it with skiing in the powder. 1995-96 Scott Gaffney Pictures – The Walls of Freedom To date, the Shane McConkey Foundation has donated more than $288,000 to … It all started with the Spatula. Norval Metro. Shane McConkey's First Ski BASE Jump at Lover's Leap | McConkey. This carried into his high school training at Burke Mountain Academy on the East Coast of the United States, where, he vehemently wanted to be like legendary ski racer, Ingemar Stenmark. K2 Rep explains the benefits of skiing the Pontoon. Shane's step brother, George McConkey, continues to live in Whistler and is co-owner of McCoo's. 1999-00 Teton Gravity Research – Area 51 La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 12 janvier 2021 à 14:32. Saved by Susan Berkey On it was one very long, very excited message from Shane McConkey, who had called from New Zealand. Snow, and especially powder, are just waves of frozen water, McConkey reasoned, so why not build skis shaped like the hull of a ship? He was exactly where he belonged. Watch: Shane McConkey Skis Through A Crack In The Mountain On Squaw Valley’s Illegal “Tram Face” By UnofficialNet August 15, 2019 4:15 pm. 2001-02 Matchstick Productions – Ski Movie 2 – High Society Shane McConkey skiing on waterskis. Shane Mc Conkey était une légende du ski, avec laquelle beaucoup de skieurs de la génération actuelle ont grandi, par vidéos interposées. They are some of the best powder/crud skis that I have ever experienced. Shane McConkey came into this world December 30, 1969. Aziz ouzzou. Film Work It was the brainchild of ski pioneer Shane McConkey, a Volant athlete at the time. He developed and popularized “freeskiing,” worked to change and develop ski technology, and appeared in 26 ski films, influencing the enjoyment of the sport for millions of skiers. Shane was one of the most innovative B.A.S.E. Extreme skiing is a specific type of skiing and only one part of what we were doing. McConkey was known for combining BASE jumping with skiing, as seen in such feats as skiing into a BASE jump off the Eiger. Old VHS Footage of Shane McConkey BASE … “There are a lot of lines that are really esthetic; really cool-looking lines that you can’t do, because it ends in a big giant cliff. 2000-01 Matchstick Productions – Ski Movie The Legend. Shane was on a completely unproven, untracked path. 0:50. Our Powder Rocker profile and a responsive fir/aspen wood core create an unsinkable ski for the deepest of days. Shane McConkey does a triple back flip with skis and wingsuit while BASE jumping in Norway. There are even snowboard companies now making boards with these design elements in them. As the first North American Red Bull, he proved to be the perfect ambassador; a dominant competitor with outlandish athletic objectives that often proved the impossible, possible. Shane McConkey, né le 30 décembre 1969 à Vancouver et décédé le 26 mars 2009 dans les Alpes italiennes (Dolomites), était un skieur professionnel et base-jumper canadien. Shane was a member of the K2 Skis team and was a creative thinker who challenged conventional wisdom in ski design. Without any thorough fact checking, we’ve been told that Shane McConkey, the man, the myth, the legend, died today in a Ski-BASE jumping accident in the Italian Dolomites region, while filming with MSP and Red Bull. Shane McConkey's segment from Matchstick Productions' feature film, Focused. For his life achievements and many contributions to the sport of skiing, Shane was named an inductee to the U.S. LEARN MORE. pin. Technique and drive could only take him so far, and he quickly understood that his path was not parallel with his hero. 1:31 . tweet. They were there for the cliffs. 2006-07 Matchstick Productions – Push (and Pull) He was the first to invent and use reverse camber skis with reverse sidecut, which help you surf the POWDER! If you look at previous films from Matchstick Productions, for whom he was shooting his 16th segment, you can see McConkey’s swagger. Shane was a fellow misfit who once lived in a shed. McConkey went to Burke Mountain Academy. He won numerous awards and competitions. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. 1992-93 Nick Nixon Productions – Ski Theater. His mother, Glenn, an 8 time National Masters Champion ski racer was his primary source of guidance in life. -. 1st seed and Pro Mogul Tour Event at Copper Mtn. "Knowing the ski would be scoffed at by the industry establishment, McConkey illustrated his point by mounting a pair of 1970s jumping water-skis and shredding a … 2007-08 Matchstick Productions – Seven Sunny Days He also touches on how Shane designed the ski. At age 3, Glenn relocated Shane to Santa Cruz, CA where he spent his pre-adolescent years. Shane McConkey's First Ski BASE Jump at Lover's Leap | McConkey. During his career Shane was featured in 26 ski movies (and counting). On March 26, 2009, ski legend Shane McConkey died in a ski BASE jumping accident in the Italian Dolomites. Il nous a quitté le jeudi 26 mars à l'age de 39 ans, sur un tournage de ski-base en Italie pour MSP et Redbull. Join us for the Hot Dog Downhill, Costume Contest, Huge Raffle, Awards and more! Shane’s entire life was filled with special moments. The impact of his stardom was dwarfed only by that of his direct contributions to the sport of skiing through his non-traditional thinking and persistence. It was originally envisioned as a powder ski. Some years later, Shane watched a friend water skiing and stared from the back of the boat at the water ski slicing through the WATER, and he had an epiphany: “Powder is more like water, than it is like snow!” He mounted 2 water skis with ski bindings, went powder skiing, discovered the easiest turns he had ever made, and then talked K2 into producing rockered skis. 1998-99 Matchstick Productions – Sick Sense Shane McConkey skiing on waterskis. Blessed with amazing athletic ability, a creative mind, and a hilarious sense of humor, for over 15 years Shane and Saucer Boy performed for movie audiences, trade shows, magazines, and newspapers. 1:30. The Shane McConkey Foundation . With an untamable spirit, he left the nest early, but always maintained a closeness and certain level of obedience to his mother and her advice. Shane McConkey Ski BASEING - triple back flip. On March 26, 2009, Shane McConkey died while skiing in the Dolomite Mountains in Italy. I’m-having-more-fun-on-the-snow-than-you-attitude” was born, and he never set foot at Vail, or in a mogul competition again. Ski Resort Life. Also super hard to break or ding up, but pretty damn heavy because of the metal topsheet. A pioneer of freeskiing and BASE jumping, Shane McConkey left behind a legacy of innovation that inspired a generation of athletes. Glenn recalls the principal just saying “He’s too small, bring him back next year”, upon first sight of him. Two years after the passing of ski legend Shane McConkey, his wife Sherry created the Shane McConkey Legacy Gala to honor his memory and raise money and support for protecting the environment. Shane was cut from a unique cloth of extremely talented skiers and fun and eccentric personalities. "When he finally got turned around to throw the chute he hit the ground," Scott Gaffney told ESPN Action Sports today based on further discussions with McConkey's friends and crew in … In countless ways, McConkey defined skiing as a lifestyle and by pushing the boundaries of the sport. share. IFSA World Tour of Freeskiing Champion- 2e. He was so small as a youngster that he got kicked out of kindergarten. 2005-06 Warren Miller Films – Higher Ground Clipping in, they skated across the plateau and skied down about 300 vertical feet before traversing a slanting ledge. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap. Ski Gear Reviews. Licensed to YouTube by 2007-08 The Documentary Group – Steep He had a knack for the back flip, for competition and for having fun. “I preached long and hard to everyone that this new movement in skiing we were all part of should be called freeskiing and not extreme skiing. What we were doing was free form skiing, free of rules and most any kind of boundaries. Shane showing the skiing world how it's done by mounting a pair of water skis and ripping a huge Peak. In countless ways, McConkey defined skiing as a lifestyle and pushed the boundaries of the sport. The message consisted of a string of superlatives, sprinkled liberally with F-bombs, and can be conservatively paraphrased as: “These are the best damn skis ever made.” 2005-06 Matchstick Productions – The Hit List (and Hit List Remix) Whether it was steep, extreme descents or new freestyle what we were doing was freeskiing, free to ski our own style on our own terms,” he once explained. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata. Category People & Blogs; Song Blackout; Artist (hed) p.e. Stenmark showed bad-ass aggression on the race course, and disturbed coaches with his wild technique that ended up earning him the most wins in ski racing history. He was 39. 2002-03 Matchstick Productions – Ski Movie 3 – The Front Line Follow. In his own words: “The ideas of reverse camber, rocker, reverse side cut and tail tapered skis made specifically for powder skiing was my contribution to powder ski design. Shane McConkey skiing off huge Alaskan cliffs with a Parachute.Brought to you by the Hauppauge HD PVR.Record HD Video on your PC... and enjoy. Shane McConkey (1969-12-30 | 2009-03-26) - Shane McConkey was a professional skier. Rocker was introduced in 2002 when the late Shane McConkey introduced the first commercial rockered ski, the Volant Spatula. At that time, a career in skiing outside of mogul skiing or racing, was unheard of. His skiing dropped jaws, and his humor made sides ache. The snow was firm, verging on … Some incredibly sad news hit the ski community at large today. jumpers on the planet. His pontoon rockered powder ski, introduced in … Because of McConkey’s invention, the use of rockered skis started to spread all over, changing freeride perhaps the most since the the first fat skis. The concept: Create a downhill ski that mimics the attributes of a water ski, enabling a skier to skim over a surface with minimized risk of snagging an edge. Favorite Piece of History in Your Sport: Shane McConkey skiing spines on water skis. The Middle. All captured on helmet cam. By UnofficialNet | August 15, 2019 4:15 pm Matchstick Productions just posted this classic clip from the 2005’s #skimovie “The Hit List” of Shane McConkey skiing a little crack … — Credit: Ski Peak Shane McConkey will forever be remembered as one of the greats of freestyle skiing, but today his legacy lives on not only in his skiing but also in the game of GNAR, his brainchild with Robb Gaffney, the author of Squallywood, the unofficial guide detailing exactly how to shred all the best lines in Squaw Valley Ski … He was also known for his contributions to ski design, notably being the father of reverse sidecutand reverse camber skis (aka: skis with rocker… But he wasn’t that happy – in fact he was a bit annoyed On March 26, Shane McConkey began his day prepping for a ski-BASE jump off the Sass Pordoi cliff in Italy’s Dolomite Mountains. When pioneering freestyle skier Shane McConkey died in a ski-BASE accident in Italy in 2009, he left behind a daughter, Ayla, then 3 years old, and a grief-stricken wife, Sherry McConkey. The term was not accurate. Shane McConkey changed powder skiing forever. Then he figured to use the idea of surfing in the snow and brought the fat skis to skiing community. BroadbandMovies. He was probably confident in the moments before takeoff. The Spatula shattered 100 years of ski design before catapulting Shane McConkey into the role of ski industry innovator. Three Things People Should Know About Me: I was born in Austria, I’ve ridden a bull in a rodeo and for a period of time I wore a suit to work every day and made collection calls for Citigroup. As a result, he was always the smallest and oldest kid in his class. IFSA Overall World Tour Champion - Unofficial tour- 4e. Until this time fat skis were considered a crutch or training wheels and were largely ridiculed outside of helicopter skiing. ... first mounting bindings onto water skis for use in Alaska, then with the Volant Spatula and, more recently, the K2 Pontoon ski design. Reverse camber. Shane McConkey was already one of the most influential skiers in the world, changing everything from the shape of our boards to the way we ski powder. Shane was a huge James Bond fan and the Gala followed suit with a 007 theme in which attendees dressed to the hilt in tuxedos and lavish cocktail dresses. In 2005 arrived their daughter Ayla and Shane was smitten. Both skis, not just one, failed to release as Shane McConkey had planned. Red Bull. He had persevered in adversity and shrugged off the jaded pro skiers who told him that fat skis were cheating and that water skis would never work on snow. 3. 2010 K2 Shane McConkey Tribute Skis Bonus! McConkey, 39, is survived by his wife Sherry and his three and a half year old daughter Ayla, as well as his parents Jim and Glen. But Shane McConkey and JT Holmes had no interest in marked ski runs. 1995-96 Real Adventure Films – The Tribe Shane McConkey, né le 30 décembre 1969 à Vancouver et décédé le 26 mars 2009 dans les Alpes italiennes (Dolomites), était un skieur professionnel et base-jumper canadien. Reverse Sidecut. It’s been over a decade since the late, great big-mountain skier Shane McConkey introduced his Volant Spatula ski, effectively turning alpine equipment design on its head. McConkey Tribute Ski 160/130/120 To celebrate Shane’s life, K2 Skis is releasing a limited edition Shane McConkey Ski, built on the Pontoon chassis. Shane McConkey had a big impact on ski culture and ski industry. From the vaults: “Brain Floss”—Shane McConkey’s original ponderings on powder-ski design. Saucer Boy turned to the only man who just might believe in him: Shane McConkey. On March 26, 2009, Ski Legend Shane McConkey died in a ski base jumping accident in the Italian Dolomites. On March 26, 2009, ski legend Shane McConkey died in a ski BASE jumping accident in the Italian Dolomites. email. Album Major Pain 2 Indee Freedom-The Best of (hed) p.e. Shane was a member of the K2 Skis team and was a creative thinker who challenged conventional wisdom in ski design. Saved by Susan Berkey. Japan Core Games Skiercross Champion- 3e. 2000-01 Scott Gaffney Pictures – There’s Something About McConkey 2008-09 Matchstick Productions – Claim Jim was a legendary freeskier and head ski instructor in Whistler from 1968 to the early '80s. 1995-96 Rob Bruce Films – Spinal Snap Influential and daring skier Shane McConkey died Thursday after falling from a 2,000-foot cliff while performing for cameras in northern Italy. 6.1k shares. He also skis on 2 snowboards in this video. In countless ways, McConkey defined skiing as a lifestyle and by pushing the boundaries of the sport. It has been incredibly fun discovering these huge improvements to powder ski design.”. The Shane McConkey Foundation was founded in recognition … “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy one athlete left to the progression of his sports, and the path he paved to conquer his dreams. A few years later, he was on a lift with Gaffney, who wondered aloud whether you could ski soft snow on water skis, which were enormously fat and cambered (or curved), the reverse of snow skis. Report. Champion, Gravity Games Skiercross - 6e. sms. Squaw Valley Slashes Season Pass Prices. Shane was never physically huge or a bulky guy, so ski racing did not necessarily suit him. Shane McConkey's energy and innovation changed skiing forever, and his legacy lives on in the innovative design of the Pon2oon. 1993-94 Nick Nixon Productions – Alpine Rapture McConkey started his thorough story from the very beginning. NBC airs a trailer for a new movie about the late Shane McConkey that's set to hit screens in 2013. By 1993, Shane had won a Pro Mogul Tour event and his antics on the mountain, flipping, spinning and skiing where no one else would, landed him sponsorships with Spyder and Volant. The two were wed May 29th, 2004 on the beach in Thailand during the best wedding this world has ever seen. send. A year later, Sherry formed a foundation in Shane’s name that gives back to environmental and social causes. This point is probably the one I’m most proud of. Shane McConkey started using a new line of expert fat skis from Volant called Chubbs in 1996, and skis have been getting wider ever since. Shane was a member of the K2 Skis Team and was a creative thinker who challenged conventional wisdom in ski design. Ski-BASE opened up a whole new world of extreme skiing and BASE jumping for Shane. Bien que né à Vancouver au Canada, il a résidé une grande partie de sa vie à Squaw Valley aux États-Unis. 1997-98 Matchstick Productions – Pura Vida Shane made it. Shane McConkey spent his life redefining what is possible on skis, and at age 39 he still went bigger than everyone else. We're not around right now. Everyone should ride them on a powder day at least once in their life. 10 years ago | 748 views. Living in Boulder, Shane skied all day and delivered pizza through the night.

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