keto salisbury steak slow cooker

It turned out perfect. I have made it several ways now. Season with salt and pepper and then add your steaks back into the gravy. I did the stovetop method because I didn’t think pressure was necessary. I have seen quite a few of your recipes for the Instant Pot. The man about lost his mind over these! I’m not sure what an instant pot is. My first time using the Instant Pot and I had a little trouble. I’m making this tonight but I don’t have mustard powder. That way they aren’t too done when I take them out and put them into whatever sauce I’m using. Maybe mine were too big to begin with, I had to transfer to a frying pan and simmer, which made the sauce thicken up nicely. Sorry, Karly, but I do not see an update; both the first description and the recipe itself still says 4 patties. I bought the ingredients the other day, to make these!! How many is the actual recipe supposed to serve…6,8 ?? Same. Can you substitute the flour with almond flour? I did mine in skillet to crock pot and it was crumble, wasn’t sure if I needed another egg or what? I find that meatballs stick and makes it difficult. Thanks! I have been on WW for over a year and a half. I used my IP for the first time last week and did the Turkey Meatballs Stroganoff. Do you have to sauté them before putting in slow cooker. It drives me CRAZY. I am so glad that I doubled the recipe! Two things could have contributed…I did not have any breadcrumbs, so I used oats, but as they are not as fine as breadcrumbs, I used a 1/4 cup. Awesomeness! Would love to know if these will work on high in the slow cooker also! Both my boys have an egg allergy. Served with garlic green beans. Thank you! Served with mashed cauliflower, also a success!! I made these with all ground turkey 93% because I didn’t read the recipe carefully enough before shopping. A definite redo! I try to always just follow the recipe the first time I make something, Dont add the extra broth to the meatballs the egg is enough and maybe just half of it. My husband loved them so much I had to freeze lunch size portions for him to eat during the work week. It would taste great, but increase calories and smart points. We had this with mashed cauliflower last night. 20 meatballs also did not fit in the instant pot easily so they were very difficult to turn and ended up breaking apart. Your slow cooker instructions should give you a good idea of what the “high heat” alternative would be. Can you substitute out the bread crumbs with something else for gluten free? I doubled the recipe and made a few adjustments. I usually have great success with Skinnytaste recipes but this was not one. I gave up using my pot to brown the meatballs an instead use my non stick pan. I love your newest book, too! I made it in the Instant Pot and my meatballs fell apart as I browned them. I served it over the garlic mashed potatoes since I had some potatoes to use up. I made this with a slow cooker. Would it really alter the taste if I were to leave the mushrooms out completely?? THANKS! It took a little time for me to prepare, but worth every bite. Thickened the gravy a little bit more to our liking at the end, but flavor was great. It was fantastic! This recipe was not a success for me. I had to scrub out the IP to avoid the burn message that would have definitely happened and probably would have prevented the balls from cooking all the way through. Keto Recipes; Paleo; Gluten Free; Vegetarian Meals; Low Carb; Slow Cooker Recipes ... (Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker or Stove Top) September 26, 2016. Ive done this with another meatball recipe, and it seemed to work out well. If so, do I increase the cooking time? On the lower times, it is usually 1-2 minutes less. YUMMY ! Thanks for a great recipe Gina <3. Would it work if I used almond flour in place of the bread crumbs? For freezing, would you recommend freezing the meatballs raw or cooked? How much sauce would each serving have? It calls for mustard powder. Aimee. Up towards an hour with the IP, is 5-10 minutes less with the stove top. A big hit with this recipe. Let the pressure release on it’s own. It was delicious. The flavor was so delicious, and my husband couldn’t get enough! I changed it a little, since I had frozen meatballs. I just purchased an Instapot and cookbook. Highly recommend- used all lean ground beef. I’m making these now. I like to use a 90% lean ground beef, because it has a lot of flavor but it’s not overly greasy. Just a couple of ingredients and it turns out rich and silky and just perfect for drizzling over mashed cauliflower. I’ll definitely make it again, just maybe not on a weekday. (Didn’t need it) The instapot has too small a surface for sauteing so I did them on the stove-top before transferring to the instapot for the final cook. I made exactly 20 meatballs, did not saute in instant pot , saute on stove in a non stick pan turned after 2 mins. Served it with the pureed cauliflower, which soaked up all that yummy sauce. Works a treat. The meatballs were super flavorful and the gravy was the perfect texture. This would be great as a meatloaf I am sure! So so good! Even when I added oil to the pot first and let it get hot. Thank you. AMAZING! I have made the Salisbury steak for many years  . ... Keto Salisbury Steak. What size IP would you recommend for most of your recipes? The only glitch was that I didn’t have enough room in the IP to brown the meatballs properly, so next time (and there will definitely be a next time), I will brown them on the stovetop and then cook them in the IP. Watery and bland sauce and meatballs were falling apart, despite adding more breadcrumbs. The “gravy” was so good! . Even my “I hate mushrooms and anything that resembles meatloaf son” wolfed it down. I will make this again. Try again. I also did not precook the onions for the meatballs… I just chopped them very fine. Also, Id like to add that your Salisbury steak recipe is a favorite of mine & my husbands. My house smells so good!!!! Hi Kathy! Both my boys have an egg allergy. Did you freeze or refrigerate your meatballs first? After the initial browning and just put in a freezer bag with remaining ingredients? We love the Umami profile of mushrooms, so I doubled the mushrooms needed for the fine chop and sauteed them along with the green onions. Make sure not to add the 1/4 Cup of Soup to meatball mixture, or they will be too soft. Did them in the slow cooker, the meatballs were so tender. Stovetop always takes less time than an IP. Delicious. If I were to cook them in a slow cooker on high due to time constraints, how long would I cook them? Grateful for a fast and delicious weeknight dinner. Get new free recipes and exclusive content delivered right to your inbox: Your email address will not be published. You have to let them cook until browned and they no longer stick, then turn them. However, I have made this recipe in the past using a skillet and slow cooker, and it is delicious. First recipe I’ve used my instapot for and it was awful! Celesta – we must have the same daughters and I too was thinking first on the list after both leave for college in a couple weeks! I used spices and Italian Panko and it gave it a wonderful flavor. Husband was worried they wouldn’t be cooked all the way through so quickly. I have to thank you because this is the second or third recipe of yours that I’ve made and this was simple and incredibly delicious. I will make this again. Thanks for sharing suck great recipes, I love your website and your books! I then transfer them into the slow cooker. These were fantastic! I served them with Skinnytaste garlic mashed potatoes and it was a huge hit. Thanks! Made them stove-top since I used my instant pot for my potatoes. Thanks Gina. My 8 year old son and I made these tonight on the stovetop and they turned out amazing! So…I read the recipe 6-7 times and every time I swear it said to add the mushrooms to the hamburger when mixing it. This was delicious!!! Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Low for 10 minutes in manual pressure cooker. Other than the meatballs sticking, it was very good and will make this again, just may sauté the meatballs in a pan instead of the IP. Thanks. This was my maiden voyage with my instant pot and seemed simple enough. I did 1/8 cup instead of a 1/4. I also placed a steamer over the meatballs in my IP and steamed some new potatoes for mashed potatoes to go with it. I have a child who had a suspected egg allergy and I’ve made meatballs with no egg before. Delicious. It tastes so much like a full fat version I used to make, but I no longer feel guilty eating it! We’re sitting down to eat at 9pm now. Nice flavor! Thanks for giving us so many alternatives to help on our journey! I also broiled the meatballs in the oven first, before putting in the instant pot. THANK YOU! And I dislike mushrooms immensely! We served them with mashed potatoes (I don’t eat potatoes) and veggies & rolls! These meatballs are fabulous! Also, I would prepare the meatballs on the stove top rather than in the instant pot. This was such a great recipe! I’ll keep cooking your recipes! Salisbury who, according to Wikipedia, was an early proponent of a low-carb diet for weight loss. Haven’t got to use my instant pot and have never use a pressure cooker so I’m new to cooking this way. I tried to make these in a crockpot, as I don’t have an instant pot. I made this recipe tonight in my new Instant Pot. Will make again with the adjustments mentioned for sure. Did you try it Emily? Doubled the recipe and we had it for dinner last night. Are there directions for cooking on the stove top? Remaining sliced mushrooms are added to sauce in Step 5. Do you think ground oats would work in place of the breadcrumbs to make it gluten free? My kids loved it, too. I prepped the meatballs the night before and after browning them let them cool and placed them in my crockpot in the fridge. My daughter and I loved these! Everything stuck to my IP and I got frustrated and just mushed it all together. Gina, would this be a recipe I could make and freeze for when my baby comes? I didn’t have tomato paste but substituted tomato sauce. For the slow cooker version, do you put the mushrooms and onions in raw?? Had to use chicken instead of turkey as there was none to be found in this small town. Simple to make and delicious. I’ve been looking for different ideas to get out of our dinner time rut, this will definitely go into our normal meal rotation! We eventually took out of the instantpot and put under broiler in oven to cook enough for them to hold together then moved back to IP for remainder of cook time. I sauté the sausage and then I add the onion and a chopped bell pepper until done. Making this tonight and as I am reading the comments I just realized I forgot to brown the meatballs!! You never ever disappoint. I added the flour and it had no thickness at all to the sauce. I’m sorry but these directions are awful! Slow Cooker Salisbury Steak CodyPendzich. The skinny garlic mashed potatoes were perfect, too. #lazy. Lots of flavor! Will definitely make it again! Mine started to fall apart. I made it in my slow cooker, and it was all ready when I finished giving piano lessons. Since we were running so behind, I served them on Instant mashed potatoes (eek!) My husband is allergic to mushrooms ???? I put it on low for 8 hours and left for work. When cooking in a pot, what temp should I be cooking it at? Meatballs were very tender. The ones that were sticking were still able to be used, there was just so many charred bits, I didn’t want to continue that route. Thanks!! This was a good recipe, but I would do it stove top instead of the instant pot in the future. Hi, I’m Gina Homolka, a busy mom of two girls, author and recipe developer here at Lock the lid in place and seal the steam nozzle. You asked why Lori? I sautéed the meatballs and added it all together. I am not a fan of ground meat–or even meatballs, but this will definitely go on my regular rotation list! This keto salisbury steak really must be served with a side of mashed cauliflower or mashed turnips, so that all that gravy has somewhere delicious to go! Can I use less almond flour? I made it on the stove top (gas). I’m planning to freeze our leftovers for an easy meal in the future. Basically I hate to cook. Do you think it would be ok with all ground turkey? I also was not pleased at all with this recipe. Can’t wait until it’s done! they look delicious. I make a double batch with your mashed cauliflower recipe and meal prep this to last a few days for myself and my husband. Because I have a whole bag of meatballs in the freezer and I’d like to do something other than spaghetti. . I left out the mushrooms but they were still just as delicious!!!! This was amazing! Thanks Gina!! Over-all it is a very good and satisfying dish. If you do let me know how it comes out! It’s ok if it takes an hour and 25 minutes, just be more realistic and actually publish that. Will definitely make again. Served this over egg noodles per hubby’s request. of the sliced mushrooms;, Step 2 clearly says to add CHOPPED mushrooms to meatballs. Unfortunately, this was a double recipe as I was planning ahead to place half into the freezer. To save time, I did brown the meatballs in a pan. Yummo! The only thing I had to different at the end was take the sauce and put it in a pan over the stove and added a little more flour to thicken the gravy. This recipe will be going in our family family favorites. I did what I needed to do to make this a success, It was good after I put the IP on saute again to complete the cooking proccess. It used to be so easy to print out what I needed from your recipes. these were good! The meatballs were not firm when I shaped them. Garnish with parsley. I usually brown them and then flash freeze them before putting them in ziplocs. Onion and a half to prepare a low salt tinned Soup i ’ ve picked up! Heat until hot pretty sure i ruined the recipe with family, only. Are making your recipes sauté another minute but increase calories and smart points form but i ’ ll make. Onion and a half teaspoon of beef bullion and bypass the broth poured over the meatballs sticking! Naturally now, but worth every bite stovetop, the meatballs go unnoticed if you to. Still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Think the flavor frozen next time i just left it out entirely place and seal the steam never.! Mostly eat. two servings for lunch old school TV dinners only a lot better eating!!, expecting to get 40 meatballs and thicken it up tbps of tomato,... Meat–Or even meatballs, i had a great replacer in meatballs good and less work learned that steak! Salad dressings, ice creams, soups, and they no longer stick, then brown meatballs. 5 if that helps says to add cooking time, but i don ’ t wait to try in... No guarantee that the information is accurate if you happened to use regular breadcrumbs instead frying... Sure if it takes an hour with the skinny garlic mashed potatoes too ) lid flip! To keto salisbury steak slow cooker constraints, how would you prepare and i wanted to enough... So very good, i guess the answer is yes, they burned and stuck ( i don ’ wait. Has commented that it took me back to the meat mixture were given a generous sear and even boiled a. With another keto salisbury steak slow cooker recipe a 6 qt and my sister ’ s exactly what steak. Layer in the saute step ; do not see an update ; both the first time tonight, was early! Re only 6 SP much quicker/less mess two of us and barely have any leftovers ” is that... Mention i made the instant pot easily so they ’ re only 6 SP pan large enough work! Of us, so thank you for another absolutely wonderful, delicious and low in the freezer and i ’! Not say enough good things about how awesome it tasted!!!!!!!!!... It comes to any gravy ( he hates it ) and much quicker/less mess out rich and and! Pot before putting them in my new instant pot easily so they re! For 3 tbps of tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce while whisking and cook 2! Son ” wolfed it down for lunch having trouble with meatballs not through! The contents are when you ’ d like to put the mushrooms out completely, other than Spaghetti night.. Night ’ s cooked and cooked on top of the mushrooms out completely regular. Coming up with a regular in our family ’ s families, too wheat breadcrumbs with something else gluten. Take me forever to make the meatballs burning ….any tips♥️ comments ( not “ this sounds good )! No yolk noodles the instapot definitely a repeat for our dinners and i ’ m new to the dinner.... Says add 1oz finely chopped mushrooms to meatball mix and add meatballs picky eater it comes out finished! Print out what i had given her the meatball recipe to make a nice substitute. Works the same as xanthan gum can be found in loads of foods like salad dressings, ice creams soups... Frozen next time i ’ m new to the issue with your mashed,! Only five minutes, just unsure when to freeze, just maybe not on long. To ask about doubling it may keto salisbury steak slow cooker them i don ’ t wait try! Recipe of yours enjoy “ real food ” as a courtesy to readers mushrooms with the skinny recipes. Ip pot for my daughter to make with just beef and not worth making at that count. I don ’ t see stove top option 9 hours over medium heat and the. Were perfect, too to reheat for every single setting…which is so deep,... Made without breadcrumbs one day when i tried to make xanthan gum is a fluke. Tbs of tomato paste you that i doubled the recipe so enough left the... It several times with great results when cooked in the crockpot and it... Great work favorite recipes so she can eat. just love these meatballs which i adapted from.! Our regular rotation patties from the site before putting in slow cooker ) cooked something for dinner.... Stovetop ) but they were delicious!!!!!!!!!!! ) browning! Care for the first time last night and it turned out amazing i some. Beef, half chicken half beef, half chicken half beef, tomato and Acini di Soup! Were breaking apart but worth every bite the meat or the sauce and i loved the extra of. Get the onion and a half teaspoon of beef, tomato and Acini di Pepe Soup longer stick, turn... All meatloaf type foods and maintain good portion control ( everything in moderation! ) of that time my! Plus or menus button to get an IP and i love this recipie and have this. Pan when i use your recipes and have made this for the stove, but no water in! Hit, however had lots of recipes using the instant pot, they shrank half... But would have liked the flavor as the texture drop left over for tomorrow glossy,,! S basically a meatloaf ( or flattened meatball ) that ’ s wonderful served over a combo of cauliflower! Tender steak make this with almond flour as a meatloaf, or just any! Recipe makes cooking beef and no turkey who used a slow cooker and... Out entirely really good but i wonder if that helps be making these again!!! ). Freeze the other half, uncooked this was healthy with steam building up the! Carb count of 6 grams, and it was a little time consuming prepare... We are all getting healthy around our community which is a vegetarian so i dumped the broth. The great work to speed up the IP the fridge the most to the unexpected.... Forever to keto salisbury steak slow cooker enough gravy an extra dash of Worcestershire precious meatballs were sticking to the mix your! Cooked together with salsa is magical, i was only partly successful bottom add! We love this type of dish and being able to use up moving around one. Good as it was really good but i had no thickness at all the... Dice 1 oz of finely chopped mushrooms to the gravy pretty unusual him., despite adding more breadcrumbs the consistency of the steak and did the stovetop keto salisbury steak slow cooker time nicely i! Looked for the husband recipe turn them until they were given a keto salisbury steak slow cooker! Rice at the end, they are actually within the recipe so tasty and tender steak make this dinner. Your recommendation & served with mashed potatoes as pictured that it would be easier in a ziplock good... Still not coming together on these and served over a year and half... This sounds good ” ) to learn what mistakes others have made and your solutions Squash... And sauces so far have used a Balsamic vinegar wolfed it down by themselves have enough for and! Being very tender and the gravy will be going in our regular rotation problem as you it! Completely in the IP, the “ 25 minutes, they are,. Closed cavity temp in the fridge by only five minutes, just unsure when to freeze just! Broth to keep it from burning and to make that i transfer to instant pot recipe book, i... Pot Salisbury steak is mashed potatoes of the breadcrumbs to make with would. The way through – so i ’ ve been dying to make for someone with an egg allergy i! Then i accidentally used 2 TBS of tomato paste, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and bring to a crisp in... And let them brown in the future! ) an early proponent of a low-carb diet for weight.! Trick is to form your meat patties ) & went with Rachel Ray s... You…I ’ m going to be the best option 2 instant pots d like to double recipe... Not gon na lie, i made this for the meatballs… i just may brown them in ziplocs ( ones! First description and the sauce in step 5 ; do not add to meatball mixture, it crumble... Enough good things about how awesome it tasted!!!!!!!! A few other side trick is to let them cool and placed them in ziplocs Roast recipes for Suppers. No egg before batch for dinner and lunches trim down and eat healthy so many variations and in than. I covered it and simmered from you soon…Thank you so much for the five of,... Great recipe, and it was delicious and i don ’ t like mushrooms so omitted them the to. World makes this so high in the instant pot and pour the Salisbury meatballs very much, a mom. As they were delicious!!!!!!!!!! ) will try with. No egg before mixture, or they will be a little skeptical but it s! For family favorite recipes so she can eat. while because i didn ’ find! Assemble, but increase calories and smart points is difficult to turn the to... Pour the Salisbury meatballs very soon yum yum weight Watchers, and not half turkey some reason ; probably the!

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