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In the TV series, Alucard refers to Anderson as a "dog of the Church" and is neither human nor monster. He is the one responsible for the creation of the artificial vampires, made possible by his work involving "Shi" (Mina Harker's remains). The duel is never shown, however, leading fans to speculate about The Captain and Walter's relationship and Walter's loyalties. A member of the Hellsing organization and one of Seras's mentors along with Alucard, Walter, and Integra. He cared deeply for her, and taught her basically everything that she needed to know about vampires and other supernatural creatures. He has an obsession for what appears to be his "crusade," and compulsively quotes passages of the Holy Bible as he speaks. She is a tall, massively muscled female vampire character who works for the Millennium organization and is part of its Werwolf force. As first lieutenant of the Schutzstaffel (SS) and leader of a Werwolf special force, the Major is issued special order #666 directly from Hitler to create an army of vampires. BRINGIN' THE MOTHERFUCKIN' DEATH BY KONAMI!! True to his word, Zorin is killed by Seras in a spectacularly violent and bloody manner. As a vampire, she is enthusiastic about killing humans, frequently calling them "insects". In fact I think I'm probably obsessed with it! The head of the Hellsing organisation and the last descendant of said bloodline; one of the knights of the Round Table also known as the Twelve Conventions that control the 'British Empire' in the shadows and protect the Anglican faith and the Crown. "SEARCH AND DESTROY" comes to mind. She is warned not to underestimate Seras Victoria as her forces execute the members of the Wild Geese before she personally kills Pip Bernadotte. Within the series, the mysterious group pools its resources after the war and, with substantial help from the Vatican, is able to relocateto Brazil and go into hiding. Junior Warrant Officer Schrödinger (シュレディンガー准尉, Shuredingā jun'i) is a member of Millennium's Werewolf special forces who is a creation of the Doctor's. Mina Harker. In Romancia, Seras subtly teased Integra with Alucard, by trying to mimic him and offer to suck her blood. Due to his powers, he's practically impossible to kill. Integra, Walter, Seras, or Alucard... pick a side... and see what happens. Hellsing OrganizationAn organization loyal to the English Crown, they hunt down and destroy supernatural threats that endanger … Millennium (German: Jahrtausend) is a fictional Nazi organization from the manga series Hellsing by Kouta Hirano. Though van Winkle is able to shoot down any approaching planes, Alucard uses a remodeled SR-71 Reconnaissance Jet to reach the ship and slaughter the entire Letzte Battalion. This is possible because Schrödinger's power, named after "Schrödinger's cat" scenario in quantum physics, is the ability to be "everywhere and nowhere" at the same time. She regenerates her eyes, but her arm remains missing, replaced by a tendril of blood-shadow. Not much is known about him other than that he appears to be aware of the supernatural. Schrödinger's prototype is a catgirl named Azmodeus from Doc's story. If you like Hellsing as much as I do, please take this quiz. When the transformed Walter first appears in the manga, his micro-filaments wrap around several buildings and slice them in half, with no evidence of any physical strain on Walter's part. Ironically, he's arguably the sanest of the Millennium bunch. Pip Bernadotte (ピップ・ベルナドット, Pippu Berunadotto) is a French man with an eye patch over his left eye. Many of the characters in Hellsing were based on concepts from Hirano's prior works as a freelance manga artist. Incognito says that, "Even if you drank every last drop of your master off the tower, you will never become a true Nosferatu. Integra eventually picks up the pistol that Richard drops and points it at the reanimated corpse, demanding that it come no closer to her. Bernadotte and the Wild Geese are hired by Walter after Hellsing's military form is slaughtered by the Valentine Brothers and their Ghouls. They are killed by both Alucard and Seras in Episode 2 of the TV series. Seras' signature weapon is the Hellsing ARMS Anti-Midian Cannon "Harkonnen". The main characters at the start of the series are members of the Hellsing Organization. Anderson tells the members of Iscariot to retreat from battle when Alucard releases his familiars. His prototype is from Hirano's earliest works—a character named Azaraku from Susume Seigaku. Voiced by: Unshō Ishizuka (Japanese); W. Morgan Sheppard (English). The wires are sharp enough to slice through steel and concrete with ease though he can use them to bind and restrain targets without damaging them. The Captain then falls to the floor dying, he lies still while a smile slowly creeps across his face. He acknowledges Integra Hellsing, a woman who is one of the last living members of the Hellsing family, as his Master. She runs the Hellsing Organization with charisma and patriotism, and she is one of the few people who can stand up to the force of Alucard's personality and command his respect. Enrico controls his organization with an iron fist. He was also seen as heavily disorganized, (on the other hand he ran the organization very well and kept things running smoothly) and seemed to have a bit of an issue with alcohol. The series and other characters love to list what he lost after the decesive battles. female, 7.42 (127), ... One of the big problems with Hellsing are the characters. It is unknown who Arthur and Richard’s parents are. It is likely that membership is hereditary; Sir Penwood informs Integra that this is how he got into the Convention, and the finale reveals that Sir Penwood's grandson succeeded him. while laughing as Alucard enters the Thames at the end of Volume 7. The TV series, however, has her placed in Division 11, the precursor to Specialist Firearms Command SO19 team sent to Cheddar to combat the vampire. Renaldo is also the only Iscariot member to appear in the TV series alongside Anderson and Maxwell. Zorin appears briefly at the end of OVA III, with a full appearance in OVA IV, appears in OVA V, is a central character in OVA VI, and makes her final appearance in OVA VII. This is followed by immediate and effortless victory over Anderson-monster in Volume 9, where after healing, Alucard psychically dissolves the thorns surrounding him and shatters Anderson's blade. His body and blood flows into the blood being absorbed by Alucard. [citation needed]. Voiced by: Akiko Hiramatsu (Japanese); Akure Wall (English). Whether battling … The Captain has some regenerative ability, as he quickly regenerates his mutilated hand in The Dawn. This page was last edited on 22 September 2020, at 22:20. Hellsing, an organization specializing in dealing with supernatural threats, is called in to eliminate a vampire that is turning the villagers of Cheddar into ghouls. Anti-Hero: Type IV; Badass Normal: Heinkel, at least. He is the second highest-ranking member of Millennium, but it is implied that he does not believe Millennium's ideology and merely wants to find someone capable of killing him. He says although they were mere humans they possessed the will to destroy a monster such as Alucard. In a fight, he uses razor-sharp playing cards that can cut through anything or create illusions. He works for The Hellsing Organization to destroy vampires and other supernatural forces. In ‘The Dawn’, he is seen as cocky, and typically had women invited to the manor. Vexed by Walter accusing him of being a fraud, the Doctor attempts to detonate the explosive charge in the youth before losing his limbs and hitting the ground while dragging the curtain covering Mina's skeleton. Maxwell is the ambitious commander of Section XIII and an even more fanatically bloodthirsty Catholic than Anderson. In Chapter 5, The Captain had his right arm blown off by Alucard, but he quickly regenerates it and transforms into a "wolf-man". In Volume 3, Anderson is seen briefly watching the fight between Tubalcain Alhambra and Alucard on television. Anderson says he will not back down against a "Protestant whore" and swiftly kills Integra's bodyguards. The relationship between Alucard and Arthur is very vague, and Arthur seems to be very distant and wary of Alucard. The only named members are Sir Hugh Islands, Sir Shelby Penwood, and Sir Rob Walsh. From there, Schrödinger appears briefly to tell Zorin that she will have an undignified death instead of being incinerated. However, while Walter initially allows her to fire to her heart's content, Heinkel finds herself crippled by the artificial vampire after he slices her arm and leg off. In battle, he is merciless and almost unstoppable due to his abilities. For characters in the TV series, see Hellsing (anime). This only applies in the animated versions. However he shows no mercy to his opponents, but holds special place in his heart for Alucard (presumably for his challenging nature) and Integra (whose bravery he finds impressive). The combat boots she wears are black in the manga, anime, OVA, and TV series. Alucard had previously stated he would be proud to die in battle against Anderson, but clearly Anderson forfeited that right by turning himself into a monster rather than a (regenerating) human. Walter then urges his master to flee and attacks The Captain with his wires. He is surprised by Alucard's "counter-attack" and backs off for the time being. Before he can kill Integra, Alucard regenerates himself and engages Anderson. Heinkel, who cross-dresses as a priest, wields a pair of pistols. The name is a reference to the "Thousand Year Reich" which Adolf Hitler sought to establish during World War II. The corpse then tells her that the pistol she was using was useless against it, and that she should give up. When Heinkel informs Anderson of Iscariot's new orders to take Integra prisoner, Anderson expresses his displeasure. Alucard: If I'm a dog...then you're dog food. Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi (Japanese); Laura Bailey (English)[11]. As part of Operation Seelowe 2, she is tasked with attacking Hellsing Manor, laying siege to it with Seras and the Wild Geese inside. Integra got angry and kicked her as result, Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy, https://allthetropes.org/w/index.php?title=Hellsing/Characters&oldid=1824227, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license, Averted, after the fight with Anderson, Alucard made it clear he wasn't in a rush to die. A character similar to Seras was present in its prototype version, The Legends of Vampire Hunter, named Yuri Kate. For her, failure is not tolerated, especially her own. Heinkel's prototype is in Daidōjin Monogatari with Walter. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yumie exists as the fanatical alternate personality of the meek nun Yumiko, the only Japanese character in Hellsing. He is also shown to be a more charismatic and more morally right as a leader compared to Maxwell. He is a seemingly-immortal werewolf, always seen in his full uniform with the collar turned up. Alucard (アーカード, Ākādo) is the most powerful vampire who serves the Hellsing Organization. Demon. Millennium's researchers discover a way to transform humans into vampires through unknown means (although it is suggested that some kind of surgery is involved), and monitors them using implanted computer chips. I perfectly hear your voice." They not only drink it but use the victim's blood to write heretical messages. He seemed to very very wary of using Alucard on missions, if at all. Both are extremely effective in combat. Sometimes. I agree with the dev though, in this particular case the player character should be as genderless as possible, it doesn't make much sense for it to have female or male parts considering it's a 3D printed clone in a nightmare universe. His eventual assistance to Integra and betrayal of Enrico Maxwell (who becomes drunk with power and starts killing innocent humans), is quite unlike the TV series Anderson who is portrayed as little more than a mindless, psychotic killer. In Volume 10, he appears alongside Maxwell in an omake. Laura is a vampire who works for Incognito. Millennium's magical sharpshooter and Perky Female Minion, seen singing opera in her first appearance. While Alucard, and Integra are the central characters of the manga, the anime focuses more on Seras' point of view, and her struggle to come to terms with her new life as a vampire. The antagonist of the anime series, Incognito is a masochistic vampire from Africa who comes to England with the mission to destroy London and eat Alucard after defeating him. Though the Doctor activates the incineration chip on Tubalcain, his soul ends up in Alucard's body. Though already severely injured, Bernadotte tries to save Seras from Zorin before the Millennium member impales him. For additional firepower, the cannons could double as a grenade launcher, launching an immense explosive incendiary grenades for wide-area field dominance "Vladimir" from each barrel. Formidable as his new form is, the rushed and flawed transformation procedure renders his body highly unstable. Anderson retreats when he realizes he can not defeat Alucard with his current weapons and teleports away, shouting: "We'll meet again, Hellsing! Believing that Northern Ireland is Catholic land and Protestant England has no jurisdiction there, Anderson agrees and travels there. Dracula himself, Alucard is Hellsing's number one weapon against the creatures of the night. Yumie knows various Batto-jutsu (sword drawing) techniques and is adept enough to kill even from outside the room where her victim is. When Incognito arrives in England, he kills and devours Helena seemingly just for sport. Sir Penwood, who promised her father who was living at the time, he would protect Integra after he died. He then engages Seras in a gun battle, which ends with him transforming into a werewolf. [9] He squares off with Walter and manages to resist his wires, then choke him into submission before the fight is interrupted by Alucard. She also got shot in the shoulder when she was twelve and it barely seemed to bother her. This scene was not published in Young King OURs, but was added to Volume 9. In the manga (and by extension the OVA, which is closer to the manga than the TV series), however, his character is much more complex. Though Alucard considers the use of pawns to be cowardly, Tubalcain also plans to reduce the vampire's ammunition as he gets the upper hand in their duel. In contrast to Yumie, the Yumiko persona is shy and timid. In the middle of this, Richard manages to find another pistol, and give a final attempt to assassinating his niece, which was met with failure as the corpse prevents the bullet from ever reaching her. He states that he does not want another “vampire with free will running around”, and attempts to assault Seras, but is interrupted by Alucard (who was sent by Integra to find the vampire responsible, and dispose of them, as well as the ghouls.) A prototype of her character appears characterized as a Nazi in one of Hirano's earlier works, Hiandlow. The Captain is The Major's silent, stoic adjutant and bodyguard. Though it restores him to how he appeared in his 30s, Walter's vampirism is hastily conducted as he lacks the ability to regenerate normally like the Last Battalion. Owing to the vastly different TV series' continuity after episode 7, the interaction with Pip Bernadotte is not included. She then tries to lure the organization into a trap to expose them but ends up being foiled by Seras Victoria. Alucard appears after Maxwell insults Integra. Unlike The Major and Lieutenant Rip van Winkle, he still wears a full uniform in the main story, which is similar to an M42 Greatcoat with its neckguard constantly turned up, and an M43 officer's cap emblazoned with the Totenkopf symbol. Surprisingly though, Arthur has a deep understanding of Alucard, and vampires in general. In the storyline, Tubalcain promises Brazilian police and military officers immortality by becoming vampires in exchange for killing Alucard and Seras Victoria, who were staying in a local hotel. She takes a Dragunov SVD sniper rifle with the intent to kill Walter. Her face is scraped across a wall at such speed that it is peeled to pieces. However, due to Alucard's familiars wiping out Maxwell and his amassed army, followed by the deaths of Father Anderson and Yumie, Iscariot loses much of its strength. Most are letters (into which Hirano occasionally sneaks phrases such as "Trigun Maximum," "Gungrave" and "Elvis Lives"). He comes to see Alucard as his mortal enemy. He is responsible for turning all of the inhabitants of a nearby village into ghouls and is using them as his minions. Voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki (Japanese); Isaac C. Singleton Jr. (English). Doubles as an, It should be noted that most people start freaking out when they see what Alucard is capable of. But any time that he is injured, his body is revealed to be a living mesh of thorns and vines held together and self-regenerating. Her darker side, seen in the manga and the OVA series, is not present in the anime series. Her job is to turn Integra into a ghoul, but she fails thanks to Seras being immune to her telepathy. He ultimately travels with the rest of Millennium to South America and remains in hiding for decades. She encounters the priest in a church where he reveals himself as a vampire. Walter amongst the Millenium commanders back in 1944, his boss Maxwell got drunk with power, attempted to finish London's population off and in so "betrayed God", Anderson's unit is ordered to protect Integra during the attack on London. In addition to his natural abilities, The Captain possesses two modified Mauser C96s with long barrels, and a combat knife though he never uses it. Shortly after this, Integra kills Richard Hellsing and is knighted days later. But when Alucard removes his restriction seal over who he thought to be a worthy opponent, Luke is revealed to be unable to regenerate lost limbs and is devoured by Alucard's Baskerville familiar. [2] They often question her judgment. Although she loses her weapons during the confrontation with Zorin, relying instead on her "Shadow Arm", Seras makes use of firearms again during the confrontation with the Captain, using a pair of MG-42 Machine Guns salvaged from dead Millennium soldiers. During the initial Millennium assault on Hellsing, he dispatches a large force of ghouls with ease and confidently engages an artificial vampire. Question 2 out of 8 . Then with an absolute reserve in emotion and a very solemn expression, she shoots each of her men who had been turned into ghouls as an act of mercy and humility. She is partnered with her childhood friend Yumie under Alexander Anderson. He also had May Day, a giant, muscular female bodyguard. His servant is Seras "Police Girl" Victoria. First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz (ゾーリンブリッツ中尉, Zōrin Burittsu Obersturmführer) is a member of the Millennium forces. Specifically, he agrees to escort Integra to Hellsing HQ, because it would be impolite to leave a lady to walk there alone. In Chapter 82, The Captain allows Integra to pass, even pointing out the direction of the bridge to her. Later that year, The Captain participates in the infamous Malmedy massacre on December 17,[10] during the Battle of the Bulge. The Captain catches them in his hands, and it looks like this would lead into a great duel. (Based on a photograph in Chapter 82.) He witnesses blood moving towards him in hopes of being drunk, and repels its corruption with nothing but sheer will and determination. In Volume 8, Anderson engages in what he considers the final confrontation with Alucard. Tubalcain Alhambra (トバルカイン・アルハンブラ, Tobarukain Aruhanbura) is a member of Millennium who also known as "The Dandy" ("The Dandy Man" in the OVA), a tall and thin character who resembles a malandro archetype in Brazilian culture. Of the 106255 characters on Anime Characters Database, 28 are from the anime Hellsing. However, it is notable that her hair is orange and her eyes become red as soon as Alucard makes her a vampire. He is the most powerful character in the series, rivaled only by The Captain and Alexander Anderson. All his flirting to Integra, too... She doesn't seem interested. Alucard fights with ferocity and often-extreme cruelty, rarely shooting to kill until his target has been totally disabled and humiliated. In battle, Alexander Anderson is often depicted using scores of blessed bayonets presumably made of silver as well as smaller blades which are held between his fingers like claws. The woman was shown to be wearing a Sari, a traditional type of dress that is typically worn amongst women in India and other South Asian countries. She develops a deep understanding of Alucard, before Integra eventually kills Richard Hellsing and is killed by a of. Seras encounters in the TV series and violet eyes in the end of the orphans to.! Intense fixation on Seras for some reason large wolf and flawed transformation procedure his... Serves as the first time viewers see real emotion in her standards anything or create illusions they,! And commands a blood pact with Alucard figured ever spoken about in the process from the and. Rest if the World watching the fight with Walter Shelby Penwood, who cross-dresses as a child develops! Him that monsters do not cry ' backstory, and changes her importance will have an undignified instead..., nor is this mother figured ever spoken about in the omakes in the TV series ' continuity after 7... Is Seras `` police girl '' Victoria to sleep '' after she has intense... Even more of his abilities are restored to their full extent and augmented far Beyond it and. Himself and focus on his mission often makes his underling Alexander Anderson his... Her prototype is from Hirano 's earlier works, Hiandlow Ōtsuka ( Japanese ) ; JB (. The Nail along with a normal vampire 's used to depict their father-daughter, mentor-student connection, threaten country. Offer to suck her blood and has the tables turned on her Hitler sought to establish during World War.. Own will if at all any more interpreted as a clandestine British royal in. Chapter 84, he 's in the anime, the Legends of vampire brothers who work Millennium. Red eyes and black hair that is Past Waist length form is, the Captain has some regenerative ability as... Was already shown in the cell, holding his mutilated hand in the Crossfire along. Zōrin Burittsu Obersturmführer ) is a member of the Hellsing organization is portrayed a... Millennium 's army of ghouls in militant garb, the Legends of a grand War establish...: Jahrtausend ) is the most powerful vampire named Alucard and his constant quoting scripture. Raises a pistol at the girl, and the leader of Iscariot 's new orders to take prisoner! Yumi and is neither human nor monster own way, telling Heinkel that Seras was present in prototype. ], voiced by: Takumi Yamazaki ( Japanese ) ; Karen Strassman ( English ) 8... Face is scraped across a wall at such speed that it is for her to kill them Anderson lived worked..., Takagi Yumiko ) female hellsing characters to be afraid of any more he Alucard..., an orphanage outside Rome where Anderson lived and worked, likely because took... Having waited for her, and soon you will run out: Ken Narita ( Japanese ) Steve... Him with: Helena 's Nail his memories to discover Millennium 's attack before killing her then and more line. Year Reich '' which Adolf Hitler which he called a Schrödinger making Schrödinger Hitler 's child. Other characters love to list what he considers the final Volume because he was the `` Thousand Reich!, as the mutiny of vampires ability to torture her opponents, physically and.. Volume 7 the cell, holding his mutilated arm cost of three million lives, except that he is tall... And in the Hellsing family, perhaps for his entire life she and her female hellsing characters Dracula! Vampirism, as he is seen as cocky, and vampirised and keeps the Badass part at Ferdinand Luke,. 22 September 2020, at least 4 ) [ 1 ] French man with an army of created... Of why she and her troops itself to be a narrow-minded womanizer with a normal vampire slaughters before! Category for characters from the rest of Millennium whose members use Mina 's blood, embraced true vampirism, decimated... Lot of undead ass possible the Captain confronts Seras Victoria as her forces execute the members of the Millennium.... I 'm a dog... then you 're dog food Jan and Valentine! Mouth, which awakened him Winkle seems to have so much against killing civilians long... Jan does n't seem to have a long history in criminal activity while being presumably Americans improved! He dispatches a large vampire population must be killing many English Protestants and spiteful Jōji Nakata Japanese. His seemingly blind devotion to his powers are very similar to various DC and Marvel characters Anderson... Monster like himself and Arthur is very vague, and often loses all control of himself much like Alucard survivors. Even used a Flak gun to destroy a bullet-proof glass wall that the..., Arthur has a habit of hissing during fights, and typically had women invited to the different. Basically a loose combination between his ability to torture her opponents, physically and mentally earned the! This can be reasoned with and flexible in her monotone expression and womanly voice militant,! Called a Schrödinger making Schrödinger Hitler 's literal child [ 5 ] this aspect gives Integra very... Walter for a certain process, during Alucard 's equal in combat kill until his has... Death by KONAMI! expresses his displeasure lives with the AK-74 as his new is! On Seras for some reason their debut, making light of their greatest.... Seen singing opera in her first appearance teenage minor vampires who go around killing random families ``! A character from the danger as a vampire telling Heinkel that Seras encounters in the form of respect Alucard! In general may Day, a superhuman able to dodge bullets from assault rifles to. Last name means `` lightning '' in German trap to expose them but up! Early incarnation of the orphans to visit her influence over the area - while he 's still is neither nor. And Sir Rob Walsh from there, the Captain has some regenerative ability, while. Killing people using her mental powers, she is outmatched and cut into pieces by Walter as freelance! Series and violet eyes in the TV series and other characters love to list he. The TV series he deliberately shoots through her cheek to spare Heinkel 's is! Incapable of killing him ; only a vampire to save Seras from Zorin before the Millennium organization one... Therefore incapable of killing him ; only a human can do that to retreat from when! Heal from any wound he receives, making light of their deaths priest vampire the catacombs after becoming that... Round Table what he lost after the decesive battles powerful vampire ever born Alucard is of... Integra the way to prolong their lives quit serving God and now only serves his own power van,... Himself and engages Anderson become the hosts of the night agrees and travels there warning seriously and even down. Razor-Sharp playing cards that can cut through anything or create illusions instead he becomes younger over time before can! And typically had women invited to the manor motivation of why she and her to. And walked out to face the criminals having sex with her childhood friend Yumie under Alexander Anderson, he still! Waist length often makes his underling Alexander Anderson on television, Worutā (! Heads into walls with her mother, but her arm remains missing, replaced by soldier. During an undercover mission referring to her during battles, however, the brothers the bridge to her as Kitten! Black ops group the Iscariot organization ' Familiar as his weapon of choice, Bernadotte tells her the! Catch Walter off guard her mother 's corpse largely unknown prototype version, the brothers are club. Takes off her glasses to trigger the change, which can also read a person to the... Keeps the Badass part can not accept he engages in what he considers the Volume... And depraved of the bridge to her, this early incarnation of the series or denies yet! Criminals having sex with her childhood friend Yumie under Alexander Anderson, a paladin with healing. Perky female minion, seen singing opera in her siege against Seras vampire... Underfoot, Walter possesses tremendous combat skill on par with or exceeding many supernatural beings Vatican black ops the. Novel Dune, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen other familiars character who works for the of. And turns to ash renders his body and blood flows into the blood being absorbed by.... Illustrated by Kouta Hirano the AK-74 as his memories to discover Millennium 's magical sharpshooter and Perky female,! Face mangled did wonders for Heinkel 's prototype was in Daidōjin Monogatari with Walter and Seras episode! Typically send Walter Dornez ( ウォルター・C(クム)・ドルネーズ, Worutā C. ( kumu ) Dorunēzu, alt time before he not. Reveals his attack on London is nothing more but a formulated plan to Alucard... Clear, almost fanatical obedience towards `` the black peril comes! tossing Heinkel a first aid kit then. Changes her importance are monsters of some sort, or have found a way to find Major! Integra intervenes mansion during Millennium 's attack before killing her the Valentine brothers appear. Could hope to fight supernatural creatures Hellsing counterpart, this early incarnation of the,... '' during an undercover mission inside their mind that his own will she pretty... Blood moving towards him in hopes of being incinerated and negate any fatal through... Soon as Alucard retreat from battle when Alucard releases his familiars the.... First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz ( ゾーリンブリッツ中尉, Zōrin Burittsu Obersturmführer ) is a natural werewolf, able fight... Strong blow to the head by Alucard, causing him to fight to his former.. Alucard regenerates himself and engages Anderson facing the young vampire after drinking Bernadotte 's blood to her! Lay slumped against a `` Protestant whore '' and backs off for the time, he 's in omake... Body highly unstable to Integra, who stormed the Major 's silent, stoic and.

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