catholic baptism for older child

I currently have custody of my grandchildren and my grandson will be making his confirmation next year and needs a sponsor. In baptism, the ‘matter’ – in this case, water – cannot be separated from the ‘words’ – saying ‘I baptize you’, because the pouring of the water and the saying of the words are what ‘make’ the sacrament ‘real.’ When the priest or deacon says, ‘I baptize you’ he needs to be pouring the water, or he is not BAPTIZING – act and word must go together and whoever says ‘I’ is doing the action. I pray for your grandson, for his heart and his desires and his faith, and for Jesus’ perfect timing regarding where/when he receives his sacraments. Are you interested in becoming a Catholic Christian yourself? Their 7 yr old daughter, who is attending a Catholic school, is to be baptized this Sunday. You most definitely could attend Mass and it is always strongly suggested no matter what circumstances. My question is, if it is possible to have two baptisms, and if not, what would you suggest. Hey I was wondering if anyone new what happened during baptism and specifically what order they go in? 4. Thank you in advance. It may be possible. Call the diocese. We are currently deciding on baptizing our daughter in the Catholic Church but are wondering if it would be a issue that I am a Christian and that we were married in a Christian church. A baptism is a baptism regardless of the church so long as it is done properly. I believe she is having my grandson baptized for all the wrong reasons, but she is determined to continue. he will advise you of the nessasary steps to take. I started attending my new local Catholic church and joined the group for those wishing to convert to Catholicism and re-done the course from start to finish. Knowing this, it follows that the Church requires the godparents to be Catholic. 1. He said that one of the godparents needs to be catholic, not both. It could be a god parent who will take on this responsibility or grandma or grandpa. My husband is very religious. There may be a maximum of 2 Godparents. Older children over ‘the age of reason’ (8yrs) but not yet reached the age of majority (18yrs) should make an appointment, with their parents, to talk to the parish priest. Ask for his support and for him to talk with his mother-in-law. To get this proof you have to go to the church your were baptised or have some relative that lives in that country get it for you. It will probably be done as part of the other Sacramental programme (Reconciliation/ Confession, Confirmation, First Communion). I don’t mean to sound critical but even though a protestant service might make you feel good you cannot participate in the most important part of worship – true Communion with Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Eucharist. It was a slap heard ’round the Internet. Your daughter – and you – need to pray earnestly for God to put good, sincere, practicing Catholics on her path, so she – and her children – can be surrounded by people who will build her up in her Catholic faith. I was previously married and have a 10 year old son of that marraige. Hello, Mental status is not a factor in baptism, or else the Church wouldn’t baptize infants. Because Christ is acting sacramentally through one priest. In this jubilee year of mercy, seek guidance and come home. As you can now understand, I am sure, this is one of the reasons why we should not play around with these matters. I was christened in a COE church but have no evidence of this other than the name of the church and the approximate month and year. According to Cannon Law this is possible…. I am a Catholic in Australia and I married a non Catholic in a Catholic Church. To be honest, I feel a sence of peace doing that and have attended Mass in the past and felt very comfortable. I did not insist he join you have to decide for yourself. I’m not catholic but my 13 year old daughter attends catholic school and wants to get confirmed next April, but she was never baptized. we are looking to get my daughter baptism. I understand your line of thinking. Because I was so premature, I had to be incubated and attached to several machines. I just recently started the program myself, and they set aside a special ceremony for those of us who need a baptism, or to be blessed again as a Catholic. And the High Scool Youth Group not very good. Myself and my daughter have been baptized. Your response would be appreciated. The parish in which you reside would need record of the baptism. My son’s infant was born premature and had to undergo brain surgery. Although it’s against my will, I followed him. I want to baptize them but I have no God parents since my brothers and sisters didn’t complete confirmation. Sure… Just be certain that if anything happens and the parents can’t fulfill their obligation to educate the child as a Catholic, you will see the child at least goes to Catholic Sunday School…. Now converted. It is NOT valid sacramentally and not recognized by the church. My mother was from Poland and she Thanks! His potential godparents go to a church affiliated with the society of st. Pius X. Since reading and learning about the Catholic church and beliefs I have taken a strong interest in it and I am fascinated by it all and believe now that I am old enough and responsible enough to decide for myself that I would like to be Catholic, is it possible for me to become a full Catholic now and complete all religious ceremonies to be accepted into the Catholic church, I also go to a catholic college and know when I have children that I would like them too, to be Catholic. Some of our friends attend this church. God bless. The Apostolic doctrine (teaching) is how Jesus taught His disciples, why would you deviate from that? What are the requirements? I think if you bring up your concerns with the parish they will be able to help you with a solution. Dear Tatiana, I don’t see how. You need to have a priest come see you and make a full confession of your sins and Christ operating through the Priest will give you the pardon and peace you are looking for. My brother in law is not Catholic. What happened to my child when. I trust everything worked out well. My own Godparents are no longer practicing Catholics, so… I pray for them! That sounds a little anti-Christian if you ask me. At an older age, they received their First Communion and were confirmed. Can you baptise your child without Godparents? They asked us if we could be their kids godparents too, but recently our family told us that it was impossible because its seems like we were returning the favor to them. What can you do if you and your husband have no family and wish to baptize your baby? There are extreme cases, however, when even an unbaptized person can baptize someone. We have the certificate of baptism but due to the church being coe would they put that against her? The most significant thing with this sacrament is the suffering you have been going through is united to the passion of Christ which is the very work of salvation. No. We have to acknowledge Him. If they are older than seven, they are considered to have reached the “age of reason”, and basically, decide for themselves. #CatholicBaptisim #YoungAdults #Catholic #CatholicGifts. First, let us appeal to the Bible. It doesn’t mean what he is doing is wrong, but it’s not part of the rubrics. He told them they have to attend church for 6 weeks as part of preparation and they have to get married. US courts generally uphold the rights of each parent to teach their religion to the child. This 17 year old child was called by God to baptism one day and after this was performed; her mother (Catholic Faith in her upbringing) ridiculed her for doing so because “mom” says she was not ready. I have the same problem I don’t have much friends Nd my bffs are Presbyterian so I’m having a hard time finding a godmother for my baby. Since I was baptised in the L.D.S. Now 48 yrs old. Please talk to your priest about the annulments. A certificate is proof of the actual celebration, in other words, the date and information of when and where the actual baptism took place. It specifically says: Code of Canon Law, cc. Baptism initiates us into the family of God and cleanses us of sin. I know the School request for the child or either parent to be baptize and to be able to confirm the baptism certificate…. Baptism is performed with water, either by immersion or sprinkling depending on religion. Nancy, Praying for your precious grandsons. Don’t let all those catholic made up rules and rituals keep you from being baptized. My son and daughter in law are divorcing. We were married in a Catholic Church. He will also learn about Judaism and there traditions, would this be a problem with baptism? Mark 16:16; John 3:5), at the same time confirmed the necessity of the Church, into which men enter by baptism, as by a door. I want to send my child to a Catholic school. However just a week before Easter, I (along with some other members of the group) was not able to be received into the church, which was such a disappointment for me, not to mention inconvenient, as we had asked close friends and family to share the occasion with me. My understanding is that my wife’s status will not affect our ability to baptize our baby. or Can we have three godparents and do the godparents have to be baptized catholic and have done their first communion ? I’m 22 years can I be baptized without godparents or np? This is the year that the Pope has declared as the great year of Divine Mercy! B. Catholic baptism gives a share in the common priesthood of all believers and it also brings about the sacramental bond of the unity of Christians. I just baptised my daughter and what was required from the godparents was proof of their baptism. Soon after Delivery of the child he asked Tribunal court (Bishop House) to conduct the DNA test as he had doubt if the Child belonged to him. My daughter’s husband’s family does not think that she therefore is fit to be a godparent and my daughter was told to tell her sister that two of their relatives would be instead. In his words he will not say who can and who cannot be a Catholic as it is the Holy Sprit who has brought the person to him. A parish priest or deacon may not be aware of your options. ANYBODY can be baptized by ANYBODY if done according to the New Testament. 18, 16 & 13 yrs old. Talk to your local parish priest or deacon. Have not attended church since. The one parent who is religious probably should be making their presence at the church you will be choosing to baptize your future children. Can i not just have my child baptised at a Sunday mass or something ?? I WAS RUDELY SHOCKED BY HIS ACTION. It is the door that leads to the reception of the others sacraments and marks the beginning of a life long journey of faith and encounter with Jesus Christ. She may have to wait for the next class to start but that is how you would typically go about it. My child was already baptized with a different date of birth appearing on the birthcert (as we used the 2nd autheticated bcert). This would be a good question to bring to an RCIA class if you decide to join the Catholic Church. Can unmarried couple baptize their child? Maybe you should address this matter with the diocese of your region. I spoke to my parish priest, and told him that when we are there, we plan to baptize him ourselves when they go out for a movie. circumstances of course. Baptizing someone twice is not necessary so long as the person was baptized in water using the Trinitarian formula described above. The term she uses is “regularized” – This is also somewhat misleading. It’s a pretty big deal! You may also request a meeting simply to learn more. Is it okay for siblings to baptize each others children in the catholic church? We were then adopted separately and my family later converted and I was baptized again. Can I still have her baptized even though he cannot attend? I am assuming the child will be in the primary custody of the mother, so it seems she will be raising the child in the Catholic faith that she has rediscovered. wanted to add a question …. No you cannot be baptised a second time and no priest or deacon is going to do it not even at the Easter Vigil. Is it just called baptising or is there a special name for objects ? My daughter plans on having my grandson baptized Catholic, even though she is not Catholic. He is a seventh day Adventist and I am catholic. God himself reveals your path, whether it be Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist…, I really hope you’re not teaching this to people as a lay ‘minister’; wherever you learned this needs to stop calling itself Catholic, My daughter is 8 years old and Iam trying to get her baptize Is ther an age limit or a cut off age, in terms of baptism there is no age limit, however in your case, as she is in the age of reason, it is better to ask her if she wanted to be baptized in the catholic church rather than imposing upon here to be baptized and soon afterwards carrying the duties of being a catholic which she did not actually desire. Godparents are more of a “just in case” clause; I choose them just in case I keel over before my child has been educated by ME in the Faith… My own children’s Godparents don’t write to my kids; but I hope they still pray for them! It was presented that as the Catholic parent it was my responsibility to ensure that my child was receiving a full Catholic upbringing. We have a new baby of our own we are desperate to baptize. It is good to baptize the child as soon as possible. I myself always wanted to be a catholic from a young age I even attended catholic school my best friend of 30years is catholic. I don’t see how what you’ve stated should interfere with your son being baptized. I have a nine year old foster daughter who desires baptism. This is just my interpretation. How would i get my younger son baptized his son to be godmom is a doctor and i believe she loves out of the Philadelphia area and i would let to know if she would be able to go to her neighborhood catholic church in order to take up the classes in order for her to baptized my son she is a Catholic and her hours are tight she works at the doctor office and the hospital i went to the Catholic Church in my area they said i would have to come to the church with the soon to be godparents next week to attend for several weeks and my older son son to be godmom also for my other child lives out of state also in Mn how would she also go about that? We were married in the Coptic Orthodox Church. I Want to baptize my daughter for her 2 nd birthday next month but. No, you would not need to be re-baptized as long as your original baptism was in the Trinitarian form. I strongly believe in this view. It has been my experience that all students are welcome regardless of belief. We do not need to earn this gift. We are currently in the beginning stages of a high conflict custody battle. They want myself and my boyfriend to be the godparents, but we are both Anglicans. So I can safely say I have been accepted into the community and if you truely want it, there is no reason why you shouldnt be able to become catholic, also I didnt get the childrens fathers permission if that answers a question you were pondering. My sister and her boyfriend are planning on baptizing their daughter as a Catholic. After that, I attended CCD for 9th grade and was Confirmed at age 15 as a sophomore with my class. (I was gradeschool at that time). Your parents probably chose some random friends or relatives who had little relationship with God or interest in living out their faith in the first place. Early Christian Evidence of Infant Baptism. If your not comfortable with your local priest, go to a different parish. At a minimum the Church needs to record that the baptism happened. Would it be easier if you had siblings or grandparents around who could help by giving a good example, taking the child on outings, reading to the child, helping to bathe or dress or feed the child when you are tired or ill or have other work to do? The elaborate programs at parishes are a way to ensure that people have received the adequate preparation to receive the sacrament. Hi, my friend wants to baptize their baby, but the priest won’t allow it because they aren’t married yet. I don’t attend church but would like to get my daughter baptized. I’m really desperate for some answers. Hi Marie. Its use became mandatory Easter Sunday, April 12. I have a friend who attends a church that the pastor says all people who are not baptized in water will not go into the Kingdom of God..needless to say it worries me..I was baptized in the catholic church as an infant..what do you think. When there are two priests at Mass, and both say the words of the consecration, they are actually each celebrating a ‘separate’ Mass. If so, call the parish office, and someone will walk you through what you need to know. I am a catholic from Australia. There cannot be two ‘other Christs’ in the case of a sacrament. I enjoy your web sight and look forward to your answer. John 3:5 says, “Jesus answered, ‘Amen, amen, I say to you, no one can enter the kingdom of God without being born of water and Spirit.’” Note that Jesus says “no one” can enter heaven in that passage. Surely it would not be a problem. Your child received what is called conditional baptism. There’s NO WAY we need to be clouding the issue of the Trinity now or in any age by refusing to use the Trinitarian formula given by Jesus and passed on in the actual rite of Baptism from the earliest times of the Church. We want to put the proper wording on the invite. However, we want our 7-year old adopted daughter to have the opportunity to follow her own heart in this matter as she gets older. The Catholic Church have strict and I believe unkind rules about mixed marriages, gay relationships, divorce etc. It sounds like she needs goparents more than most people, if she has virtually nobody close to her practicing the Catholic Faith. which stands for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. The godparents that I had chosen for my child have recently went through divorce and the godfather has gone down a very dark path. We raised our children catholic.–and yes they are still practicing their faith. How long do I need to attend mass before I can be baptized? We been married 12 yrs. Will you comment please? I have been to church, its been a while though. Thank you. Mary Jane, in the eyes of the Catholic Church your marriage is invalid, very easy to fix though. ; The Baptism prayer is the same for infants, children, and adults. This would also be an invalid baptism, even if the Trinitarian formula were used. Yes Alexis that baptism counts as it is holy/sacred water. Can I baptize them with just their godmothers??? In His Service, All answers appriecated. x, Please can you help can my 3 year old be baptised catholic if we his parents are Church of England. We are expecting our first child in a couple of months and plan to raise our children Catholic. Yes, you can be baptised. If corrections to the original record are necessary, then the Pastor should include an addendum on the Baptism Registry. Anyone can perform a baptism, however this is typically done only in extreme cases in which someone’s life is in danger. I attended Mass and spoke to the priest afterwards. I was baptized as a Christian almost a year ago to the day. The answer is NO .but at the very end just before the body in this case the ashes are take away the Priest would have sprinkle the coffin with holy water only the final prayers are been said . However, just recently I was told that this would not be possible as I am in a relationship that is not a marriage. As the god mother is that ok or do we have to do it together as a couple because we are married? I have a 9 year-old son that I would like to see baptized in the Roman Catholic Church. I went along with mostly because I just wanted to please him. I requested we revisit the issue when our daughter reached the age of 16, and then we would see where she was by then. My family is not very religious so I was never baptized but it is something I want for my children. I think that is the best place to start. (Our family used to be Catholic, but over the generations, had become C of E and wanted to change back, so decided that having the children Baptised as Catholics was the first rung on the ladder. The law is that, for an infant to be baptized the parents or at least one of them or the person who legitimately takes their place must consent, and that there must be a founded hope that the infant will be brought up int he catholic relegion; if such hope is altogether lacking, the baptism is to be delayed according to the prescripts of particular law after the parents have been advised about the reason (code of canon law, 868). They are married but not through church, and he’s catholic but she’s Jehovah witness. I agree with Rose and you need to get the diocese involved. Jesus does love you and your family, and He wants you to come to Him. Welcome! Therefore, the faith of the godparents is important in fulfilling the baptismal promise of being raised in the Catholic faith. If children are ages seven (7) and older they need to be taught to know, love, and serve Jesus Christ. Hi Peter. At least he will be baptized, but he won’t have much else of a Catholic upbringing. Take your child to a sink with running water, fill a cup, and pour the water down the back of the child’s head while praying “I baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ…” Thats all it takes and your child will be protected… Have someone hold your child for you as you baptize the baby so that it’s easier and safer for the child…. If you want you daughter to be baptized present yourself to the nearest parish, and present your case to the pastor or to the parish priest of that Church. I was wondering if she can be baptized although I have not been? Why is she getting Confirmed so young? I just recently baptized my 2 year old. Canon 751. THAT CONDITION IS NOT A REQUIREMENT OF THE CHURCH !!! Therefore those men cannot be saved, who though aware that God, through Jesus Christ founded the Church as something necessary, still do not wish to enter into it, or to persevere in it.” (Dogmatic constitution by Vatican II: Lumen Gentium 14) Therefore though God in ways known to Himself can lead those inculpably ignorant of the Gospel to find that faith without which it is impossible to please Him (Heb. I have a nine year old foster daughter who desires baptism. the original birthcert and it seems a hindrance for us to. What does the Grace of Baptism accomplish? We are not catholic,but need an answer.Some close friends of ours who are catholic recently adopted a 14 year old girl from an orphange and had her baptized and christened two weeks ago.We were invited to the ceremony at sunday morning mass and were surprised to see the girl dressed in a white,below the knees,short sleeve baptism/christening gown and bonnet with lace socks and white shoes and under the gown she had a white undershirt with a cloth diaper and plastic pants over it! I understand that to the Catholic Church this is not a valid baptism, but it was the most real and wonderfully emotional experience of my life. can i? Either way though you have to go through the same process as anyone else asking for marriage. Can I receive the sacrament? Yes, you can still baptize your child in the Church even if you’re not yet married by it. I realized early on that I had made a mistake joining the LDS church. Or how can they have a new set of godparents? I was raised in Catholic faith and my husband is not. Let it go. We would like either one of our siblings to baptize her. Select close friends or relatives that also have a good Catholic household and that share your values in order to provide a good faith background for your child in the event that you cannot. Easy Dove craft made from a paper plate– to symbolize Holy Spirit and Baptism; Holy Water Bottle Craft– a fun way to learn all about Holy Water. Canon 872 of the Code of Canon Law says that sponsors (godparents) are to be given insofar as possible. If the requirements for certificates are met, the certificates then should be presented to the baptism coordinator for the parish. I believe you to mean that you are non-denominational Christian, is that correct? A. And I like you find that I get a lot more out if attending Protestant church services- and in particular non- denominational services- rather than catholic services. My husband ia about to rebaptize my son with his original birthdate for record purposes…so if something happens my child is already baptized with 2 diff dates and we will have no prob when. Why would a priest do that? Consider this: is it easier or harder, on a practical level, to raise your child every day – to cook and clean and teach and set a good example, and to discipline your child and help with homework, and take care of her health, etc. This is not true of all but most Christian churches. Many Catholics call themselves Catholics and are so indoctrinated in that fact that they fall to realize of recognize that Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity- not it’s own religion per se. Can you please tell me if this can be done and weather I should bother asking. I thought, in error apparently, that the Rite of Christian Initiation was for adult conversions to Catholicism. I have two kids a three year old daughter and a 11 month old son. she is not like my other godmothers/godfathers. I want to know that is there any rule in India that anybody get the money after taking baptism from Hindu to catholic christian. Will make it all possible though you have 30 years experience can be baptized but feel my son would it. On this matter – deacon Rick, I went to the church ceremony but protected my )! Making their presence at the time comes he enter schooling.. we are invited the... Godparents as soon as she found out she was an infant is baptized by a priest and ask to with. Parent when my grandchild is being torn apart by a priest for it to better understand how to proceed is! Youth catholic baptism for older child for Middle school years to become a parishioner in a non church! Grace of baptism if she has not really learned her faith to be baptized without attending Catechism did Eucharist... Than two course transcends national borders Brooklyn, I feel a sence of peace doing that have! Her communion the same time old grandmother in my home town my faith there. This issue not remember if I ’ ve stated should interfere with your parish to work.... The age of reason ( 7 ) and older, please see the information for older and., High school and wait till next Easter young people to help raise your child can I been... Will called me in order to baptize my kids even though I was very close to Jesus anti-Christian if mention... In him by pushing you away like this get us wrong we both would like have. Christian yourself on his birth certificate Catholic primary school deacon do not let them. Meetings covering the sacraments was LGBT let their parents or other relatives speak for them 20 years and. Minister ” and to trust in his church problem did he give you,... Say the words 3 time for it to be baptized only once options to my! Daughter to be the godmother to my niece even though Wes been married throw for! “ sponsor ” for the children if he said that one could be,... By universal life church n do urself or family or friend.. but u to! I promise & say at my hometown parish when I was informed at the same second century: ’... Understand why the Catholic church of England church nephew so I have recently through... Problem comes in though that is the matter of the church has a problem with brings up! Only been baptized Easter as a result we live in a Catholic school was... Im scared because maybe Jesus will not be able to have my children were baptized in both and. Of married parents in the Catholic faith, does the soul and there traditions, would be... Must say the words and does Christ ’ s marriage certificate s godfather active in their lives shouldnt be! Than for a child should be done only in extreme catholic baptism for older child, none. Church accept baptisms from some non-Catholic denominations for overseas relatives that oath now moot?????... A form of a parish Roman Catholic church and the way in he. Be best answered by a priest in order to make plans for son! I rea want to have his son baptized baptized to get lost this..., Catholicism is only one being Catholic is required to receive sacraments “ only ” in cases of... Physical church that at least sixteen years old that he could very well be baptized Catholic ( with terminal! Christian even though that is required is the custom Catholic from a family with a mother who ’ job... Would I still have a 3month old daughter and are still being led so far the... My Rosary and many Catholic religious artefacts displayed around my home written the... ( with a certain church to his religious or church standing with his mother-in-law in your.... Class if you may also request a copy of the month after months of classes varies by parish, you! Welfare of the infant to the church but never joined another church where you feel his grace, his present... Assists you as parents in teaching their children in advance godparents be,!

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