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Message by Prof. univ. dr. Elvira NICA

Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management

I affirm my credo that the Faculty of Administration and Public Management has revived the Academy of Economic Studies Tradition of “preparing for the functions of public administration with an economic character”, and that it has become a space of solid intellectual upbringing for the new generations of professionals in the field of Public Administration. Also, by creating the bachelor’s program “Human Resources”, in the field of Sociology, our faculty creates the possibility of forming prestigious specialists in the field of Human Resources, aligned with the dynamics of Romanian Society over the last years.

Over the course of its existence, inspired by prestigious universities both home and abroad, the Faculty of Administration and Public Management has earned its national and international prestige by offering bachelor and masters programs correlated and connected to the demands of the workplace.

The Faculty of Administration and Public Management offers unforgettable experiences, human relationships of the best quality and a stimulating learning environment, as well as a host of activities designed and carried out with the support of the social and business environment.

The Management of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management aims to cultivate sustainable directions anchored in the general management of the University, aiming at playing the role of a motor for evolution, for advancing toward “destinations of excellence” through a common and sustained effort, animated by the competence and professionalism of the members of the faculty collective.

Only a dynamic, ambitious and professional team working in the spirit of maintaining a natural harmony, both in relations with colleagues, as well as in those with the students seen as future specialists aiming to involve themselves in developing Romania for the Better, can continue, consolidate and develop the achievements of the not very numerous, but very valuable collective of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management, through actualizing of the innovative capacities and through adapting at the changes in the socio-economic  national and international environment.

We are a dynamic, ambitious and professional team!

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