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© 2021 Wikisimpsons. She is of Asian (possibly Chinese) heritage and has a stereotypical Asian accent. It first aired on the Fox network in the United States on January 6, 2008. Burn the house down! 3 on their list of the "Top 25 Simpsons Peripheral Characters," behind Sideshow Bob and Troy McClure. Ralph Wiggum Background information. Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Ralph, raises her eyebrows whenever she performs Ralph's voice. The Parody Wiki. Wiki Content. Recently Changed Pages. At first bored, Bart ends up having fun after they steal Ralph's father's master key to the city, the convoluted consequences of which almost result in the electrocution of Mayor Quimby. Edit. Wiki Content. Ralph Wiggum | Simpsons Character Guide Wiki | Fandom. Otto Mann, bus driver. Ralph is a well-meaning boy who suffers from either severe learning and social disabilities, and/or some other form of childhood psychiatric disorder. Ralph is not present in Season 1 or 2, as he spends a prolonged amount of time in Miami overseeing the family's real estate interests from spring 1999 to mid-2000, returning following the … "My Cats Breathe Smells like Cat Food" -Ralph Wiggum Name: Ralph Wiggum Age: 8 Occupation: Student at Springfield Elementary School Hair: Blue Voiced By: … It's easy, free, and your work on the wiki can be attributed to you. [24] Adult Ralph in "Bart to the Future" also has light brown hair. Although his beginnings were that of a tertiary child character along the same lines as Lisa's on-and-off friend Janey, he has since become one of the more prominent secondary characters on the show, even being the focus or at least a major character of some episodes. [5] When he was a baby, his father dropped him on his head. [5] On one occasion, Bart is forced by his mother Marge to play with Ralph. Ralph Derek Simpson, né le 10 août 1949 à Détroit dans le Michigan, est un ancien joueur américain de basket-ball. The inconclusive nature of his character seems to be one of his only consistencies, and has even been used as a joke in itself a few times such as Ralph being poached by the Chicago Tribune. [1] The son of Police Chief Wiggum, Ralph is a classmate of Lisa Simpson and an odd child noted for his frequent non-sequiturs and bizarre behavior. Ralph Wiggum | Simpsons fanon Wiki | … Nancy Cartwright Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective,, Articles that may contain original research from April 2020, All articles that may contain original research, Articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction from May 2018, All articles that need to differentiate between fact and fiction, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from March 2017, All articles with vague or ambiguous time, Vague or ambiguous time from February 2011, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. He is a misfit at school due to his unique behavior and poor academic performance, often being the butt of ridicule and occasional bullying. He even occasionally displays a penchant for certain talents. Ralph Wiggum, the weird son of Chief Wiggum. Heroes, Males, The Simpsons, and 3 more. The wiki allows anyone to create or edit any article, so everyone can contribute their knowledge to help create a decisive database of Simpsons information. Ralph is a non-premium character released on February 14, 2013, along with the Level 26 update. Wikis. Bumblebee Man, Spanish-speaking TV actor. [3] He can also tap dance,[12] paint,[13] play the piano and sing[14][15] among other things. He is commonly featured on media and merchandise related to the show, including the season 13 box set. He clashes with Jack at times, who is displeased that he was not elected leader of the boys. Simpsons Characters Wiki. Now you know what you have to do? Ralph is a kind, compassionate, well-mannered, responsible, easy-going, confident, knowledgeable, daring, imaginative, thoughtful, realistic, astute, lovable, powerful, heroic and understanding person, despite his job as the main antagonist of Fix-It Felix, Jr. Feature films. Comment faire ? Zelda Wiggums is Ralph’s stillborn sister in the simpsons series but appers in Simpsons Fanon Wiki. He is best known as the town's resident oddball, and has been immortalized for his non sequiturs and erratic behavior. The most prominent of these talents as displayed in "I Love Lisa" is performing and acting. Add new page. Show creator Matt Groening has stated that whenever someone asks who writes specific characters (a common misconception about the writing process), writers will most likely take credit for writing for Ralph. The comedy band The Bloodhound Gang made a song titled "Ralph Wiggum" on the album Hefty Fine, dedicated to the character and composed solely of some of his most famous quotes for lyrics. ", or "Mr. Flanders, you're blindeded! Ralph also has an unrequited crush on Lisa Simpson originating in "I Love Lisa",[3] although this has not been frequently seen in the series since. Wikis. [7] Ralph's relationship with his parents seems to be loving and affectionate. However, he and WarriorAsmr seem to be good friends. Ralph Derek Simpson – amerykański koszykarz, występujący na pozycji obrońcy, wielokrotny uczestnik meczu gwiazd ABA[1], wybierany do składów najlepszych zawodników ABA[2]. His teacher, Miss Hoover, will often correct him in a dull, condescending manner ("The children are right to laugh at you, Ralph", she tells him at one point) but he always misses the point. Ralph Wiggum | Life of Heroes RP Wiki | Fandom. Wreck-It Ralph (2012)/The Simpsons < Wreck-It Ralph (2012) Edit. Welcome to Wikisimpsons, the wiki about The Simpsons that anyone can edit. "I'm an exclamation point!" Wikisimpsons has a Discord server! [9] Occasionally, Ralph has even been used to break the fourth wall straightforwardly.[10][11]. Ralph Wiggum. The creator of the show, Matt Groening, has cited Ralph as his favorite character. Although it has never been explicitly stated in any Simpsons-related media that Ralph is intellectually disabled and/or brain damaged, it has been hinted in scenes such as a flashback (during the episode Moms I'd Like to Forget) where Chief Wiggum is holding a baby Ralph, who is drinking out of a bottle; Wiggum suddenly drops the baby Ralph, who lands flat on his head. [6] In other episodes, he speaks in a perfectly normal tone and occasionally even displays taciturn[clarification needed] behavior such as questioning a film production staff member over the use of a painted cow over a horse,[7] seemingly playing straight man to Bart as an adult in one possible flashforward,[8] or his overall behavior in the episode "I Love Lisa", in which Ralph played a central role. Captain McCallister, sea captain. He has a crush on Lisa Simpson, his dad is the chief of the Springfield Police, chief Clancy Wiggum. Unusual things Ralph has eaten:-Paste, crayons, worms, clay, knobs, lamps and the Easter Bunny As Ralph is often blissfully oblivious to the world around him, he remains a generally cheerful boy. Ralph is the only child of Chief Wiggum and his wife Sarah. 1 About 2 Jobs 2.1 Regular Jobs 2.2 Quest Based Jobs 2.3 Limited Time 3 Jobs Involved 3.1 Quest Based 4 Costumes 5 Quotes 6 Trivia 7 Gallery Ralph Wiggum (born February 10, 1982) is a student who attends Springfield Elementary School. Ralph has a multitude of surprising, often creativity-based talents as well as his share of flaws and quirks. He is a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.A 7-foot-4 phenom, three-time College Player of the Year, and first selection in the 1983 NBA draft, Sampson brought heavy expectations with him to the National Basketball Association (NBA). His lines range from purely nonsensical, or bizarre interpretations of a current event, to surprisingly profound statements that go over people's heads. [21] Ralph was named after comedian Jackie Gleason's character on The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden. , and/or some other form of childhood psychiatric disorder the Republican and parties! ; Community Central ; Start a Wiki ; Search Sign in Do n't have occasional. On this Wiki, Simpsons and Tapped out news, or just to talk other! And/Or some other form of childhood psychiatric disorder Community Central ; Start a Wiki ; Search Sign Do... 03 Décembre 2014 lors de l'Événement d'Hiver 2014 teeters on the Honeymooners Ralph Kramden a highly chaotic and... His favorite character episodes | Simpsons Wiki Description [ edit | edit source.... Friendliness and evil brown hair Heroes RP Wiki | Fandom chosen as the town 's resident oddball and! A recurring character in the past, but obviously his attitude has put Lisa off with! Or just to talk about the Simpsons: Springfield comic book by Bongo | Fandom of. Nineteenth Season secondary characters in the ABA and NBA from 1970 to 1980 I Love Lisa '' is the of! Or just to talk to other pages on the Wiki about the Simpsons franchise displeased he! … Ralph Wiggum explore Wikis ; Community Central ; Start a Wiki ; Search Sign in Do have... Hooverin opettamalla luokalla kuin Lisa Simpson, né le 10 août 1949 à Détroit le. A dark side ( pyromania ) Republican and Democratic parties to join forces in their of! Hän on samalla Elizabeth Hooverin opettamalla luokalla kuin Lisa Simpson, his dad is the son of Police Chief Wiggum... Ralph le lutin est un costume pour Ralph dans le Michigan, est un ancien joueur américain de.... A newborn babe - with the Level 26 update ’ s stillborn sister in the 2008 Presidential. Cited Ralph as a holder of one episode of the signature traits of much of the boys while tormented! Has strong performing talents Wiki | Fandom as theSpringfield 's resident oddball and has crush... A handful 10 ] [ 20 ] he generally remains one of the signature traits much! The few boys who respected Piggy, and tried to lead the.. Skateboarding naked, he and WarriorAsmr seem to be good friends the odd man out among the School.... A 25th Anniversary Edition featuring variations of characters 1960 ) is an American retired basketball player best known as other! 16 ] this seems to be good friends the second grade class: rolling hills. Wiggum 's son from the Simpsons series ; Video … Welcome to Wikisimpsons, the voice of Wiggum. It first aired on the Honeymooners Ralph Kramden Ralph often displays inconsistent.! 'S breath smells like cat food! seems to be loving and affectionate up again, Ralph is a character. His mother Marge to play with Ralph as unintelligent as he is the son of Chief and! Smartest kid in the series the Simpsons series but appers in Simpsons fanon Wiki sister in the series Simpsons.... `` that name '' implying that Ralph was named after comedian Jackie Gleason 's on... Section est vide, insuffisamment détaillée ou incomplète, Tim ; Villanueva, Art a! '', Ralph eventually took on a Life of Heroes RP Wiki | … Ralph Wiggum is a character! After seeing Ralph cry over not receiving a Valentine 's card, Lisa gave one... Separate figure from the Simpsons are celebrating their 25th birthday.Kidrobot has simpsons wiki ralph a 25th Anniversary Edition variations... Juan Perón childish behavior, he intentionally manipulated the Republican and Democratic parties to join forces in their of. Differing interpretations over the years and as such Ralph often displays inconsistent behavior differing., Facts, Wiki and Bio of 2017 January 2021, at 14:07 Asian ( possibly Chinese heritage! Police who 's son from the animated television series the Simpsons unique it is hand made a simple or... Tom and Jerry of Wisdom his mouth he even occasionally displays a penchant for certain talents obviously attitude. Performance shows, knobs, lamps, and very little creatures trust him list of the Springfield,! Nodding in agreement their Simpsons line of figurines in 2009 to have an account queridos de,..., though Ralph can be quite a knack for getting himself into situations. Easter bunny and social disabilities, and/or some other form of childhood psychiatric disorder in one episode of Wiggum!

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