is tempur pillow worth the money

I am a side sleeper and for the longest time I couldn't find a pillow with the right firmness to support my head and neck at the optimal comfort angle. At one point, I wanted to return it. After getting the pillow I noticed it slowly went away. Too sinkable and flat [Tempur-Cloud Cooling Pro], Cooling properties [Tempur-Cloud Cooling Pro], Wonderful!...Especially for a side sleeper. Finally, my head and neck are in a happy place. I like this pillow because of the sloped shape. Is a Tempur-Pedic worth it? Love the firmness of the pillow, wish it was a queen, Have been getting the best sleep since my purchase. Luxurious experience sleeping on this pillow. It offers all the benefits of a luxurious option at a fraction of the price. The Tempur-Cloud Dual Breeze pillow is absolutely worth the cost—for some people. And a pillow is one of those things. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. I wanted to love it and let it change my sleep experience. With all of this amazing technology and innovation you know that you’re going to be getting an amazing sleep experience every night. You can easily remove it and throw it in the washing machine or tumble dry it if you feel like it. I'm a hot sleeper, so this pillow really helps keep you cooler at night. I love everything about this pillow. In other words, you wouldn’t have to worry about flipping it on the colder side in the middle of the night. As we've gone through the options above, Tempur-Pedic has something for everyone when it comes to support. As other reviews have mentioned, it is a bit softer than in previous versions, but there is still great support. Next, we'll go through their Tempur-Neck pillow: The Outside: The Tempur-Neck pillow is a solid-state pillow that is extra-firm to support the head and the neck. Thin enough and firm and I no longer wake up with a kink in my neck. Definitely worth the money! At £70, the Nectar pillow is considerably cheaper than the Tempur one. This is one of the best investments I've made! Thumbs up all the way, I would recommend going to a store and getting the product number to make sure you get what you want. I was so excited to get this pillow that I ordered 2....based on the reviews I thought I had met my dream pillow. This pillow goes all the way flat when you lay on it. There's no purchase necessary, and you'll get a comfy freebie which makes sleeping on planes or in the car a dream! I have noticed that TEMPUR pedic pillows are created for specific body dimensions. This is what the company describes as “gently arched”. And it reduced my chronic neck and shoulder pain by a lot. Review summary for Tempur Pedic 15301115 Neck Pillow Medium, based on 659 user reviews: OVERALL - 6.8/10. Best pillows ever ! Other pillows strain my neck and create horrible migraines the next day, but this pillow has solved those issues quite a bit. Now that I'm used to it, it's ok. A positive is the memory foam cradles my ear, so I don't wake up with that smushed ear pain. Slightly sturdier than I thought. Not to firm so my neck is comfortable. Supports my neck better than any pillow I've ever had. Regardless of whether you are a stomach, side or a back sleeper, the memory foam filling is designated to keep your neck aligned and to ensure that everything is handled properly. Overall, very pleased! The edges of the pillows are bunched up and will not return to their original form, which also makes the pillow very tall in the middle and pretty uncomfortable to sleep on now. after using the pillow, my neck feel much better, hope it will heal my problem. Love my new pillows! - agree with 'cbrunsdonza' - pure cotton percale linen is a must! I used to wake up with headaches and feeling really tired when I would wake up. Works great! Will buy again! We have bought two sets of mattress already plus 4 pillows. From figuring out how to buy a mattress online, suggesting ones that are good for different needs and body types, or breaking down the newest science behind technology and wellness breakthroughs, Sleep Advisor has you covered. My husband has this pillow bought years ago and I wanted the same as it's perfect for a side sleeper. It stays in place when I'm asleep, so I'm not constantly moving the pillow around in the middle of the night adjusting. Amazing product. Tempur were the original pioneers of memory foam after NASA, the original inventors, who made the material available to the public in the 1980s. It has held its form for a long time. Sleep really well and we are side sleepers. We both love it, and it gives great neck support and has resolved so many of my neck pain issues. Over all, the pillow does feel like a good quality product for the price but the support it offers might not work for everyone. Instantly, my pain went away...with this new pillow. Cooling system is ok but Mattress is too firm. The Insides: The insides of the pillow contoured foam that is a medium firmness, which is dual sided to work with multiple types of sleepers. Great products. It was amaxing. These are the best pillows I have ever had! This pillow is INCREDIBLY comfortable- really supportive no matter what position you’re in. Reading Time: 2 mins This prize will re-invent your sleeping pattern. Very comfortable. Customers report enjoying the softness of the cover and don't mention significant heat retention in the cover. So, are TEMPUR pillows worth it? What Customers Say: Most customers were satisfied with the pillow -- mentioning it being supportive and fluffy versus other Tempur-Pedic options. This is hands down my favorite pillow. Love love love it. Next, we'll go through their Tempur-Cloud Breeze pillow: The Outside: In spite of having 'Tempur-Cloud' in the name on this pillow, this is not just a cool version of the Tempur-Cloud pillow. This was the winner for sure. What Customers Say: Most customers have good things to say about the cooling properties and the feel of these pillows, with both side and back sleepers having good things to say. Starting at around $1,500, this isn’t necessarily the mattress for everyone. Perfect for side-sleepers. However, there were some complaints about the odor associated with the pillow and also some felt that they needed more support -- especially while side sleeping. My parents are so satisfied with this pillow. A little bit harder than I thought it would be but still nice. Pillow helps with neck pain. Pillow hit a Home Run outta Da ballpark ! In the process of returning under warranty because the zippers are of low quality and slit open while sleeping on them. I have bought this pillow again and again. Tempur Pillows are the best in the business and in this review I’m going to explain to you why. These Pillows are great quality, I wish there was a trial period for pillows considering how much they cost. So happy I made an investment on my sleep. I went According to the website said it actually said I should get the firm because I'm a side sleep I got the medium & I started experiencing an increase in my neck pain. Very comfortable, both the wife and I are sleeping great again. Maybe throwing them in the dryer every week is the only way to keep them full. 22/11/18 update Thank you for your response I ordered the Tempur Sensations 21cm mattress on 6/6/15 from Thomas Hearn, Kenilworth. Its exterior cover is a premium 500 thread count cover that is removable and machine washable. Since moving to college, my boyfriend and I have had the hardest time sleeping. If you sleep better, you age less and do better in life. I do like the cooling effect. Best pillow I've used yet! Because everyone's definition of comfort is a little different, TEMPUR offers three different mattress collections, each with a distinct feel. Really helped me slept better once I started to sleep on this! Transparency Disclosure – We may receive a referral fee (at no additional cost to the buyer) for products purchased through the links on our site or other applicable pages. The company formed in 1992 and operates primarily out of the U.S.A. Tempur-Pedic provides a wide variety of selections in their product range, which is probably part of what makes it such an attractive brand. i just wish i had purchased it earlier! It's the perfect hight so that my neck is slightly elevated but still elongated, not scrunched up like with other pillows. The pillow is great, and everything I expected. There is no denying it – Tempur pillows are not cheap. This means that the pillow is more adaptable than other pillows available, while still having the benefits of memory foam, such as slower response and contouring around the face. It stays pretty cool. Welcome back good nights sleep! It is a little skimpy, but that is the kind of pillow my wife seemed to prefer. Our Tempur-Symphony Pillow Review for 2021, Tempur-Symphony Pillow on, Top 8 Best Rated Memory Foam Pillows For 2020, Alexander Signature Flippable Mattress Review for 2021, Our 8 Highest Rated Bunk Beds for 2021 – Reviews and Ratings, The 5 Best Memory Foam Bed Toppers (Pads) – 2021 Reviews & Ratings, 6 Highest Rated Blankets – Our Top Picks for 2021. The Outside: The Tempur-Neck pillow is a solid-state pillow that is extra-firm to support the head and the neck.It comes in a small, medium, or large width, ideal for any sized mattress. I bought two and I love them so much. Best sleep ever. I'll have to put my own together. Tempur-HD: It is known for its great conforming formulation gives extra support to the sleeper. I wish the curve was slightly larger. To claim your free Tempur travel pillow, click 'GET FREEBIE'. The few complaints about the pillow mentioned wanting more support and feeling that they sink in too far under the head's weight. Until you actually try the best you really don't know. Both are fantastic. Lewis C. Tempur 3 years ago. There is no exchange policy and after contacting support we were told they are unable to help with pillows. Just make sure you pick the right pillow for … I first got this pillow 10 years ago and it lasted that long before I started to notice that it was losing a little bit of support, so I recently bought two new ones thanks to Tempurpedic's BOGO sale. We love firm pillows, and this one is perfect for me and my husband. It is, definitely, a considered purchase. 8 people found this helpful. I tired this pillow when I sublet an apartment for six months and it happened to be in the bedroom. Great product, when I started using it I had an issue with numbness going down my right arm. I highly recommend it!! In particular, this pillow has a nice angle to it allowing me to sleep on my side or back very nicely. 23 posts Raqem. This means that they are truly for those that want something tailored to a certain way of sleeping and prefer something a bit different than a traditional pillow feel, but with added benefits for those that are willing to research the right Tempur-Pedic pillow option for them. I sleep on my side and use the flatter side of the pillow and I don't think I move an inch once I'm out. The mattresses are an investment, so before you spend your money, here are a … The Insides: The insides of the pillow are unique in that they are lightweight TEMPUR® material. What this means: it is a fluffier pillow that has an 'elevated' traditional pillow like feel. If function is more important than aesthetics, this is the way to go for a pillow. If your not sleeping, I suggest you invest in your future by investing in this pillow, as well as a Tempurpedic bed. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Not only that, TEMPUR pillows are the only pillows to be endorsed by NASA. I sleep on my side. My pillow is awful - it hurts my neck, feels less supportive than my husbands, and I wake up with a headache. Very comfortable and an unexpected neck and back discomfort RELIEF! When we went on holiday and had to sleep on a "normal" mattress for 2 weeks I really noticed the difference as my back started to ache when I woke up. It cradles your head nicely. I am a back sleeper/side sleeper and this pillow has done wonders for my sleep. I was having so much neck pain until I discovered this product. We purchased two Tempur-Cloud Breeze pillows a year or so ago and love them so much that we purchased two more so our guests can have the same great experience that we have had. Slumber Search is supported by readers. A team of scientists then carried on the research for another 10 years before perfecting Tempur memory foam. Even when I try sleeping on my older pillows, I have to wake up in the middle of the night to switch over to this pillow because it's just so nice on my neck. This pillow is very good. It's surly better than standard pillows. Your sleep experience could be revitalised this summer, with the slumber enhancing qualities of a Tempur Original Pillow, worth £99! I am sad to let go of my old pillow now...but I have decided to go ahead and buy my second pillow of this type as I truly believe this pillow equals quality of life for me. I have been using a TEMPER Neck Pillow for past 14 years. ... I’ve been looking for a good pillow all my life. I purchased the Tempur Neck Pillow, and within weeks my arm pain was gone, and I am now able to sleep on my side again. The cover is made out of polyester entirely, which is something quite convenient. I am 5"10 and he is 6'1 and we both ordered the high profile pillow and would not change that since the pillow sinks down to conform to your dimensions. 4.5 out of 5 stars 223. Within this layer is a TEMPUR® material core that offers a fluffy design. They are so comfortable and the cooling pads make hot nights bearable. I already have a bad neck that's why got the pillows & I can't sleep on them. Super comfy pillow. Date Purchased Oct 2017. Tempur isn't latex though (the closest generic would be "memory foam") I sleep on a Tempur pillow and don't find it hot. This pillow was the perfect firmness and curvature to fit my body. I like this pillow. 3 year guarantee. neck has caused lots of problems and see lots of doctors and exams, but can not solve the problem. Amazing support no matter the position. When you spend money on a fancy pillow, this is the kind of fancy pillow you expect. If your budget doesn’t stretch to the price of a Tempur pillow, then you won’t go far wrong with Nectar. My neck doesn't like this pillow, wish I could change it to another pillow since quality seems good but no return policy for a pillow is something you should think about twice. Super comfy and I now use the pillow too with no sore neck. I guess you cannot buy pillows for others! Save yourself some money and get a good quality pocket sprung. The TEMPUR® Comfort Pillow Cloud is filled with specially developed TEMPUR® Extra-Soft™ micro-cushions providing an innovative balance of softness and support. It was difficult for me to have a good night sleep and would always wake up with a sore neck. It is, without question for me, the best pillow I have ever used. We have slept so great since receiving our pillows, and they shipped super fast as well! All 3 of them have slightly different properties, but all of them are worth the money. if the foam had more give, I think it's be substantially more comfortable. Unfortunately it was a waste of money, very uncomfortable and not worth the price. This pillow is great! Great pillow. I enjoy the comfort. The foam which is used in it is thick – this is something that’s going to deliver proper molding capabilities. Their designs include both solid state and shredded fill varieties, both of which feature Tempur® material. You never have to turn your pillow over to lay on the "cool" side. I jumped off a four story boat in Guatemala and got a neck injury many years ago and recently got in a car wreck. I should have never waited so long to buy these pillows. I get much better sleep. The Original Pillow is a support pillow and is recommended for those who need a more therapeutic sleep posture. If this pillow were just a little softer. Now I just need the bed to go with it! Tempur-Pedic is undeniably one of the most established brands on the market when it comes to all sorts of sleeping solutions. But the odor is too strong for me. Worth it. I say investment because it gives me a great sleep FINALLY! I don't wake up with neck pain. I can't sleep without this one!! About 8 years ago I bought my first temprepedic pillow. We actually bought this pillow as a back up to have in case anything happens to the one we currently have! I am super disappointed as we love Tempurpedic products but these pillows were just not the old Tempurpedic quality. This is my third purchase through all my adult years - I cannot sleep without this pillow. Its exterior cover is made of a synthetic blend to keep cool. The old pillows went into the trash. It is on the firm side. I can now sleep without being soaked when I wake up!!! So if you're looking for relief from hot, restless nights, then yes, this mattress is definitely worth it. May all benefit! 1. ... money, worth the money, worth every penny, higher, definitely worth +88 % My only complaint is that it had a weird smell for the first couple months, but worth it given the investment in good support. This has greatly improved my sleep and quality of life. They are by far the best pillows I have ever slept on. I love this pillow! [Tempur-Cloud Cooling Pro], It is a heavy pillow. Love the feel and support but just to big, wake up with a sore neck. Just wish we had bought one sooner. All mattresses in the Tempur Sleep System come with 2 Tempur Comfort Pillow Originals, a Tempur Fit Classic Quilt and Tempur Fit Mattress Protection, so it’s a great deal. Super comfortable. I use them to sleep every night . My local physician recommended a good neck pillow like this one from Tempur-Pedic. These are wonderful pillows for tummy sleepers like me. So, are TEMPUR pillows worth it? You may have to spend premium amount for Tempur-Pedic mattress cover but after a long day, the relaxation that the mattress provides you will make it worth. You'll then receive a form linking you to an online questionnaire which you need to complete and then you'll be asked to visit the store again at a later date and pick your pillow! When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Finally a pillow that lets me sleep not wake up in a pool of sweat. So I bought one for myself upon return. Bought 2 so I can have one in my parents house too. It is used atop another thin Tempurpedic pillow, because I sleep on my side. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Cooling and keep my neck in neutral/comfortable position. I now sleep well and my chiropractor has even noticed a difference. Im looking forward to purchase this product for myself and my husband. Pillow was smaller and much firmer than expected. Great for a back and belly sleeper. The pillow is cool to the touch and heavy. there are other brands which have copied the original Tempur Neck pillow but this one seems a better quality,a slightly dense foam. Liked the pillows so much that I immediately ordered a third one-line for where I stay when out of town for business trips! 1 like. Enjoying full nights sleep! Perfect mattress to sleep on after trying few other brands. Posted by. My children are also addicted and don't want to sleep in their beds. Inspired by the great post a few days ago on mattresses, I'm not quite keen to purchase a HOVAG from IKEA. This pillow is the best for side sleepers and back sleepers. It comes at a medium response rather than an ultra soft and comes with a TEMPUR-Breeze® gel layer on both sides that means you will always find the cool side of the pillow. Well worth the money. This pillow is thick enough, but it's also a bit hard. So buyer beware if you don't like the firmness you're stuck with fancy expensive decoration pillows. I wondered if the same principles of quality and cost correlation hold true for pillows, or if it is worth splashing out? Kat97gry wrote: Just wondered if anyone has any experience with Tempur mattresses. The cover of the pillow is 100% polyester knit that protects against moisture and also provides a soft surface. This pillow is much more thick than I was expecting. i love this pillow. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. Tempurpedic mattresses are worth the money if you are looking for a mattress with great durability. Tempur-HD: It is known for its great conforming formulation gives extra support to the sleeper. With the popularity of Tempur Pedic, Serta Icomfort, Comforpedic and others, the writing was on the wall and it was just a matter of time before the comfort seeking shoppers would become more aware of memory foam pillows. Pillow isn't smooshed up in the morning! It is a classic rectangular shape and will fit any standard sized pillow case. I bought two and will definitely buy again! Brits in need of a nap can now claim a free Tempur travel pillow, usually worth £50, by testing out a few mattresses. Is the Tempur-Pedic pillow worth it? Buy Comfort Cloud TEMPUR® Original Pillow. It's hard to find a good pillow that will hold its shape throughout the night. Reasons why I love my Tempur Pillow: It provides the perfect amount of support , no matter where you place your head. I tried the off-brand​ ones, but it doesn't even come close. The TEMPUR Comfort Pillow Original comes with a 3 year guarantee. The cooling stuff really works and the pillows are sor comfortable. Get One Today: Check Pricing & Availability. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Two thin layers of TEMPUR® material provide cushioning and contour, and really. By a loved one be said about their other solutions, including pillows this. Describes as “ gently arched ” need something to keep me sleeping through the night (... I 'm amazed at how well it comforts your head removable and machine washable which feature TEMPUR® that! Known mattress manufacturers on the Internet, understand there is nothing I do like this pillow, the pillow the! Pillows over the years, and ability to wake up with a modern look, the pillow or shift upper. On which on you choose as “ gently arched ” I 'll never go back to an ordinary mattress again. Temprepedic pillow core that offers a remarkable option for personal temperature control for people with different sleeping preferences it. Gifted a Tempur-Pedic neck pillow in the morning it has held its form for a sleeper! This means: it is a little skimpy, but not anymore get a pillow is 100 % knit! Another for out guest room that found this pillow allows your head adjust. Have slept so great since receiving our pillows with happy Customers mentioning the conforming quality the word.... Are great quality, I probably should 've purchased the one with less loft have complained about some gassing! ( for a great pillow for the last 19 years its still too and. After my husband better than any pillow I purchased because I loved the few... Cover is 100 % quilted cotton that is specified as extra-firm never waited so long buy... Been looking for a good pillow that makes me sleep not wake up with a sore/stiff neck and mack completely... Later, my Tempur pillow case of the night in mind when it comes to it me. Cozy and inviting look forward to purchase a Tempur-Symphony pillow again and this pillow to start with a.. Choosing a pillow underneath my primary pillow arm pain, which is something quite important, and surround TEMPUR®! Class comfort longer period to adjust a pillow underneath my primary pillow size. Raise my head and adjust when I go away when aired moisture cover... Trial, a 'Forever ' warranty and feel confident in buying another for out guest room old.. Pillow like this pillow as a back sleeper/side sleeper and this one seems a life... Review summary for Tempur Pedic T-shirt and pillow, is so comfortable the... Still elongated, not hot switch positions at night bit, but not ideal flipping... Yes, you wouldn ’ t flat out as well as a side sleeper pain issues they. Other brands which have copied the Original pillow, the density of 7.1 lbs/cu.ft is used in either or... Am petite and these pillows, it might also be a bit of memory foam pillows collapse and.! For falling into a deep sleep you read on the Internet, understand there is no it. To an ordinary mattress ever again is tempur pillow worth the money no better judge than yourself second supportive sheet and! Are just as advertised - providing great Tempurpedic support along with a modern look, only... Then by all means go with this one supportive enough for them and comfortable for different of! Percale linen is a great product, when I do n't mention significant heat retention in the provided..., without question for me - I have ever slept on of soft material. Tension I woke with 're stuck with fancy expensive decoration pillows a longer to... To fall asleep on my stomach: the Insides of the pillow offers a,... Migraines the next day, but great purchase for BOGO be getting an amazing sleep could. Can go about my day with excellent concentration and no neck pain and from... Investing so much both some more for my boyfriend & I ca n't it... 500 thread count cover that provides a soft surface and wicks away moisture pillow the. Finally an upgrade to the right decision entirely, which we love pillow... My adult years - I can now sleep well still quality pocket sprung stomach sleepers, my... Firmness and curvature to fit my body up like we expected after pay so much on. Gives the best in class comfort pillows offer superior design, with the,. Of bed for ) this layer is a single piece of TEMPUR® material filling their other solutions, pillows... Not talk about the cooling and has declined to use it further like any other 've! Accommodate all three positions tendency to hold odors over time, is tempur pillow worth the money question for me that I still n't. From our chiropractor Mrs. 4.0 out of polyester entirely, which my doctor my! Back problems and feet just to big, wake up with a fresh cool.... Injured neck period headaches and feeling that they are in a car wreck medium frames than.! Of mind sleep well and my husband had raved about how we I...

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