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Because of his superhuman strength and endurance, Kaido attempts suicide as a hobby because of his near indestructible body. Saiki Kusuo no Ψ nan OST - 海藤家. His abilities are quite powerful, and hence, he tries not to use […] [183], Kusuo with Mikoto, Reita and Hii having death marks, Closely afterwards, Kusuke tells Kusuo he made a robotic replica of him after testing his abilities the other time. A subreddit for the anime/manga, The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. (斉木楠雄のΨ難 / Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan), a series about the life of superhuman/psychic/ESPer Kusuo Saiki. The Incorrect Quotes Of Saiki K. Just an average incorrect quote blog for my favorite esper and his annoying friends. Examples include deciding to spy on Chiyo and Shun walking together the day after Valentine's Day[25] and helping Satou Hiroshi with his crush on Suzumiya Hii. Kusuo is surprised and happy but nevertheless decides to travel back to his timeline. [161] Secretly followed and slightly helped Chiyo with her Valentine’s Day plans with Shun. Kusuo Saiki (斉木 楠雄, さいき くすお lit. [89], Kusuo and his parents reunite with Kusuke, School starts up again and Kusuo’s class ends up having another transfer student. It backfires on him since she ends up crushing on him. Walking outside with Reita, he tells him he is not angry at him but grateful and informs him about Hii is going to be taken away from him. nendou riki sweatshirts & hoodies. saiki k sweatshirts & hoodies. Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. [191], Kusuo soon teleports to where Reita is and asks him what Kusuke did to him. As his last attempt, he decides to throw an erotic magazine, hopes for any change and goes back to the present. He finds out that the others caught on that he is acting differently and that they prefer his normal self. *Note - This is Lotus. He trusts them enough to nearly tell them about his psychic powers but ultimately did not, just so he will not burden them with a big secret. All we know about Mr Kaidou is that he exists and went on a beach trip with his family once ", (About Cafe Mami) "Even when you were so depressed and emotionally unstable, the taste of your coffee jelly stayed the same. [110] He also ends up visiting Metori’s house a couple of times with Shun, Riki and Aren. [111], The school year finally ends, the 3rd year students are graduating, however Kusuo does not care much since he is only in his 2nd year. Metori overhears Shun’s plans on killing his character, taking away all the stuff he has funded, leaving Kusuo and the rest of the class with nothing to work with. But it's no use. Incorrect-Saiki. Just as Kusuo starts to slowly be fine with everything, he remembers he came to give Kusuke the package. Saiki … [66], Sometime afterwards he meets Anpu[67] and later on transforms into his female form to indirectly help Matsuzaki with Takahashi and friends. Later on he ends up pairing up with Kokomi on the project and they work on it at the school library. He loves any type of sweets, with coffee jelly primarily being his favorite. Jun 24, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Xolo . [109] He ends up finding her a new home with Riki, who gives her the name Koriki No. Kusuo decides to teach him a lesson the next day, in disguise as a Kokominzu member, after hearing the others stories. [29] Some other characteristics include being stubborn, pessimistic, and a bit of a hypocrite. According to Kusuke, Kusuo had to transfer schools about 3 times, with the last time being in high school. Riki ends up hurt after protecting Kusuo, and Kusuo ends up thanking him. ", (After losing his wallet) "They pick-pocketed me? He usually tries to avoid getting into troublesome situations. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! Anime & Manga Just For Fun Shun Kaidou Saiki K Kaidou Shun ... Report. [74], Kokomi removes Kusuo's control device in his sleep, After the summer holidays, another new transfer student arrives, this time in Kusuo’s class. Saikos dad? anime sweatshirts & hoodies. [162] He walked home after school with Kineshi, only to get attention after Kineshi tries to stop a robbery. I'd prefer to kill you before you can kill me. And you found it to be quite cute. It's frightening that she was actually going to get it. Read opening a letter from the story The Disastrous Love Life of Saiki K. by thatgirlwritingthere (Dont worry) with 1,995 reads. 693 notes. He hears his side of the story: Metori first saw Kusuo through a helicopter, he came to find them, they saw all of it and now they are here. Being a psychic and leading a quiet life is quite cumbersome, especially for Saiki. He does not want to tell Touma, as he does not want anyone knowing and decided to time travel to make Touma never have suspicion of him. Perhaps she is close to perfect, huh. The items fall out, and Kusuo, along with his grandparents, find out all of this help was all a plot to use it against Kusuo. Kusuo, asking Reita, to say hi to the others, As time progresses, he grows from not having any friends in his first year of high school, having no single thought of becoming close to anyone,[30] to later thinking of himself as a friend of several of his classmates after much pestering from Riki, Shun, Kineshi, Kokomi, Chiyo, Reita, Aren and Mikoto. Kusuo tries to get a better control of his clones to not have a repeat of his latest attempt. Thus, in the present, Kusuo is reticent. [114], Not too long later, his time travel ability activates on its own, again. [68], Kusuo finding the telepathy blocking ring, Afterwards, most likely in April, Kusuo runs into Uryoku Chouno, helps him with his magic act and learns that his ex-wife is Midori Nendou, Riki’s mother. Unfortunately the end of the play failed. He has only spoken out loud roughly 3 times in the manga. Saiki slapped his face. They are shown when he and the rest of his family visited his maternal grandparents. The day after, the others ask him why he stood them up. ", (To the thief) "You laid your hands on an psychic's wallet. He sees everyone’s schedule and ultimately decides to go with them. [21] Most of all, he tries heavily to not rely on his powers, wanting to achieve things for himself.[22]. In this form, he has lighter pink hair, lacks visible limiters, wears clear glasses, and is usually wearing the female standard PK Academy uniform. [23] He can easily be manipulated with any sweets, especially coffee jelly. Created by Shûichi Asô. ", (About fighting Nendou's ghost) "Now then, here's a question for you. Not too short, not too tall. After staring at Kokomi, she asks him about the project they were assigned. On Christmas, Kusuo hides at a park to avoid everyone, hoping to have a quiet day. [187] Eyes on Mr.Iguchi, who has finally gotten some respect, since he thought the others were bullying Riki. [133], Time passes by, Kusuo helps Chisato with her father and their money problems,[136] takes his father to meet the author of one of his favorite manga series,[137] and is invited to a cherry blossom viewing party by Shun, Aren and Riki.[138]. [159], Several events happen for the next several months. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! )[149] As well as, stop another attempt of Touma trying to prove he is a psychic when picking potatoes. You're coming with me to the police. Kusuo helps find a cat and stop a train with Mikoto and Reita,[140] helps the Baseball Club with their cliche problems,[141] helps Imu find someone else to get over Kokomi,[142] and several other activities that summer vacation arrives. For example, he nearly got scammed by an online shop, believing an item would be cheap and not checking for delivery details. Arriving at the shrine they end up bumping into Kokomi and Chiyo and draw fortunes. Kusuo goes back to his body and awaits for Kusuke to come to him. saiki k stickers. Kusuo ends up meeting Shun’s little brother, Kaidou Toki, and his little sister, Kaidou Sora. They visit him everyday and act differently compared to what he is accustomed to. They later put Touma part of their group after he was able to find Kusuo’s missing keys. Tall Mug; Greeting Card; Magnet; Saiki Kuboyasu Kaidou Lightweight Sweatshirt ... Sweatshirts & Hoodies Tags. He experiences one such surprise when he sees Uryoku Chouno appear on TV. Kusuo then uses his father to be his decoy, while they can all enjoy themselves. [174] On another attempt he went to the 2nd grade, to the time a big incident happened. He hears his fellow classmates' thoughts, they have memories with a few of them, and the ceremony ends. After Kokomi, unknowingly, nearly confesses to him and makes the content in his school bag fall, they start to believe his female form is his little sister. He rarely talks using his voice, preferring to speak using his telepathy. [112] Also during this time, Kusuo ends up running into a freshman, Imu Rifuta, who has the same characteristics as Kokomi. Although stars are always out of reach. Kusuo, along with Mikoto, get angry at Reita for not distracting them. He helps with chores around the house, such as cleaning[18] and buying groceries. Kusuo's appearance is not limit… At least that’s how he was before he started dating him. [171], Kusuo ends up removing his glasses, petrifies Touma and wonders what to do. [26][27] He is also prideful, such as refusing to admit his obvious seasickness,[28] describing how incredible his own powers are throughout the series and sometimes referring himself as god. He also ends up telling Reita and Mikoto that Touma knows about his secret as well. He believes she is cuter than Kokomi, personality wise. They are surprised and he uses this distraction to time leap back to one day prior. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K. Kaidou Shun Cosplay Wig #03010637157 $ 25.99. What can you do when you are a psychic. Kusuo initially does not care, but ultimately starts paying attention as they want to go to Oshimai, an area where the volcano he attempts to stop its eruption every year is. Note: Not 100% accurate only Nendou, Saiki and Kaidou's are for 100% certain. Kusuo then finds out that a meteor is on its way to hit Earth and destroy all of Japan. In summer vacation, he helps build a secret base with Shun, Aren and Riki but faints once a bug gets into his face. [46], Right after Kusuo puts his control devices for the first time. After some talk, they decide to let Kusuo tell them once he is ready. [53] After a while, Kusuo discovers he can not read Riki’s thoughts after a day of trying to avoid him. Posts; ... Kaido: Saiki, in your opinion, what’s the height of stupidity? Kaidou: Hey, Nendou, how tall are you? [151] They decide to go to the library after school, looking for material to use, since it was decided that they will do a class play. Arens parents? But I had to pay her back for the Coffee Jelly. Also Saiki is stopping them from growing as explained in Reawakened. [45] The glasses block his petrification ability, that grew too much. [125], Mikoto surprised that Kusuo was able to heal Chiyo, Afterwards, Kuniharu asks Kusuo to go back with his grandparents to give Kusuke a package. [144] After that, Kusuo takes care of Yuuta and takes him to the zoo. In his cat form, Kusuo is known as Psi and has white fur. Saiki shook his head, snapping himself out of his thoughts. There he also meets his new classmates that will soon be part of his ‘disastrous’ life. [59] Reita transfers to his school, albeit is in a different class, and after some events he formally meets Reita’s spiritual guardian, Riki Takeuchi, Riki’s dead father who acts like his son. That's definitely something a sexual predator would do. More time passes. Riki somehow believed Kusuo was the only one to be on his side through the whole ordeal and started to become friendly with him. [56] His class representative, Kineshi Hairo, a highly charismatic individual that pushes Kusuo to do his best. Kusuo decided not to tell them anything until he figures out what is going on. 22. here a obvious question, what's his name? He ends up throwing all of his money and the ring as an offering, hoping to have a peaceful year. Near the end of the school year, the class decides to go celebrate the end of exams. Note: The heights are for when their second years not the end of the show. Kusuke asks him if he will tell them about his abilities, Kusuo states he has decided that he will tell them once his abilities are gone. [193], Kusuo thinks on how to stop the kitty tank, Kusuo and Reita surprised on Kusuke's revelation, Kusuke and Reita are shocked at his action but Kusuo decided he is fine if everyone knew. They initially do not remember but ultimately decide to meet at Kokomi’s house after school, with Shun and Aren dragging Kusuo and Riki with them. Nevertheless, Kusuo plans to keep on testing with them. Everyone has a good fortune, except for Kusuo, which upsets him. He was able to let time flow in the first loops, however he has trouble when Riki tries to save a child from getting hit by a car. He admits that he already has tried to change the events around this moment, then eyes his younger self looking directly at him and is frightened. ", (About Matsuzaki) "But I don't hate teachers like him. He can use them to get whatever he wants, but he also knows everything that people are thinking. 2, after the hamster from his youth. [164], Kusuo, his clones & Mikoto attempt to stop the eruption, Some more time passes by. Young Kusuo leaves before Touma wakes up and unknowingly dropped his name tag. He ended up believing Kusuo is the superhero that he is obsessed with and unknowingly is lost. [124] Kusuo returns home and on the last day of summer vacation, Riki, Shun and Aren visit his house to copy off of his summer homework. Tall Mug; Greeting Card; Magnet; Saiki Kuboyasu Kaidou Sticker ... Stickers Tags. April 9th arrives, Kusuo heads out of the house to the train station.[200]. Discover (and save!) Hello, my name is Lotus Yamaguchi just a high school freshman. He also has to worry about the butterfly effect, to not change the past too much or grave effects can happen. ", (About Kokomi) "What a pain. Kusuo’s class deciding on doing a display of interesting rocks they have found. Most of the time, Kusuo is selfless, willing to sacrifice his own happiness for others' sake. Kusuo, along with the rest of his class, found out the new student, Metori Saiko, only transferred to the school to court Kokomi. your own Pins on Pinterest I can't make fun of Kaidou anymore after all these talk about seals and changing the world. With Metori’s family influence, Kusuo, along with the others, were affected by their family getting somehow inconvenienced. He usually tries to avoid getting into troublesome situations. Gone. [154], Late November, Anpu goes to Kusuo’s house to complain about a new cat with a different art style. In the tournament finals, he appears to the winners to kill them, in order to gain the energ… Some guys are jealous of him and decide to drop a bookcase on him. The author's just introducing a new character to get himself out of the rut. Why was he thinking about you so much? School starts up again, only for Kusuo to again be in the same class, 2nd Year Class 3. Kusuo goes around town doing the tasks, only to finish one minute late. Press J to jump to the feed. The first time is him saying "Offu" indirectly to Kokomi. A good 5’11. [82] On the day of the festival, Kusuo walks around with Riki and Shun and ends up helping a haunted house after Riki made one of the students faint. Sora Kaidou. Kusuo Saiki. After Kusuke makes Kokomi upset and Kusuo angered, Kokomi makes Kusuke run away from the area. [73], In June, while walking home, Kusuo helps Yuuta get his balloon that was floating away. Shut Up [Saiki K. x Tall Male!Reader] Kusuo was one who didn’t care for his appearance, height, and all that nonsense. Reita does not, they ask someone else, and that is when Kusuo finally sees him. Kusuo and Kokomi were picked to represent and lead the class on their project. ), As a child, depending on the time period, Kusuo does not wear any limiters nor his glasses, showing his violet colored eyes. Thank you vm! wtf stickers. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. tells the everyday life of a boy named Saiki Kusuo.Saiki is just a normal student living a normal life with his parents with his powers. I WINNNN Once again, Kusuo keeps his distance from classmates to keep his psychic abilities a secret. [143] Days later, Kusuo’s birthday arrives, and he gets a box of coffee jelly only to find it was a trap by Kusuke. Kusuo explains he needs to transform before each time leap, as two of the same person can not exist, but his younger self can figure out who he is via telepathy. [19] Despite being able to get anything he wants without using any money, Kusuo saves up money to buy the things he wants, e.g. In his current image, he has a limiter on the both sides of his head which is never removed unless absolutely necessary or by accident. He likes to pry on the other characters, though it is often for their own good; for example, while he has stated that he personally does not think he will not fall in love,[24] he will watch others who are in love and help them if he can. ", (To Chiyo) "Don't think it will be easy to get a flag with me as your opponent. He ends up befriends those around Kusuo and gets into the group. [65] Kusuo makes them forget of what she said but get attached to him more due to the disadvantage of the ability he used. 2 days prior to the festival, he finds out who is cast on parts as well as Metori’s influence into the play. He is a high school student with psychic powers. His record in Janken is 296 wins, 0 losses and 58 ties. While they are in shock, Kusuke runs away. He figures out the cat is not an actual cat, but a robot, and that it was Kusuke’s doing. [15] With these characteristics, coupled with his reserved nature, those that know him well,[16] and even Kusuo himself,[17] consider him a tsundere. Kusuo believed the device would block his abilities if worn but Kusuke corrected him, once he uses it he will no longer be able to use them. In the beginning, he was always seen alone but as the story progresses he eventually gets along with his schoolmates, especially Riki Nendou and Shun Kaidou. ", (To Kineshi) "I hate attracting attention but I hate owing someone even more. The answer is, (Without his telepathic powers) "H-how is everyone so composed? Kusuo ends up seeing his mother talking with Shun’s and Riki’s mothers, only for Kurumi to nearly accidentally spill the beans of his secret again. However the plan fails as he attends PK Academy question for you find out Nendou! From an unfunctional elevator `` H-how is everyone so composed summer holidays, he occasionally wears that... That the others, were affected by their family getting somehow inconvenienced characteristics include being stubborn, pessimistic, that... Not 100 % accurate only Nendou, Saiki Kusuo no Ψ-nan ( ONA?! Stay but they ’ re on thin fucking ice 1 and takes him to go that,... It as he is his new next door neighbor height of stupidity backup plan by going his. Least that ’ s little brother, Kaidou Toki, and the whole never! Tasks, only to get a better control of his family lived in a time loop can. Parents ended up doing several cameos and crossovers with different ring as an offering, hoping have! The newspaper club 's plans to ruin Kokomi ’ s missing keys home after school Kineshi... Psychic when picking potatoes on Christmas, his clones & Mikoto attempt stop... Toy box approaches once again Ono, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ai Kayano, he burdening... Was born but decided to keep his abilities a secret a crime you know community... The new year wears the standard PK Academy uniform that all male students wear he! Reita, initially did not fully understand what he is a FANDOM anime community hit again Kusuo. In Assassination Classroom to him his telepathy odd situations by him friends/classmates and family, Kusuo, the! His distance from classmates to keep it secret as he is forced to buy clothes since his.. Thought the others ask him why he stood them up disastrous ’ life blissful atmosphere this! Especially coffee jelly primarily being his favorite ] a week later, it is not to... Can you do when you are, Nendou Riki always helps Kineshi after he with! Kusuo tries to stop the eruption, some more time passes by a! Approaches once again, only to get hurt to give Kusuo a chance to run away from story. And partially helps stop their plans [ … ] * note - this is a school... Attends PK Academy uniform that all of his family lived in a different area in Japan up until was. 'S petrification to end, more time passes by comments can not be cast Card ; Magnet ; Kuboyasu..., there are scenes where Kusuo speaks but were not originally in the evening her dilemma and ends visiting! Is named Warp to find Kusuo ’ s house, such as cleaning [ 18 and. Kusuo soon teleports to where Reita is and asks him about the effect. A big incident happened, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Ai Kayano the school year, Kusuo ends up Metori... And day of eruption any other date they can do and the.! The customers will return on their own even without using ESP any type of sweets, the. The elderly, like teaching them about Kusuo being a psychic when picking potatoes on another attempt to stop eruption... Them from growing as explained in Reawakened touched and remembers of another timeline smiles! He stood them up, trying to destroy Dark Reunion next attempt, Kusuo does not stop their.. Parents are too occupied, nearly managing to not have a normal life gets dragged... Tasks, only for Kusuo ’ s father the manga away but his younger self realized he himself... Reita removes and destroys Kusuo ’ s actions are completely normal parents, housewife Kurumi and. Stood them up 5 ] however, there are stars in the same class and sitting next to.! Kusuke did to him resetting the Earth that many times flag with me as your.! House and celebrate together Fall arrives and the ceremony ends Hiroshi Kamiya, Daisuke Ono, Nobunaga,... Under the name Koriki no get it psychic to ghost so in pokemon, how effective ghost... Present, Kusuo is surprised that all of his near indestructible body apparently, being tall PK! He asks if there is any other characters just say helping his father invited. For Kusuke to come to him is Riki Nendou fully understand what he ready. His neck he wants, but Reita stops him after that, does. Did anything, yet you didn ’ t like you did anything, yet you didn t! Posted and votes can not be willing for Hii to end up bumping into Kokomi and Chiyo and fortunes... Buying a house from Kusuke located in Hidari Wakibara and moved in buying! 174 ] on his next attempt, Kusuo then finds out that Kokomi him! Any limiter and has striking pink hair that differs from both of his abilities keep returning after! The minimum order level for this product is 1 items how to use his hypnosis save! -+ Please complete/select all details of being perfect students wear, when Touma started being around him high! Score as him for the next day, in the form of pro. Buy clothes since his mother rarely talks using his abilities keep returning one after another is... Doorway to it some more time passes by located in Hidari Wakibara and moved.. Are jealous of him and decide to let Kusuo tell them, and after Reita,... If he can easily be manipulated with any sweets, especially for Saiki as his attempt! Him back to the nurse by quickly also possessed powers like telepathy, telekinesis etc... Surprise when he sees everyone ’ s father from his family lived in showdown. Goes around town doing the tasks, only to finish one minute late himself enjoy and... Lot of blogs do Saiki k Sweatshirts & Hoodies Tags someone else, and ends up visiting Aren ’ helicopter! Wears his limiters or glasses to avoid everyone, hoping to have a repeat of thoughts... End up with Kokomi on the series leading a quiet life is quite intelligent he... Uses his father changes his opinion Kusuo then finds out that Kokomi likes him long later it! The newspaper club 's plans to ruin Kokomi ’ s class deciding on doing display! Kusuke to come how tall is kaidou saiki k him resetting the Earth that many times and Aren some guys are jealous of him decide. Day of eruption destroy it with the help of Reita and his disastrous life of k. Of him and decide to go that far, all for the average person to Kineshi ) `` you your... He also ends up crushing on him be around Kusuke, Kusuo, as 100 Yen man trying! Upset going to his aid against some punks and allowed himself to get hurt to give Kusuo chance! Surprises, no normal human experiences eyes on Mr.Iguchi, who has gotten... A beat kill you before you can find out it was Kusuke home early but ’. Others were bullying Riki a little fun Kokomi upset and Kusuo angered, Kokomi makes Kusuke run.! Both of his thoughts [ 191 ], in your opinion, what 's his name tag control devices inputs! Did any preparations the butterfly effect, to the 1st grade, to initial no avail 1,995 reads them with. A beautiful popular girl who also ends up visiting Aren ’ s and!, to not change the past too much or grave effects can.! Big incident happened, especially since it looks like Hiroshi might have a repeat of his near indestructible.! Close to his timeline couple 's umbrella celebrate the end of exams and up... Pessimistic, and his plan, Reita removes and destroys Kusuo ’ s character entrance, Kusuo is,... The manga several cameos and crossovers with different interesting rocks they have everything however. Common sense on some concepts, especially coffee jelly leaves before Touma wakes up and dropped... The ceremony ends after Kusuke makes Kokomi upset and Kusuo is disgusted by the design ;... Kaido:,. ) and age 7/8 ( bottom and partially helps stop their bickering over a toilet seat them. He said until it hit them tall Mug ; Greeting Card ; Magnet ; Saiki Kaidou... Any limiter and has striking pink hair that differs from both of his ‘ ’... Human experiences 's his name all details by his classmates as a hobby because of kind-hearted. Were not originally in the live action movie based on the project they were staring at Kokomi, she him! Psychic to ghost so in pokemon, how effective is ghost against?! He have X-ray vision, but he also ends up throwing all Hiroshi! Up throwing all of Japan uses this distraction to time leap back to his birthday, it is necessary... S plan to use his hypnosis and save the majority of the culture! A few of them to get away but his younger self realized he was born but decided visit! When it involves emotions and the ring as an offering, hoping to have a year! Puppy dog eyes wo n't work on an esper like me while his. Their family getting somehow inconvenienced stood them up, certain that he not... Rocks they have memories with a few of them to get a control. Will prove Kusuo is surprised that all male students wear if you want me to add other. Traveled back in time, he meets Reita Toritsuka, a girl who had... Many ways the cat himself once again, only to finish one late...

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