The Faculty of Administration and Public Management within the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies is identified by:

Name: Faculty of Public Administration and Management

Headquarters: Roman Square, Nr. 6, Sector 1, Bucharest

Phone: 021.319.19.00/01, Interior 552 or 553; Fax: 021.319.18.99

Abbreviations: FAMP, F.A.M.P, AMP Faculty

Faculty Day: May 24th

Official site:

Today is the day

We will start a new life

We have a way ahead

I turn to a new chance.

And I’m waiting! No no,

I do not want to wait

It matters the first step

I do not want to leave … beaten!


I have the spirit in me of the winner,

I’ll fight,

I’m going to fight,

For my future … yes!

I’m glad and proud

That I’m with you here

With passion and patience

You can get up!



O, o, o, o,

O, o, o, o,

We are at ASE!

We’re at AMP!


It’s mine, it’s yours,

It’s all!

It’s a wide gate

Open to the future!

With work, hope,

Desire and power,

Words are worthy

Towards a road as much as a fortune!


Dear colleagues,

Allow me to introduce myself:

I am young as you,

I express clearly and succinctly.

Just one thing

I’ll tell you again:

Dear colleagues from AMP,



Refren x 2:

O, o, o, o,

O, o, o, o,

We are at ASE!

We’re at AMP!


Lyrics: Dan Alexandru

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