Dean –  Professor Elvira NICA, PhD

Strategic Objectives:

  • Improving the quality of the educational system through the act of taking responsibility by the teaching staff, and through orienting the curriculum to the demands of the workforce market. Promoting education based on motivation, creativity and cooperation;
  • Intensifying scientific research aimed at increasing performance, efficiency and the applicable nature of the research results.
  • Developing and consolidating international relationships through further cultivating of partnerships with prestigious universities from abroad
  • Opening dialogue and establishing an academic partnership with the students in the substantiation and elaboration of decisions. Creating the conditions for the manifestation of creativity, of the practical and social spirit, etc.;
  • promoting the socio-economic partnership, redefined through the lens of the educational process and of the scientific research activities.
  • adapting the disciplines taught to conform with the elements in the National Registry of Qualifications in Higher Education, through aligning to the socio-economic environment and to the European Standards of teaching and research in the field, through developing contextualization abilities to maximize the chances of professional accomplishment.
  • motivating and training FAMP members in the realization of objectives and ensuring transparency through the dissemination of any and all information of interest to them.

Vice Dean – Professor POPESCU Irina Ruxandra, PhD

Relations with students and the economic and social environment:

  • is responsible for the management of inter-institutional relations and the economic and social environment;
  • develops programs / projects in partnership with the economic and social environment;
  • manages the process of providing basics of practice for undergraduate and masters students;
  • monitor the process of specialty practice and intership programs of the faculty;
  • organizes and coordinates the process of granting student scholarships;
  • coordinates the process of organizing social-cultural events for members of the faculty community;
  • is responsible for the relationship with the students of the faculty and their social problems, organizes regular meetings, extra-curricular activities with the students;
  • maintain relationship with graduates and supervise the e-alumni patform;
  • coordinates educational marketing actions to promote college in high schools, organizes events for this purpose;
  • is responsible for the relationship with pre-university education;
  • also performs other duties established by the dean of the faculty.

Vice Dean – Lecturer Oana Matilda SABIE, PhD

Research – Development – Innovation and International Relationships:

  • Coordinates the activities of the Research Centers in the Faculty;
  • Coordinates the international scientific manifestations of the Faculty;
  • Coordinates the actions of supporting the faculty’s publications;
  • Is responsible for the elaboration of the annual research report at the Faculty Level;
  • Organizes and manages the process of involving the members of the academic community of the Faculty in research projects with national and international financing; 
  • Is responsible for the management of  the international relationships, primarily with universities which have public administration faculties, and also with centers and research institutes and professional associations;  
  • Is responsible for the expansion of the mobility networks and coordinates external mobilities for both teachers and students;
  • Manages the process of signing study contracts and is a part of the equalization of the study semesters that were part of the faculty’s mobility programs; 
  • Also exercises other attributions assigned by the faculty’s dean;

Vice Dean – Lecturer BURCEA Ștefan Gabriel, PhD

Education and further training:

  • follows the process of establishing and updating the competencies offered by the faculty’s university studies programs;
  • is responsible for the elaboration of the curricula for the study programs offered by the faculty;
  • is responsible for the process of updating the analytical programs / discipline records and maintains contact with the specialized departments during this process;
  • coordinates the process of introducing analytical programs / disciplinary records into SIMUR and supervises their updating by the discipline holders;
  • organizes the admission and completion examinations of the undergraduate and master’s degree programs;
  • manages the institutional re-accreditation process at the faculty level;
  • oversee postgraduate continuing vocational training programs;
  • coordinates the process of periodical assessment of the teaching staff by students;
  • is responsible for quality management in education;
  • performs other attributions established by the dean of the faculty.