Message from Professor Elvira NICA, Phd
Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management

Here at the Faculty for Administration and Public Management, we aim for excellence in both teaching and research.

As a teaching establishment, we keep the Bucharest University of Economic Studies tradition of providing high quality education at European Standards for our students alive. Our teachers are professionals which are both seasoned and passionate, and we’re proud to be a mix of both younger staff with fresh broad perspectives, and veterans which bring a wealth of experience to their teaching

As a research institution, we have 4 research centers and our teaching staff is very active networking, hosting and participating at specialty conferences both at a national and international level, and also writing books and research papers that are indexed both in national and international databases.

We take inspiration for our bachelor’s and master’s programs from prestigious international universities and keep to the same high standards when it comes to the quality that goes into the teaching experience. Both our Master’s and Bachelor’s programs are correlated among themselves and with the requirements of the Romanian and European Workforce Market.

These are not just pretty words. Our faculty really does emphasize and offers unforgettable experiences, due to the high focus on quality relationships of all our teaching staff. We create and cultivate high quality human relationships and do our best to offer a diverse and stimulating learning environment, with a host of activities created in partnership with the social and business environment.

We are proud to have a dynamic, ambitious and professional team who self-organizes and works in the spirit of a natural harmony, both among themselves, but also in relationship to our students. We don’t have many members within our faculty’s collective, but every single colleague we have is unique, valuable and brings something useful and one of a kind to the table.

Together, we keep the learning environment fresh, we adapt to the ever shifting landscape in the socio-economical environment both at a national and international level, and we keep up to date with the latest trends, developments and practices, all for the purpose of teaching and training Romania’s next generations of professionals in the fields of both Public Administration and Human Resources,