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She is crushed when he says he wished it had never happened. [4] Gerhardt appeared on the General Hospital spin-off General Hospital: Night Shift as Cooper in 2007. Courtney and Jason framed Zander to hide Courtney's own guilt. Lucky arrives to investigate and speaks with Rebecca, who confirms it was an accident and does not reveal her secret. However, she experiences sudden mood swings and rage afterwards. Stefan Cassadine arranged for Lydia's grandfather to give Nikolas and Lydia $20 million if they married. The two planned to bring Sonny's ex-wife, Lily Rivera Corinthos, "back from the dead" to haunt him. Maxie soon found out she could feel more herself in her relationship with Matt, confessing to Robin that Matt might be the perfect guy for her. Justus had represented Faith's ex-boyfriend and they had an affair. Nadine and Nik visit Rayleen, and her last wish is for Nadine and Nik to get married. Federal prosecutor John Durant thought working to find Kristina would be the perfect opportunity for Reese to gather information on Sonny, which he could use to finally prosecute the mobster. recalls [Barbara] Esensten. Played By Rick Springfield. Stefan kidnapped her and tied her to a pole. Afterwards, Gia told him that it was a mistake since he was still in love with Emily, and she finally let him go. Frank abandons Caroline and Virginia shortly after. She believed her feelings were unrequited until Milo asked her out and they began dating. There was often speculation the character would have a relation to fan favorite Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), but it is eventually stated on-screen there is no r… Monica Quartermaine. In order to throw suspicion off of the Floyds, Andrea plants incriminating emails on Alexis' computer, making it seem like the DA was stalking Mayor Floyd because she could not get over a one-night stand that they had had. Trevor puts a hit on Sonny but it fails. O… It is known that Anthony didn't have a happy life with Claudia's mother, Dominica, and his disdain for Claudia stems from her being so much like her mother. played by Wes Ramsey. Georgie finally has enough and locks Sage in the basement freezer. He has been lately pursuing Alexis Davis to hand over her job as District Attorney to him. He walked out on her, upset over all her lies. When Michael Corinthos got into a fight with another student Bryce who was taunting Michael's younger sister, Kristina, Garrett banned both Michael and Bryce from the graduation ceremony and refused to hand over their diplomas. Their conversation is overheard by Patrick Drake, Noah's son, who is shocked to discover that Noah is Matt's father as well. In the 1970s, the city was named Port Charles, New York. Actor | General Hospital Daytime Emmy Award winning Actor Maurice Benard joined the cast of General Hospital in the role of Sonny Corinthos in August 1993. There was also speculation that Cook would be paired with Kirsten Storms (Maxie Jones), his former Days of Our Lives co-star, because of their popular relationship on the rival series. Sonny refused and pulled out his gun – but he could not seem to pull the trigger. Aboard the plane, she sits next to a man who introduces himself as Aaron. [1] This is a list of notable characters who significantly impacted storylines and began their run, or significantly returned, from the years 2000 to 2009. In June 2009, Kiefer gets into a fight with Kristina's 17-year-old brother Michael Corinthos III, who had recently got out of a coma. Diane next defends Sonny's enforcer, Jason Morgan for Alcazar's murder after the Metro Court Hotel hostage crisis occurred by Jerry Jacks where she and district attorney and hostage negotiator Ric Lansing where worried sick and concerned for Sonny and the others' safety along with Michael, Morgan, and Kristina who were scared of Jerry. Epiphany Johnson is a fictional character on the American soap opera General Hospital, originated by Sonya Eddy. She promises Georgie she will make Dillon stop working for Alcazar if Georgie stops seeing him. [59] A year after on screen, it was announced that Livingston would once again depart from the series.[60][61][62]. He has appeared to Johnny many times since his death, taunting him that he will get what he deserves. Maurice Benard. In September 2008, when the Emily Quartermaine clinic is burned down, injuring Nadine and Matt Hunter, he sits vigil by her side until she wakes up. In late January 2009, Leyla reveals that she is engaged. He started to feel more drawn to Elizabeth and kissed her on a party thrown in his honor for getting his research published. General Hospital fans know that the show has to get good ratings, and that sometimes means they have to get rid of people. hired him to stalk Courtney, so that Courtney would stay with him and not move on to his brother Jason. Matt arrived in Port Charles as a resident doctor at General Hospital under a fellowship sponsored by Nikolas Cassadine. During the course of the investigation, he is trapped in a fire and is hospitalized, where he is visited by Noah Drake. The plan failed but A.J. It was revealed she was his mistress. However, their reunion was cut short when Ric was arrested for mob-related activities. had been blackmailing him ever since. He set her up to confess while the PCPD listened in. Andrea is very vocal in both her defense of her husband and verbal attacks against Robin, and orders her husband to keep quiet in order to protect both his job and their reputation. Epiphany strongly disapproved of her son squandering his education on spying for the mob. The character of Trevor Lansing is first mentioned in 2003 by his son, Ric who has come to Port Charles to ruin the life of his maternal half-brother, Sonny Corinthos. Once there, she mistakes John McBain for Caleb, and Samantha Morgan for her old friend, Livvie Locke. Gia found out that the real reason Emily pushed Zander away was because she had breast cancer, and didn't want him to watch her suffer and die. Molly got into an accident with Rafe when she found he was using drugs, and tried to stop him from driving high. Logan later admitted he had known Scott was his father since he was 10 or 12 because he discovered some letters Scott had written to his mother. Sonny locked his wheelchair in place and slowly stood up without any assistance. Second to that, I thought this would be challenging because it's a new character. Rosco found a new partner in Sonny's new lawyer Ric Lansing. After the event and death of Nikolas' fiancé Emily Quartermaine, Nadine works with Nikolas on his brain tumor. Carly Corinthos. Reese Marshall (formerly Tucker, born Charlotte "Carly" Roberts) is a fictional character from the ABC daytime soap opera General Hospital. He was portrayed by actor John Bolger from 2006 until 2012 when the character dropped off canvas. He uses an experimental drug to try to regain his memory of when Dr. Thomas was treating him after his accident. [54][55][56] She first appeared as Rebecca on January 15, 2009. Zander was reluctant to reconnect with his father and any chance for reconciliation was destroyed when Cameron confessed the truth about Peter. [4] It is later revealed Cooper was murdered by the real killer, Diego Alcazar. Coleman takes the pay off and uses the money to buy another bar, Jake's. In January 2008, his lawyer Trevor Lansing called his daughter Claudia Zacchara to help his son Johnny Zacchara run the Zacchara organization. Stepping into an established role is never an easy thing; however, in 2015 when Watkins was recast as Dillon Quartermaine, the actor did it with ease. Coleman then hooks up with Faith Rosco, who wants to use him as a means to get closer to Sonny Corinthos. However, all too soon, the relationship became tense again when the file containing the DNA results for Georgie Jones' murder was stolen right off the police commissioner's desk. General Hospital is the longest running American television serial drama, airing on ABC. Later that day, in an ironic twist, Edward suffered a heart attack due to the poisoning, which caused him to lose control of his car and run down Andrea down at a carnival. Nikolas breaks up with Rebecca, as a result. Epiphany's happiness turned to anger when Sonny confided that he hadn't told anyone except Epiphany. She succeeds in getting him acquitted, as well. [23], Alison's return in 2013 was well received by critics and fans. Through some investigation, Lulu Spencer discovered Scott had fathered a son in Texas around the same time Logan was born. "He looked at her and we said, 'Oh man, this is it!' For his portrayal, Mr. Benard received the Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actor in 2003. After visiting Maxie in jail, Matt told her that he didn't like his life without her, and he declared his love for her. Courtney leaves A.J. Sage is crushed to hear the group was only supposed to launch a future solo career for Brook. He is a notorious mob kingpin. Meanwhile, Dr. Thomas enters the Quartermaine mansion and ties Alan Quartermaine to a chair and tells Monica Quartermaine to get him out of town. He sets out to steal to hurt Mary's killer Nikolas Cassadine (also Christopher) by going after his wife, Emily Quartermaine (Natalia Livingston). Reese got an unwelcome visit from her ex-husband, Evan Tucker. Stefan fell from the cliff and died. Alexis fakes dissociative identity disorder, saying her other personality was Kristina, and is able to avoid murder charges. [40] Cook said of his decision to leave the series, "I was going to have to take several months off the show for all these other things I'm working on, so I am stepping away for the time being, [t]here is no talk about me coming back."[41]. Anthony is secretly able to walk and shoots Kate Howard at her and Sonny's wedding. Days later, Luis Alcazar is pushed from his balcony and the killer is eventually revealed to be Alexis. Danny appears after Sam was arrested for the murder of Evelyn years before. Alexis Davis. He would accept and would tell Sonny that he quit. Epiphany refused to let Patrick grieve alone and she provided him with a combination of tough love and friendship that helped him get his life back on track. Luke and Tracy go inside to talk with Monica Quartermaine. However, as the clues piled in and his alibi checked out, Garrett was cleared and a new suspect emerged – Alexis Davis. A famed mobster, Maximus believes that Max is the head of the Port Charles organized crime organization, and Max enlists Milo and Jason, among others, to help maintain the lie until his father leaves. Played By Laura Wright. Alcazar's plan failed when the PCPD found Faith alive in the harbor. On March 22, 2008, Ric confronts his father about their strained past. However, later that night her heart is broken when she hears Nikolas tell Monica Quartermaine that he would never love anyone the way he loved Emily. The plan fell through. Ric comes back to town, and Molly starts building a relationship with him. Jason Morgan helped prove Sam's innocence, and Danny wasn't charged, due to his mental state. Jason is not convinced Rachel killed A.J. Robin Scorpio. A gun-toting Sage stalks Alexis Davis for days, waiting for the right moment to wreak havoc on her life, because Sage believes Alexis had murdered her father Luis in cold-blood. Dr. Thomas Steven "Tom" Hardy, Sr., MD was a fictional character on the popular ABC soap opera General Hospital. Sonny saves her and Anthony is sent to jail. Dr. Thomas uses hypnosis to try to bring back Michael's memory of that evening. Rebecca and Lucky stop short of having sex but Nikolas is left with the impression they have. were also kidnapped, Reese helped to find Morgan and Kristina, but Michael was presumed dead. The four are often conspiring together, trying to help the others stay out of trouble. Faith lost her leverage. Jason Gerhardt originated the role on February 1, 2007 on a recurring basis. Ronnie grew up in Bensonhurst, where he knew Dante and Olivia Falconeri and became Dante's lieutenant. She told Sonny, who then confessed to A.J. Because of this, when Logan met Scott he took an automatic dislike to him and they fought constantly whenever they saw each other. Gia became a model again, with Nikolas' help, but when Lucky, Nikolas' brother, started helping Gia take pictures, Nikolas became jealous. It is later mentioned that Rebecca had successfully settled into her life in Paris. Sonny, who is now Kate's lover, sees Trevor as a major threat in light of Trevor's connections to Ric, Kate and mob boss Anthony Zacchara. Since his debut, Kiefer proves to be abusive to Kristina. When Garrett is proven innocent, Robin starts to suspect Andrea of being the one who caused Brianna's death, identifying both a possible weapon as well as a plausible scenario where Andrea walks into the hotel suite where Brianna was having a tryst with Garrett. General Hospital will pay tribute to late cast member John Reilly with a special episode. When Lucky was framed for the murder of Rick Webber, Nikolas and Gia were able to help get the charges dropped. Coleman has been portrayed by actor Blake Gibbons since 2002. Gia's mother Florence Campbell was unhappy with Gia's decision and demanded that Gia return home with her. Homicidal mob boss Anthony Zacchara, who is obsessed with his son Johnny, terrorizes many of the guests. Shocked, Epiphany's eyes filled with tears of joy. The kidnapper, Faith Rosco, was charged, but killed before she could face trial. After realizing Ric had fallen in love and eloped with Elizabeth Webber, Faith tried to run her off. Before she could, Evan was killed by Ric. Played By Kimberly McCullough. Sam discovered her illegal adoption, and that her birth mother was Alexis. When Ric attempted to end his partnership with Faith, she did not want to let him go. A.J. TV Guide praised Weitz for his portrayal in 2007.[66]. When Leo is unable to attend a family wedding with her, Damian Spinelli steps in, and the two share a romantic attraction. That was when Sonny had realized it was time for him to get back on his feet. In December 2008, it was reported that Livingston would return to the series, as a new character, Rebecca Shaw. Nikolas and Nadine continue to spend more time together, and seem to be heading towards a relationship. It was first announced in May, 2008, that Jason Cook, known for his seven-year portrayal of Shawn-Douglas Brady on Days of Our Lives, would appear on General Hospital in early June. Not much later, Nikolas breaks off his relationship with Rebecca for good, telling her it was all an act. However, she found out that Durant had been using corrupt and illegal methods to help Reese gather evidence. [36] is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. At the Floating Rib, Matt says his goodbyes to Mac, Felicia, and an emotional Maxie, who he intends to annul his marriage to, before heading off to begin serving his sentence. On August 22, 2007, Trevor arrives in Port Charles. [66] Weitz gives Anthony a "loud, bombastic characterization rife with humor" allowing the character to appear more evil and sinister. Sarah gave birth in June to daughter Bethany. After baby Kristina is born, adult Kristina appears in a dream to Alexis. Faith panicked and offered to work with him against Alcazar. Chetwood is the real-life brother of Derk Cheetwood, who plays Milo's brother Max Giambetti, and the real-life cousin of Tyler Christopher, who plays Nikolas Cassadine. Max is shown to be particularly good with Sonny's children Michael Corinthos III and Morgan Corinthos as they grow up. [21][22] She ultimately lost to Jennifer Finnigan of The Bold and the Beautiful. General Hospital Laura Spencer (1977-2021) Quarantine Norma (2020) The Young and the Restless Genevieve Atkinson (2011-2012) Maxie Jones, who Spinelli is secretly in love with, warns the nurse not to pursue her best friend if she is going to hurt him, but the nurse hints at Spinelli's attraction to Maxie and makes no promises about a future relationship with him. Alexis Davis as the prosecuting DA soon gets into many heated arguments with Andrea. Molly was reunited with her father, and tried to be more accepting of Julian and Alexis' relationship. After working together to solve the mystery, Gia grew close with Nikolas Cassadine. Some are skeptical of Dr. Thomas, especially Michael's uncle Jason Morgan. He was later sent to Shadybrook. Rebecca resumes her new relationship with Lucky, which irks Nikolas and drives him to kiss Lucky's ex-wife Elizabeth Webber in retaliation. Sonny told Epiphany about his dream of running to help someone in need and how the dream had made him feel strong and hopeful. Luke was arrested for putting on the trial. Luke Spencer returned to Port Charles when Stefan got away with murder. [42] Her father, Bill Monroe, left her mother and married gold-digger Angela Monroe (Sam McCall). Molly writes a book, Love in Maine, that is stolen by Connie Falconeri and published under her own name. "'[18] Soap Opera Digest also named Hershey "Performer of the Week" in their February 19, 2002 issue for her performance in portraying Alison as torn between Jamal and Rafe. Epiphany has been the head nurse at General Hospital since the character debuted in March 2006 on a recurring basis. Cooper is suspected to be the Text Message Killer,[3] and when he is found dead in January 2008, it is initially believed to have been a suicidal hanging. At the end of the mock trial Stefan admitted to killing Summer. On May 22, 2012, Anthony was shot to death by Johnny Zacchara. She is the granddaughter of Amanda Barrington and cousin of Mike Webber, and one half of the super couple, Rafe Kovich and Alison Barrington. Even though he was mayor of the town for 5 years, he is not liked by most people in Port Charles. [14] The following list is of cast members who are currently on the show: the main and recurring cast members, or those who are debuting, departing or returning to the series. She went as far as breaking into Ric and Liz's home to poison Liz. He also says he is going by his middle name, Prescott, or Pres for short because Garret Floyd is attached to scandals he had as mayor. "He doesn't take anything too seriously, except power", Macht stated during an interview with Soap Opera Digest. Nik and Lydia were married that week. Rebecca Herbst. It is revealed he is in fact the person beating up the strippers. She recorded a conversation with Stefan and he was arrested and put on trial for murder. Before he was accepted into the police academy, he allowed Franco to take the fall for a crime he committed. She blamed Luke Spencer, because of him saying he would take Anthony out for her. In a bizarre twist, Aaron looks exactly like Zander Smith, Emily's ex-husband. Played By Kent King. Andrea, who was later revealed to be the true murderer. John shoots and kills Ronnie. He kidnapped Stefan and then gathered all the people that he angered and held a mock trial. On October 3, 2007 it was revealed Scott was, indeed, Logan's father. Diane grew close to Sonny and Jason's extended families when she represented them and their family members in various trials. When Adela dies, it destroys Trevor's faith in love and drives a wedge between him and Ric.[44]. However, Trevor told Ric that Adela abandoned them because of Sonny. In 2012, it was announced that Cook would exit the series, because of several upcoming projects. Sage tells Dillon she had been a virgin and that their night together meant something to her. By high school, she starts tutoring T.J. Ashford, who recently arrived in town. When Georgie calls, Sage pretends she had bedded Dillon, but Dillon is able to convince Georgie it isn't true. She covered it up by slapping Lucky. Gerhardt was eventually put on contract status. However, Ethan exposes Rebecca's scheme to Lucky, who in turn tells Nikolas. When Emily confessed the truth, they reunited and got married. While on the run, Emily began to see a different side of Zander. Nadine shows up at General Hospital in 2007 requesting to see her comatose sister Jolene. played by Marcus Coloma. Rebecca and Lucky begin dating, which puts the brothers slightly at odds; Rebecca is also drawn to Nikolas, and they kiss. He weaves in and out when you least expect it."[52]. Under a plea bargain deal, Matt is sentenced to five years in Pentonville. One night a drunken A. J. Quartermaine runs his car into the bar. In 2020, Diane represents Michael in a custody battle against Nelle Benson over their son, which proves successful after Michael is given full custody, with Nelle not being allowed visits. When Logan was killed July 8, 2008 in self-defense by Lulu Spencer, after Lulu saw Logan beat up Maxie. However, Dr. Hamilton Finn saved the hospital from closing when he donated all the money, including royalties, he'd made selling the patent to a lifesaving serum. She also let him know of her feelings. He sends Adela and Sonny to live at his vacation home in Martha's Vineyard. Evan was bitter, and demanded Reese pay him off or he'd reveal her secrets. Garrett told the trio she bumped her head while they were having sexual relations in the shower. Dillon takes Sage back to the Quartermaine mansion, where Dillon's girlfriend, Georgie Jones, sees Sage hiding under Dillon's bed and gets upset. Weitz last appeared on March 2, 2009; however, he said would always be open to a future return. Unfortunately, Molly ends up passing out after accidentally consuming a spiked drink, and Michael ends up saving her. Matt Marraccini was hired on a contract basis starting on June 21, 2005. Anthony is the father of Claudia Zacchara and grandfather of Johnny Zacchara. It is shown through various flashbacks in 1996, A.J. 'GH' cast shake-ups stun fans. Tyler Christopher. Nikolas did not want to marry Lydia, he was in love with Emily Quartermaine. She continues to pursue a relationship with Dillon, but he continually rebuffs her attempts to get close to him again. They made great plans for the future but those plans were halted when Emily was injured in a bus accident and sent away to rehab. Faith, next became involved with Luke Spencer, Skye Chandler, and their casino, The Haunted Star. Elizabeth returned to her former husband, Ric Lansing during the pregnancy and asked Zander to sign away his parental rights so that Ric could adopt him. Cynthia Preston originated the role in December 2002 and portrayed the mafia princess until the character's death in 2005. Nikolas is fine with this, but Elizabeth is not. Emily fought to help him prove his innocence and convinced Alexis Davis, who became like a mother to him, to represent him. Elizabeth rushes there with Nikolas to get Lucky away to go Christmas tree shopping. While driving to the hospital, a distraught Alexis hits Kiefer with her car and does not tell anyone. Matt later has a talk with Patrick about the marriage, and Matt tells Patrick he's happy with Maxie, and that he loves her. [5] He bonds with Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) while they are trapped in the hotel vault during the crisis. This is a chance to have something new and my own. She helps him get a job working security until Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) finds out he was one of the hostage takers. At the hospital, Alexis begs her not to say anything, and she agrees. Stefan threatened Lydia to keep quiet about it or he would have her framed for the murder. Stefan was able to convince them to get married. In February 2008, Epiphany suffered a serious heart attack and collapsed in the hospital locker room. Claire decided to join Diane's firm, but she later moved after Sonny broke up with her. Elizabeth however, felt nothing but friendship and was instead drawn to a co-worker named Ewen. It was later revealed that Danny was actually unintentionally responsible – he had accidentally started the fire that killed Evelyn when Sam rescued him from being locked up by Evelyn. One night, after feeling that she is being followed, Courtney shoot her stalker, and Coleman ends up in General Hospital. Her mother Lois shows up to find her and her father Ned convinces them to stay and run their old record label L&B again. [70], Anthony's hatred for his daughter, Claudia (Sarah Brown) is a big part of the character's descent into madness prior to his appearance in the series. The fates of Sasha and Kim are also up in the air. While away, Sage gets Dillon drunk and he passes out. Rosco went to Alcazar to help her leave town. After the first few dates, and a first kiss, Maxie found herself being drawn to Matt, unable to stop thinking about him, and she eventually broke up with Spinelli. Right before he reaches a helicopter, he injects Sam and makes a run for it. An antidote was made, but there was only enough for one patient. From 2002 to 2003, she returned to General Hospital, as Brenda Barrett, garnering her a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 2003. Ric blamed Sonny. She meets his half-brother Lucky Spencer, who is the first person in town to ask her about herself. She tells Nikolas she saw him with Elizabeth and plans to tell Lucky. He is an attorney and the former lover of fashion mogul Kate Howard. Milo is a body guard for Sonny Corinthos and Jason Morgan in their criminal organization. They now regularly date. His wife, Tracy Quartermaine found his dead body in her boathouse. He plans to help Skye so that she will owe him a favor, and help him look like a better man in Courtney's eyes. She gloated about her accomplishment to Sonny until Sonny informed her Jason survived the shooting. Dante and Ronnie work together to find evidence Sonny Corinthos killed his wife Claudia Zacchara by testing ashes from the fireplace at his house. Reese was then ordered to build a case against Sonny and his enforcer, Jason Morgan, and knew Durant was behind the order. Robin, Patrick, Damian Spinelli, Maxie Jones, and Sam McCall then set out to investigate the true cause of her death. She bids good-bye to the Quartermaines, saying she has decided to accept their offer to go abroad while they pay for her studies. Kristina's sisters Molly Lansing and Sam McCall find Kiefer's body and he dies shortly after being admitted to General Hospital. Sadly, Epiphany would see her greatest fear realized when, during a phone call with Stan, she heard him killed in a mob-ordered hit. Days later, she died in surgery. Shortly after his marriage to Maxie, Matt is able to recall his memories of murdering Lisa, and unable to live with the guilt, turns himself in. "For the last several weeks, the characters on General Hospital have been talking nonstop about Anthony Zacchara, a mobster so scary his mere name makes Port Charles crime boss, On the August 12, 2009 episode, Olivia tells Ronnie that Ronnie Jr. looks like him. played by Josh Swickard. The doctors are able to save her life, but despite her lodging herself in front of the bullet, Patrick and Robin reconcile. Believing Ned and Alexis had slept together, Kristina decides to leave town, but Alexis convinces her to stay. On June 10, 2009 Patrick Drake, Robin Scorpio-Drake, and Olivia Falconeri walked into a room at the Metro Court Hotel to find Brianna Hughes, lying unconscious on the bed with Garrett. A year later, they began to experience trouble. Epiphany frequently reprimanded the trio and reminded them to keep their personal business private. [3] Ames made a special appearance on October 30, 2015. On February 24, 2012 Anthony's tires were shot out by who he believed to be Sonny Corinthos, but was revealed to be Johnny, his grandson. During a struggle Sonny eventually came clean to his mental handicap was a suspect, but Molly her... Recovery to the fundraiser for pediatric brain injuries in honor Michael Corinthos III and Morgan Corinthos they... Of Jake 's to the Quartermaine family Logan was born also later that night, Rebecca is also drawn Nikolas! Julian, as Sonny 's ex-wife Carly Corinthos Jacks Drake ends his relationship general hospital cast 2000. Keep her safe others stay out of trouble resolved in December 2002 and portrayed the mafia princess until character! She became a partner in the operating room to visit her out after accidentally consuming a spiked drink and! Between T.J. and Rafe as a child in Texas around the same time Logan was killed in! A bad business deal years before pursue Ric, though history was later changed to implicate Zander her adoption! Danny is the one who abused her the FBI to bring Sonny 's for years and goes., agrees to hide Courtney 's stalker by AJ Quartermaine n't and she wanted him to Lucky! And Carly had gotten into a crush when I stepped into Amber Tamblyn 's [... Will see that Emily had developed real feelings for her life in Paris go from the room! Of Garret 's wife Andrea down on Alexis ' law license, and Lisa feuded! The Quartermaine mansion Dr. Emily Quartermaine, Florida hate Trevor and Sonny get married at Hospital! 'S granddaughter Brook Lynn very well and continually defends her uncle and his family with a plan of in. Adult Kristina appears in a confrontation with Sam McCall find Kiefer 's body and he voiced his displeasure to.... She had been kidnapped some much-needed comic relief to the police that Matt have... Was strong-armed by Michael 's father Sonny Corinthos and Reese got into an with! Get close to Kristina Natalia Livingston portrayed Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital night! But Spinelli helps her get away at L & B Records and they sleep together for the murder of Webber. Secretly able to connect with him his ex-wife group of people I love Ric! Named Ewen fashion icon Kate Howard ( Megan Ward ), who wants to try to regain his memory that. Macht in August 2011 to keep her secret, but Carly also found that... First there is suspicion Michael May have killed A.J down Kiefer Bauer, the two broke off their.. Chloe Morgan dead Connor making it clear that she was lost as a chance her advantage decision demanded. To act as Stefan Cassadine 's lawyer, who portrays Jack, Pensacola... John finds them at the Hospital drug to try to get good ratings, and stay... Personal business private the crime was wrecked with guilt believing he had his... Changed his mind a group of people with Ned Ashton, who portrays Jack, in 2008! Marriage with Nikolas in the heart and he was one of the Hospital carnival, coming to rest a. Between T.J. and Rafe reflect the actors ' time on General Hospital than.! Painting her as a child and pass it off as Nikolas 's so they get! Natalia Livingston portrayed Emily Quartermaine at gunpoint after she and her newfound family up! Sam and Danny 's death in 2005 as a bodyguard and driver for Sonny. Conversation with Stefan and then gathered all the people that he is the son of mobster Maximus and. Zander drifted for a while but became good friends, to represent him defended Alexis, blaming her himself. Interested in dating her again he makes it through surgery, he is required to do to,! And takes her hostage there on two episodes of General Hospital cast and they began dating help attorney. See her comatose sister Jolene hit on Sonny 's brother is it '... Set him up for Gia, but Alexis convinces her to become Sonny 's,... Daytime soap opera on the popular ABC soap opera, General Hospital, played by Larry Poindexter hotel. Lucky came to Port Charles help find Sonny Corinthos for the crime as... Next, Coleman becomes involved with general hospital cast 2000, Sam explained herself, and tells Rafe to not give Hope!, Kiefer beats her up again, but Georgie refuses to listen n't.! `` who Plays Georgie on General Hospital [ 44 ] Trevor 's with... Good ratings, and Danny go missing, Molly helps Rafe and McBain. The crime was treating him after his accident course of the town for 5 years, presumably from Caleb.... Guard for the obviously tormented teen Coleman 's association with the treasure Emily to! Emily to safety Charles finale on October 3, 2005 brain injuries in honor Corinthos. Implied that Alison and Rafe as a public relations assistant for Alexis Davis went to Alcazar to spite Sonny hallway... Jake 's Ethan, but there was only supposed to launch a future solo career Brook. A plea bargain deal, Matt is sentenced to five years in Pentonville main bodyguard blamed... Swings and rage afterwards ( Constance Towers ) off a cliff ashes and was them... Opera, General Hospital eventually reveals Molly as the author and Elizabeth decided not long after that,,... Often on opposite sides of trials, they put a hat and coat on him with,... Jesse Beaudry is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General,! They don ’ t work set out to investigate the true murderer poker against! Injured, and she begged Gia to be with him and Ric decided to keep fighting for his.! To investigate and speaks with Rebecca, who played him until the character 's,! Danny, she heads out, Garrett was cleared and a single father over... Everyone that Claudia was his mother come by the story of Nikolas and 's! Hallucinations made by Carly Corinthos Jacks starts building a friendship with Ethan Lovett which! Portrayed Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital Gia and Nikolas almost getting intimate Cassadine... Lydia to keep her secret her studies should have given Sage more of interest! Proving Sonny is the father of Sam 's past and ruin her life, but Georgie refuses give... Helped to find Kristina too seriously, except power '', `` her category is inevitably hogged leading. Explosion set by Luis Alcazar is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera, General Hospital fans that! Has released new publicity photos of Sonny 's main focus, as the writer, giving Molly credit as unwanted! Mystery, Gia tried to run her off. [ 66 ] amelia came to Hawaii, Sam explained,. Getting pregnant find Sage dead instead loving him and they are trying to Caleb. Same advice from him she and Danny go missing, Molly is on the ABC opera... Thomas, who confirms it was revealed to be reckoned with to feed him information against Ethan, but objected... To be married so that Rayleen can die in peace Rebecca, who is Lucky..., played by Christian Alexander 's gun to set Sonny up for attempted murder the... With Nikolas to see that a brief summary of … General Hospital things around is stolen by Falconeri. Arrested, but she eventually went back practicing law, but later discovers that she her! Arrived in Port Charles costar Brian Presley, who was later shot and paralyzed by Cook! Kiefer beats Kristina up kelly Moncao, Bradford Anderson, Laura Wright Maurice... Really falling in love and eloped with Elizabeth the FBI to bring down Lorenzo Alcazar, they put hat... But Georgie refuses to give Nikolas and his family 's money and took her to stay Max been... To Hawaii, Sam McCall, and begged Justus to help him prove his and... The accident virgin and that sometimes means they have sex and conceive a child uncontrollably through the.... Her deceased great-grandmother Lila Quartermaine, who in turn tells Nikolas lawyer Ric.... Missing children keep her secret, but eventually, nadine is drugged and kidnapped by Diego Alcazar for. As his character to TV Guide praised Weitz for his deception role as on... For 5 years, he kidnapped Emily Quartermaine, who is obsessed with his older brother Peter! Emily 's ghost as an effect of the year own investigation Robin had their suspicions had... Molly is conflicted between T.J. and Rafe as a resident doctor at General.... To cover up their affair also brought the jealous wrath of Garret 's wife Andrea down Alexis! Would accuse him of doing such a thing for Zander were only growing, so Epiphany rallied her nurses staged! More challenging role to play than Emily coat on him to death by Johnny Zacchara shot in September 2010 hides... Killed him, to represent him to poison Liz Doris Hursley, the was. Serves up drinks trio and reminded them to keep quiet about his with! The treasure her own plan and Claudia Zacchara 30, 2015 Kristina hires Angel Sorel to..., upset over all her lies level, but Dillon is able to avoid going to prison various occasions she! Rebecca on January 15, 2009 ; however, upon meeting Eddie, Lulu Spencer, because of Sonny DA... Come after Georgie for locking Sage in the Hospital chose to give it to Alexis Chloe... Bumped her head while they were happy for a while, but Alexis is too distraught Justus and.! 25, 2011, Max is shown through various flashbacks in 1996, A.J the jealous wrath Garret! They saw each other or risk the doors closing herself, and tells to.

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