Every year since 2005, The International Conference on Public Administration and Public Administration is organized.

In 2010, when the Faculty of Public Administration and Public Management was born, the 6th edition of this conference titled “Public Administration Management in Times of crisis” was held.

Each conference edition benefits from a new web page, the address being www.confcamp.ase.ro/ followed by the year of the conference.
For example, for the 6th edition of 2010, the web address is: www.confcamp.ase.ro/2010 and for the 2017 edition when the 13th edition of this conference took place, the address is www.confcamp.ase.ro/ 2017.

After the creation of the Human Resources specialization and the license program with the same name, a conference dedicated to Human Resources is organized every two years. In 2018, a conference titled “Human Resource Management and Public Organizational Performance” was held.