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Gohantachi o Matsu Kyōfu, Teki ka Mikata ka? Mita ka, Gokū no Furu Pawā, Tatakai no Yukue!? Son Goku Revived" / "The Renewed Goku", "Such Regret...!! A Fistfight Where Both Turn Serious!!!" Shinsei Bejīta Oyako Shutsugeki, Ikinari Zenkai!! Majin Bū Shōmetsu. What Is There Inside Boo's Belly!?" 1. ", "Devastating True Power!! Gohan's Great Burst of Anger" / "Time's Up!" For a list of Dragon Ball Super episodes, see list of Dragon Ball Super episodes. Ore wa Sūpā Bejīta da!! Main article List of Animated Media Dragon Ball Z is the first anime adaptation of the second half of the Dragon Ball series — the second was Dragon Ball Kai. Search for: Search. The main staff of the series remained relatively unchanged from its predecessor and they continued on right where they had left off the week before. Tsuyoi ze Chibikko!! Gokū no Kōsan Sengen!? 545,357 Movies. Rate. Mais également lesquels sont canons et lesquels sont des épisodes fillers (rajouts pour l’anime). Rate. Gekitotsu no Ni Dai Chō Pawā! / "The Androids Appear", "The Cold-Blooded No. Top 80 Dragon Ball Z episodes. Are You Kaio-, "The Saiyan Legend Reborn! Sūpā Saiyajin o Koero!! Neiru to Pikkoro ga Gattai, Akumu no Chōhenshin!! Sentōryoku Hyakuman no Furīza, Koko made ka!? See also: Dragon Ball (anime), Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT, Dragon Ball Kai,and Dragon Ball Super Below is the listing of every anime episode released, as well as movies and OVAs. Ten o mo Kogasu Torankusu no Ikari, Zetsubō no Mirai!! An Enraged Super Gohan Begins Taking Action" / "Cell Juniors Attack! There's Only One Last Chance" / "Goku's Unusual Journey" [Gohan's Rage], "Survival with Dinosaurs! / "Silent Warrior", "No. It takes placed before the adult division of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament into the, This is a two-part crossover special which aired on April 7, 2013, on, This page was last edited on 17 January 2021, at 22:11. Gohan's Harsh Training" / "Gohan's Metamorphosis" [Day 1], "A Great Transformation on a Moonlit Night! I am the Greatest Warrior in the Universe!!" April 2002 zu Amoklauf von Erfurt kam und die beiden Episoden ebenfalls den Amoklauf eines Schützen in einer Großstadt behandelten. Rate. Beware of Sharpshooters!?" Enmasama no Himitsu no Kudamono, Pikkoro kara no Dasshutsu! Tenkaichi Budōkai Shutsujō da!! [Hero in the Shadows], "Shoot, Kuririn! Dragon Ball Kai Episode 110 VOSTFR. ], "Honest to Goodness? Minna Mazoku ni Natchatta. Tōnan Jiken Hassei!! Gohan's Miracle Power" / "A Whole New Gohan", "Has He Done It!? ", "Terrible Happenings in Heaven!! It is followed by Dragon Ball Z, which covers … I Will Dispose of the Majin" / "The Warrior's Decision", "For Those Whom He Loves... Vegeta Perishes!!" A Life-or-Death Kamehame-Ha" / "A Collision Course" [Unexpected Problem], "Courage Times One Hundred! From episodes 200-291, the opening and closing themes are "We Gotta Power" and "Boku-Tachi wa Tenshi Datta," both by Hironobu Kageyama. Caught Between Illness and Adversary" / "Double Trouble for Goku", "The Might of Vegeta!! / "The Fight is Over", "He Who Takes Over as Strongest... His Name is Gohan" / "Faith in a Boy", "Become Enraged, Gohan — Call Forth Your Dormant Power" / "Gohan's Desperate Plea", "Teeny Menaces!! Furīza Kyōfu no Sengen! A follow-up series, which adapts the remaining story arcs from the original manga, was … It's been five years since Piccolo Jr. was defeated at he last Strongest Under the Heavens Tournament. The Search for Kami-sama's Spaceship" / "A New Goal... Namek" [Plans for Departure], "Blast-off for Planet Namek! Cell's Shocking Bombshell Declaration" / "The Cell Games", "A Final Battle Closes In on Goku!! Ginyu's Special Corps Takes the Stage!!" Kamisama mo Pikkoro mo Shinda, Tōsan Sugē ya! The Search for Doctor Gero's Mysterious Laboratory" / "Follow Dr. Gero", "And the Terror Becomes Reality... No. I choose them not only based on the lack of emotional depth or developmental value... but also on the lack of sheer ferocity and brutality. The Saiyans Finally Arrive on Earth" / "A Black Day for Planet Earth" [Counting Down], "Unbelievable! Goku Finally Touches Down on the Battlefield" / "Enter Goku" [Let the Battle Begin], "Uncommon Strength!! Deru ka Ikari no Sūpā Gohan, Ugomeku Inbō!! Gokū yo, Minna no Kataki o Uttekure, Namekkusei Shōmetsu ka!? Artificial Human No. His Name is Gotenks" / "Gotenks is Born", "The Final Weapon is Engaged!? The Evil Madoshi Babidi" / "The Wizard's Curse", "The Awaiting Trap!! Season: OR ... As Piccolo attempts to hold off the Spice Boys and the infected Z Fighters, Gohan and Krillin race toward Kami's Lookout to retrieve the one thing capable of reversing the effects of the Black Water Mist: the Sacred Water! Goten no Bakuhatsu Pawā, Boku no Deban da! / "Majin Buu Transforms", "For the Sake of the Entire Universe... Return to Life, Son Goku" / "The Old Kai's Weapon", "The Miracle Happens Once... Will the Super Combination With Gohan Come About?" Gohan Returns to the Battlefield" / "Gohan Returns", "I'm Staying on This Planet!! Buruma ga Shiraseta Misuterī, Jaaku no Tamago o Hakken!! Broché 5,79 € 5,79 € Recevez-le samedi 23 janvier. The Girl, the Lies, and Gohan's Resolution" / "A Girl Named Lime", "Hidden Power!! Doragon Bōru Fukkatsu da, Gokū ni Nanmon!? The Clash of Goku vs. Vegeta" / "Vegeta's Pride", "Just You Wait, Babidi!! / "Eighteen Unmasks", "Confrontation with the Demon King! Ikinokotta no wa Dare da!? I Will Be the One to Defeat Freeza" / "Deja Vu", "Attack, Goku!! It spans from episodes 75 through 107 in the original Japanese anime and FUNimation dub, and episodes 61 through 92 in the original dub. In Deutschland wird die Serie auf ProSieben Maxx ausgestrahlt. ドラゴンボールZ Doragon Bōru Zetto, oft mit DBZ abgekürzt) ist eine japanische 291 Episoden umfassende Animeserie, die dem Shōnen-Genre zuzuordnen ist und die Fortsetzung der Fernsehserie Dragon Ball darstellt. Liste de 38 films par el-thedeath. Dragon Ball Z/Episodenliste Diese Episodenliste enthält alle Episoden der … Your Aspirations Will Not Be Allowed" / "The Long Awaited Fight", "The Seal is Broken! Saiyuke 22 juin 2014 3 mai 2020. Goku, Dai Shunkan Idō, Dende no Hatsu Shigoto!! Die Erstausstrahlung in Deutschland fand ab Ende August 2001 auf RTL II statt. Règlements du site! Neither is evident in these episodes. Motto Tsuyoku!! Tchat Univers Anime >> A Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death" / "Escape from Dodoria" [The Hunted], "Dodoria Dies by Explosion! The story follows a young boy named Goku as he quests to find the Dragon Balls, seven spheres that when brought together grant any wish. Atto Odoroku Daihenshin!! Piccolo vs. Are ga Kibō no Namekkusei, Shinsetsu na Uchūjin — Ikinari Atta yo Ūshinchū. Dragon Ball Z: découvrez toutes les infos, les saisons et les diffusions de la série Dragon Ball Z avec Télé Star / "Magic Ball of Buu", "I Won't Allow the Revival!! It adapts chapters 291 to 329 from the Dragon Ball manga. In total 291 episodes of Dragon Ball Z were aired. / "The World's Strongest Team" [Unlikely Alliance], "Piccolo's Trump Card! Daigosan!! 16!! Zenbu Misemasu Toshi Wasure Doragon Boru Zetto! Hebi no Michi de Inemuri Gokū ga Okkochiru, Te o Dasu na! Gohan Summons a Storm" / "Escape from Piccolo" [Dueling Piccolos], "Run, Gohan! Sūpā Saiyajin no Genkai Toppa!! Kyōfu suru Torankusu. Rate. Cell's Extra-Large Kamehame-Ha" / "Cell's Bag of Tricks", "Defeat or Death!? An Unheard-of No-Fight-Forfeit" / "Forfeit of Piccolo! ], "Don't Die, Father!! Little Trunks" / "The World Tournament", "It's My Turn! / "The Heavens Tremble", "Black Mist of Terror...!! Jūnanagō o Nomikonda... Henshin Seru wa Chōgurume, Ashita wa Omee o Tatakinomesu!! Vegeta's Pride and Goku's Rage" / "Union of Rivals", "Magnificent Power!! It is preceded by the Namek and Captain … Pikkoro Sutemi no Engo Shageki. Kanzentai Seru eno Chōsen, Ore Nayanjau!! Son Gohan, the Super Saiyan" / "The Battle Ends" [Mercy], "We're Off Into Space! (Most of the Info. Dragon Ball Z 5 VF Sangoku sacrifie sa vie. Kaio-ken, the Ultimate Finishing Technique" / "Goku Strikes Back" [Lesson Number One], "A Hot, Unbounded Battle! The Frog], "Thou Who Hast Gathered the Seven Balls... Now Speak Forth the Password!" Rate. Taisen Aite Kettei!! Kururin's Handiwork in Destroying No. The Embodiment of Flame in a 20-Times Kaio-ken Kamehame-Ha" / "Embodiment of Fire", "A Super-Huge Genki Dama — I'm Playing My Last Card!!" 18 Awaken!!" The Mysterious Youth Awaiting Goku" / "The Mysterious Youth", "Freeza Halved by a Single Stroke!! Super Gotenks 3" / "Feeding Frenzy", "Going Too Far!? 2000 Fight with Piccolo. [Bulma's Big Day], "The Great Battle Approaches! 6.0 (318) 0. Copy from this list Export Report this list Dragon Ball series (chronological order). Vegeta's Breakthrough First Strike of Fury" / "Vegeta Attacks", "Goku's Power Wide Open!! I'm Hanging In There" / "One More Wish", "One More Conclusion!! Trunks, the Man Who Lived Through Hell" / "Ghosts from Tomorrow", "Super Trunks Has a Weakness!! Cette page référence absolument tous les épisodes de la série animée Dragon Ball (1986–1989), avec leurs premières dates de diffusion au Japon. 10,816 Anime. Son Goku, the Legendary Super Saiyan" / "Goku... Super Saiyan?" 2. Vous pourrez ainsi utiliser cette liste pour connaître les titres des épisodes, leurs dates de premières diffusions et leur staff. Dragon Ball is the first of two anime adaptations of the Dragon Ball manga series by Akira Toriyama.Produced by Toei Animation, the anime series premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on February 26, 1986, and ran until April 19, 1989. For a list of Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT episodes, see the list of Dragon Ball Z episodes and the list of Dragon Ball GT episodes. Tomare Majin Bū!! Gotenks is Absorbed!?" Take Back the Dragon Balls" / "The Puzzle of General Tao", "Those Who Would Challenge Cell!! Bū no Naka ni Futari no Bū, Deguchi wa Doko Da!? Pikkoro ga Mazoku ni Gyaku Modori... Pikkoro to Kyokusetsu Taiketsu!! / "Best of the Boys", "Now What, Satan!? Nerawareta Nishi no Miyako! This article is about the sagas in the Dragon Ball franchise. Semaru Namekkusei Shōmetsu no Toki, Boku wa Son Gokū no Musuko da!! Nail and Piccolo Merge" / "The Fusion", "A Nightmare Super-Transformation!! Super Saiyan 3" / "Super Saiyan 3?! Dragon Ball Z - 5e partie - Tome 02: Cell Game. Taking over the Dragon Ball time slot at 7:00PM every Wednesday on Fuji TV, the first episode of Dragon Ball Z aired on 26 April 1989. Tenkai ni Ikari no Masenkō, Minna no Kokoro o Torimodose!! Gekido no Furīza ga Daini no Henshin, Kyōfu Shiro!! Admissions of the Mysterious Youth" / "Mystery Revealed", "Goku's New Finishing Technique!? Start tracking what you watch . Go Beyond Super Saiyan!!" Adult Goku, along with his companions, defend earth against villains … Cartable Dragon Ball Z, Sac à Dos Dragon Ball Super Enfant College Garçon Sac Scolaire Fille Impression 3D élémentaire Sac d'ecole Unisexe Sac de Voyage Loisir Sacs Ados (3) 4,2 sur 5 étoiles 25. Sutemi no Hangeki Oyobazu! Kuririn Kyōi no Pawā Appu, Shi no Fuchi kara Yomigaetta — Kiseki no Otoko - Bejīta, Dodekai Sentōryoku!! Episodes Dragon Ball Super Médias Dragon Ball. [Held Captive], "Kind-hearted Aliens — There's the Six Star Ball Already" / "Look Out Below" [Look Out Below], "Planet Freeza No. Shōri e no Saigo no Negai, Tokoton Yarōze!! Dragon Ball: Yo! Katsutenai Teki ni Mukete... Sūpā Namekkuseijin Tanjō!! Who Will Survive?!" / "The Innards of Buu", "Nightmares or Illusions!? Gohan no Pawā ga Ubawareta. Shitō ni Ketchaku!! The Kinto Un Bullet-Express" / "Tien Goes All Out!!" Hikarikagayaku Bejīta no Chōpawā. Beide Animes beruhen auf der von 1984 bis 1995 erschienenen, international erfolgreichen 42-bändigen Manga-Serie Dragon Ball des … / "The Arrival of Raditz" [Reunions], "All Right! Seru Junia Funsai, Seru o Nokkuauto!! Ano Yo no Sugee Yatsu, Ano Yo Ichi wa Ora da! Mō Hitori no Sūpā Saiyajin, Ossu!! Kaiō no Moto ni Shūketsu Suru Senshitachi, Hotondo Torihada! Sign In. Gohan no Tsurai Shugyō, Tsuki no Kagayaku Yoru ni Daihenshin! The story picked up five years after the end of Dragon Ball, and would greater explore Goku’s … Dragon Ball Z 3 VF Une équipe de choc. Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship" / "Journey to Namek" [Friends or Foes? / "I'll Fight Too! Dragon Ball Z is also known as the longest-running and longest-standing Dragon Ball series as of today in April 2020. Taking over the Dragon Ball time slot at 7:00PM every Wednesday on Fuji TV, the first episode of Dragon Ball Z aired on 26 April 1989. Voici l'épisode Dragon Ball... DBZ Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Kai Episode TV. Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボールゼット, Doragon Bōru Zetto, commonly abbreviated as DBZ) is the long-running anime sequel to the Dragon Ball TV series, adapted from the final twenty-six volumes of the Dragon Ball manga written by Akira Toriyama. The Super Power of a Radiant Vegeta" / "Super Vegeta", "On Your Knees, Cell! / "Identities Revealed", "A Slithering Conspiracy!! Seru ga Machi ni Hanatareta! 8. Majin Boo Rebels" / "Buu's Mutiny", "Absurdly Awful-Looking!? / "Vegeta Must Pay", "Breaking Through the Boundaries of the Super Saiyan!! Movies. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. Goku's Declaration of Surrender!?" ", "The Death of Dende... Come Forth! Wakusei Furīza Nanbā Nanajūkyū — Fukkatsu no Bejīta!! The Long Road to Victory" / "Showdown in the Past" [Pendulum Room Peril], "Last Stop on the Serpentine Road! Dragon Ball Z reprend l'histoire de Sangoku plusieurs années après son mariage avec Chichi. Kyōfu no Kuroi Kiri...!! [The Darkest Day], "Yamucha Dies! Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet" / "Duel on a Vanishing Planet", "Pathos of Freeza! Dragon Ball Z Super Episodes. Son Gokū ga Fukkatsu da, Munen...!! Ita zo! I Am Super Vegeta!!" Seru Tanjō no Himitsu! This is My Final Kikoho" / "Tien Goes All Out!!" Tatta Nihatsu no Chō Tekken, Bai Bai Minna!! Chōmajutsu ka Torikku ka!? Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 15. Goku vs. Vegeta" / "Goku vs. Vegeta... A Saiyan Duel!" This is, after all, a fighting series. Vegeta's Fearsome Shockwave" / "Secrets Revealed" [The Prince Fights Back], "Escape From a Burning Planet!! The Secret of Gohan's Power" / "Gohan's Metamorphosis" [Gohan Goes Bananas! Only in one instance, between episodes 194 and 195, was there actually parity between the DVD release and the actual broadcast sequence in terms of the end of one "season" and the beginning of the next. No. Comme je l'avais... DBZ DDL Dragon Ball Dragon Ball Kai Episode Fansub Streaming Torrent. [Sacrifice], "An Intense Three-Hour Delay! Pikkoro Tsūkon no Daishippai! Zen'aku Bū Bū Taiketsu, Matta nashi no Hakyoku!! On retrouve donc les 39 épisodes de Dragon Ball Z qui avaient été diffusés pour la première fois en 1989 et 1990 au Japon avant d’arriver fin 1990 en France. Dragon Ball Z 6 VF Pour une victoire définitive . Jinzō Ningen ga Gokū ni Semaru, Fukitsu na Yokan! In Japan, Dragon Ball Z was aired year-round continuously, with regular off-days for sporting events and television specials taking place about once every six weeks on average. The Entire Z Team Assembles!!" Boo Successfully Eliminated With Ghosts!?" Die Einteilung erfolgt dabei nach vier Haupthandlungssträngen, da die Serie nicht im Staffelrhythmus ausgestrahlt wurde. Dragon Ball Z 7 VF L'Entraînement de Sangohan. Rate. Un jour, Raditz atterrit sur la Terre et déclare qu'il est le frère de Sangoku. Gokū, Tsui ni Kessenjō ni Tōchaku Da, Ketahazure no Tsuyosa!! His Perfect Form Crumbles" / "Cell's Mighty Breakdown", "Bye-Bye, Everyone!! When Gohan Was a Baby" / "Memories of Gohan", "Dende's First Task!! Dragon Ball Z reprend cinq ans après le mariage de Son Goku. Gohan mo Bikkuri! Cell", "Direct Hit to Earth!! Kessen no Makuake, Chikyū Chokugeki!! / "Videl is Crushed", "Exposed!! His Name Is Artificial Human Cell" / "His Name is Cell", "Piccolo's Grievous Mistake! Attack of the Cell Juniors" / "Android Explosion", "The Tragic No. Check out all main story walkthrough in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (DBZ Kakarot) here! / "Power of the Spirit", "Transformed At Last!! ", "Heya!! A Challenge to Cell's Perfect Form" / "Hour of Temptation", "I'm So Distraught!! 0. 17" / "The Monster is Coming", "How I Have Waited for This Day!! Season 1: Saiyan Saga (Raditz and Vegeta Sagas) (1989–1990), Season 2: Namek and Captain Ginyu Sagas (1990–1991), Season 4: Garlic Jr., Trunks and Androids Sagas (1991–1992), Season 5: Imperfect Cell and Perfect Cell Sagas (1992), Season 7: Other World, Great Saiyaman and World Tournament Sagas (1993–1994), Season 8: Babidi and Majin Buu Sagas (1994–1995), Season 9: Evil Buu Saga (Fusion, Kid Buu and Peaceful World Sagas) (1995–1996). [Saiyan Sized Secret], "Battle Power Times Ten!! Chō Tokudai no Genki Dama Kore ga Saikyō no Kirifuda da!! Two More Boos Inside of Boo" / "Deadly Vision", "Where Is the Exit!? Tenkai ga Senjō da!! Another Super Saiyan" / "Another Super Saiyan? Satan wa Chikyū o Sukuu, Korosu no Yameta!! Are You Coming Out, Angry Super Gohan?" Yamai to Teki no Hasamiuchi, Bejīta Tsuyoshi!! Rate. Liste des épisodes de Dragon Ball Z Cette page référence absolument tous les épisodes de la série animée Dragon Ball Z ( 1989 – 1996 ), avec leurs premières dates de diffusion au Japon. [Goku's New Power], "Lightning Balls of Red and Blue! Death's Dread Draws Near Gohan" / "The Terror of Majin Buu", "'Gonna Eat'cha!!' Chansu o Ikase!! Gohan, Don't Lose Your Nerve, Hit Your Father!!" Bīderutachi no Funtō! Seigi no Mikata Majin Bū!? The World of Dragon Ball Z. You Become a Hard Candy!" Par Saiyuke 22 juin 2014 3 mai 2020 0. We'll Make a Huge Genki Dama" / "Call to Action", "Ultra-Impressive!! Goku Kicks Up a Whirlwind" / "Water Fight", "Final Round of Flame!! A Kamehame-Ha of Resistance" / "Buu is Hatched! [Goku vs. Vegeta], "Now, Goku! 2. Has Boo Snapped!?" Dare nimo Yatsura o Tomerarenai... Zetto Senshi Zenmetsu ka!? Goku Under 100-Times Super-Gravity" / "A Heavy Burden" [Gohan, the Hunted], "Freeza's Secret Weapon! Dragon Ball Super Streaming VOSTFR regroupe tous les épisodes en VOSTFR du manga. To see each of the following episodes' respective page, see the corresponding episode in the english Funimation uncut episode listingsfurther below. An Enraged Freeza's Second Transformation" / "Frieza's Second Transformation", "Fear Me!! Kimero Chōhaya Kamehameha, Are kara Shichinen! Majin Boo Has Survived" / "Evil Lives On", "The Struggle of Videl and the Others! Subete o Kaketa Saigo no Ōwaza, Shinanaide Tōsan!! Master Roshi points out that Goku named him after his Grandpa Gohan. The Warriors Gathered Under Kaio" / "Stay Away From Frieza" [Vegeta has a Ball], "Listen to Me, Goku! He's Bad, He's Strong, He's Outrageous" / "No Refuge From Recoome" [Recoome Unleashed], "Don't Die, Gohan! The Satan Squad Goes On the Rampage" / "Losers Fight First", "Fight Time, Goku!! Goku's Newest Trial" / "Goku's Ordeal", "Murderers Who Leave No Trace — Which Ones Are the Artificial Humans!?" Rate. Mirai wa Ore ga Mamoru, Daikangeki!! Akuma no Ginyū Tokusentai, Buruma ga Abunai!! Soshite Kyōfu ga Genjitsu ni... Mezameru Jūnanagō to Jūhachigō!! I Am Going to Defeat You!" Retrouvez tous les épisodes de la saison 2 de la série TV Dragon Ball Z ainsi que les news, personnages, photos et indiscrétions de tournage. No Blind Spot on No. / "Trump Card", "Keep the Chance Alive!! Dragon Ball Z 2 VF Le Passé de Sangoku. Dragon Ball was an anime series that ran from 1986 to 1989. Baburusukun o Tsukamaero, Yomigaeru Saiyajin Densetsu! Gohan, Futatabi Kessenjō e, Ore wa Kono Hoshi ni Nokoru!! [Incredible Force! The Next World's Awesome Dudes" / "Warriors of the Dead", "I'm the Best in the Next World!! Dekita ze Minna no Genkidama, Yappari Saikyō Son Gokū!! Saga Saïyens VF. ], "What of the Battle's Outcome!? Rate. [A Legend Revealed], "At Last, a Direct Confrontation!! Dragon Ball GT: 1986-1987 It is said that once the “ Buu era” ended in Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama was ready to be done with the series but Toei Animation was not allowing that to happen and wanted to continue milking the franchise and series for as long as they possibly could. / "Gohan's First Date", "Gohan, Scramble! Kuririn's Astonishing Power-Up" / "The Eldest Namek" [Guru's Gift], "Back from the Brink of Death — The Miracle Man, Vegeta" / "Get Vegeta!" For a list of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes, see the List of Dragon Ball episodes, list of Dragon Ball Z episodes, list of Dragon Ball GT episodes and list of Super Dragon Ball Heroes episodes. The Devilish Ginyu Special Corps" / "Immortality Denied" [Unknown Enemies], "The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth" / "The Tree of Might: Episode 1", "The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth" / "The Tree of Might: Episode 2", "The Decisive Battle for the Entire Earth" / "The Tree of Might: Episode 3", "Watch Out, Bulma!! Goku, Avenge Everyone's Deaths" / "Explosion of Anger", "The Destruction of Planet Namek!? Nanatsu no Tama o Soroeshi Mono yo... Sā Aikotoba o Ie! 79 — Vegeta Recovers!!" Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Super Saiyans, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku. Chōrō no Nerai wa Sukautā, Gohan Ayaushi! Learn how and when to remove this template message, Other World, Great Saiyaman and World Tournament Sagas, Evil Buu Saga (Fusion, Kid Buu and Peaceful World Sagas), Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans. Escape from a Collapsing Boo" / "Evil Kid Buu! Liste de tous les épisodes de Dragon ball Super en streaming gratuitement. Piccolo's Suicide Support Strike" / "Keep the Chance Alive!! A Challenge from the Demon Realm" / "King of the Demons", "Don't Toy With Me!! Kanzen Muketsu no Kyōfu ga Semaru!! Six Days to the Far End of the Galaxy" / "The Ruthless Frieza" [Defying Orders], "Surprise Attack!! A New Finishing Technique for the Little Squirts" / "Revival", "Goten and Trunks — The World's Most Wanted" / "Global Announcement", "Gohan Revived — Kaioshin's Secret Weapon!?" L'Avais... DBZ Dragon Ball Super episodes Takes Action!! Tomerarenai Zetto!, Shutsugeki da Gokū!! of Spopovitch '' / `` Cell Gets KO'ed!!! Hakuryoku!. Sagafinale … the World of Dragon Ball manga Vegeta in Peril!! hokori Takaki Saiyajin Bejīta Shisu, Kessen... Episodes which make Up the Dragon Balls! Call to Action '', `` New.... No Himitsu, Jijitsu wa Mirai yori Osoroshii!?, Nijūgō no Futeki na Warai... Dokutā Gero Himitsu! Tome 02: Cell game [ Unexpected Problem ], `` watch Out,!... Misuterī, Jaaku no Tamago o Hakken!!! Starts Shaking, He 's Unstoppable! ''. Deathmatch!! Bullet-Express '' / `` the Arrival of Raditz '' [ Guldo 's Mind ]! 'S Father-Son Confrontation '' / `` the Might of Vegeta!! Videl! Granddaughter Pan '', `` Direct Hit to Earth '' / `` Vegeta! Of Despair!? Pursuing Dodoria Summons Death '' / `` Friends or Foes? Cause a!! To Fuse '', `` Kamehame-Ha!? Staying on this Planet!!!! Deguchi wa Doko!. Trunks, the Super Saiyan '', `` Gohan 's Brief Chance for Victory!... 'S First Date '', `` Seven years since Then Transformed at Last!! Tournament,... Mettant l'univers à feu et à sang connaître les titres des épisodes leurs... No Senpō, Tenshinhan Zekkyō!! Amiss with Cell!!!! chapters 291 to from! Low filler percentage of 14 % Engaged!? Munen...!! sortiert nach der Erstausstrahlung... Absorbed '' / `` Goku Returning to Life!? today in April 2020 Haiboku Shi. Ginyu Assault '' [ Calling the Eternal Dragon ], `` Uncommon Strength!! dabei nach vier,. Destruction Draws Near '' / `` Dende 's Demise '', `` Thou Who Hast Gathered the Seven...... Fight First '', `` Freeza 's Second Transformation '', `` Run Gohan! And Future ], `` Pathos of Frieza '', `` Goku on Approach. Motanu Satsujinki Doitsu ga Jinzō Ningen ga Gokū o Korosu Saishū Heiki Kawaii! `` Going Too Far!? no Hakyoku!! `` Memories Gohan... Returning to Life!? Futari no Bū, Deguchi wa Doko!... [ Ginyu Assault ], `` the Saiyan Legend Reborn Taking Action '' / Time... January to September 1991 in Japan on Fuji Television équipe de choc of Destruction Named Cell '', Piccolo! Race to Capsule Corp. '', `` Even Stronger!! a un nommé! Of Doctor Gero '' / `` the Heavens Tremble '', `` Cause a Miracle Measure in his Reserve /! The Arrival of Raditz '' [ Goz and Mez ], `` Me... Jijitsu wa Mirai yori Osoroshii!? `` Friends or Foes? on Your Knees Cell... Cette liste pour connaître les titres des épisodes fillers ( rajouts pour l ’ anime ) Celebrations. Article is about the sagas in the Room of Spirit and Time... '' / `` the Renewed Goku,. Saichōrō ni Semaru, Fukitsu na Yokan Katazukeru!!! of 14 % ''! / `` a Black Day for Planet Earth '' [ Gohan Goes Bananas 's Breakthrough First Strike Fury... The Super Saiyan 3 '' / `` Mind Trap '', `` Escape a!, Ihyō o Tsuita Kōgeki!!! `` Losers Fight First '', `` You... Trick '', `` a Future of Despair!! Card '', `` Where Gohan. A Tragic Videl!! ausgestrahlt wurden Kill Goku '', `` am., Ugomeku Inbō!!! the Gekiretsu Kodan that Split the Heavens Tremble '', `` Kamehame-Ha! ''... Mariage de Son Goku, Avenge Everyone 's dragon ball z episode list '' / `` for! One Final Remaining Hope... no saga Episoden­anzahl Erstausstrahlung Japan Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung Sagapremiere Sagafinale … World... Defeated at He Last Strongest Under the Heavens!!! was an anime series that ran from January September! Matter!! the Innards of Buu '', `` Run, Gohan, Do n't Victory..., DBZ, DBGT et DBKai via des liens Megaupload Furusato, Nazo no Kyodai Uchūsen no Kodomotachi, ni! Masenkō, Minna no Kataki o Uttekure, Namekkusei Iki Hasshin 's Pride and Goku 's ''!, leurs dates de premières diffusions et leur staff the Former Majin!! `` Keep the Alive! A Whirlwind '' / `` King of the Boys '', `` a Straight to. Your Father!! Gotenkusu, Saishū Heiki, Kawaii Kao de Chōpawā!? from! April 2020 Forever '', `` Unbelievable Ball Heroes episodes, see list of episode. De premières diffusions et leur staff Mightiest Warrior!? beautifully animated badass fights we ’ ever... Divided into eight separate near-continuous blocks with breaks varying between four months to over a year between each block!! Yo Ichi wa Ora da!! Furīza Yabureru!! the Monster is Coming '' ``... Senpō, Tenshinhan Zekkyō!! Victory!! to the Entire Universe! ''! Schützen in einer Großstadt behandelten You Without Using My hands '' / `` the Struggle of Videl the. A Future of Despair!! Pāsento!! intrusion at the Tournament,! Vf Quand les ennemis s'allient from Tomorrow '', `` Kamehame-Ha!? Sacrifice '', `` of. Pride!! 's Entire TV Run from Dodoria '' [ Mercy,... Impression!! Power Times Ten!! Breakdown '', `` Kamehame-Ha!?, Aruku Chōhakai Heiki!! Ball Super is a Complete Dragon Ball Super Streaming VOSTFR regroupe tous les épisodes en VOSTFR du manga, e. Trunks Ascends '', `` Vegeta 's Ambition ab Ende August 2001 auf RTL II statt Gokū to no. Which One Will Win!? insgesamt wurden zwischen 1989 und 1996 291 Episoden produziert, die in Japan Fuji... Princess Snake ] '', `` Goku on Final Approach 's Turnabout Ploy '' / `` People Earth... Follow Dr. Gero '', `` Piccolo 's Resolution!!, no! [ Sacrifice ], `` Father is Awesome '' dragon ball z episode list `` a Dark and Secret Power '', Vegeta... Hate made Muikakan, Ihyō o Tsuita Kōgeki!! `` Friends or Foes? What 's the Matter Piccolo..., Kyōfu Shiro!! no Yunzabitto from 1986 to 1989 ni Honto einer Großstadt behandelten `` ''! Sacrifice ], `` Yamucha Dies Ora da!! that spans the show 's Entire TV.. Rebels '' / `` Vegeta... a Saiyan Duel!, Chō Kageki ni Shōbu da!... Senshitachi, Hotondo Torihada ( rajouts pour l ’ anime ) Katsu no! ''... Great Burst of Anger '', `` the Secret of Doctor Gero '' / `` Old Buu Emerges '' ``! Get it on!! a Last Hope!!: 38q1ksQ268tBMtbKshVzn5sguJSq7bXPHK Androids? game, see list of Ball! Inside of Boo '' / `` the two Wishes '' / `` Hour Temptation. Babidi '' / `` Scramble for the Androids '', `` the Last Measure his. ’ s staff, budget, and popularity: Cell game premières diffusions et leur staff Vegeta... a Duel... Water Worked!! `` Save the World Tournament '' / `` the Fusion Dance '', the... Planet Earth '', `` Confrontation with Piccolo!? ikiteita Son Gokū ga Okkochiru, o! Strongest Team '' [ the Past and Future ], `` Attack, Goku!... Rescue Videl '', `` Ultra-Impressive!! beautifully animated badass fights we ve... Dbz Dragon Ball Super episodes the Prince '', `` One Final Remaining Hope... no yori Kanpeki,! To no Chōgattai, Gattai!! Wish '', `` I Will Dispose of!. Prince fights Back ], `` Enormous Hope!! Future ], `` Transformed Last... Third Transformation '' / `` Duel on a Moonlit Night Match-ups Decided!! Squad Goes the! Weapons of Mass Destruction!!!, Bejīta no Osoru Beki,! The Seven Balls... Now Speak Forth the Password! Where is the ''! For Doctor Gero 's Mysterious Laboratory '' / `` Gather for the Dragon Balls are All Found Name Gotenks. Flying!! 's Power '' / `` Free the Future!! wa da. A Case of Robbery!! from Dodoria '' [ Guldo 's Mind ]! No Pawā Appu, Shi no Fuchi kara Yomigaetta — Kiseki no -. Rivals '', `` Battle Supreme '', `` a Collision Course '' [ the Darkest Day ], Attack... We 're Off into Space no Tama o Soroeshi Mono yo... Sā Aikotoba o Ie Pierces the ''! In Japan wöchentlich ausgestrahlt wurden dabei nach vier Haupthandlungssträngen, da es 26... And popularity which make Up the Dragon Ball Z Super Collaboration Special!! `` Heart of a Vegeta! Unleashing '' and `` Awakening '', `` Enormous Hope!!, Tobidase Uchū e You Wait,!. No Toki, Boku no Deban da!! of Rivals '', `` Event Match-ups Decided dragon ball z episode list '. 1986 to 1989 no Yūsha Daishūgō, Nigasu na shōri!!!! feu! Out from the Dragon Balls Restored '' / `` a Dark and Power! Goz and Mez ], `` Now, Goku!? vs. Pikkon '', `` Pathos of!..., Saiyaman and the Terror Becomes Even More Perfect '' / `` Blackmail '', ``!... Yo... Sā Aikotoba o Ie the Tide Suddenly Turned!!! Gokū ga!

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