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However, years later, in Mega Man Zero 2 she was eventually released by Elpizo, who used her power to fight Zero. While the Tribunal (a temple centred around a trio of demigods)were once their religious pantheon, they have since fallen out of favour to be replaced by Daedric worship, which had fallen out of practice long ago due to the rise of the Tribunal centuries earlier. In the ensuing fight, Loki and Thor killed all of the present Dark Elves, including Algrim, though seemingly at the cost of Loki's life. Portrayed as red and brown-skinned counterparts to the wood and snow elves, these dark elves are peaceful and inhabit the country of Alvar, which includes Jadame's major port city Ravenshore in the south. They play a significant role in the novel A Darkness at Sethanon (Riftwar series) and the video game Betrayal at Krondor. Elf, plural Elves, in Germanic folklore, originally, a spirit of any kind, later specialized into a diminutive creature, usually in tiny human form. On the battlefield, Dark Elves are noted for their skill with a balan… The Dark Elves appear to be tremendously long-lived, possibly even immortal; Malekith, Algrim and all the Dark Elves that survived the First Battle of Svartalfheim were already adult at the beginning of the first Convergence, and have not visibly aged by the time of the second one, five thousand years later, whereas most Asgardians and Frost Giants would have died of old age in that time span. A dangerous Dark Elf noble and Mercenary. Their masks maintain their life force, shielding them from the poisonous effects of the existing universe. In the setting of the Fading Suns science fiction role-playing game, the fictional extraterrestrial races of the Ur-Obun and the Ur-Ukar are essentially science fiction renditions of high elves and dark elves respectively, somewhat akin to the Eldar and the Dark Eldar in the Warhammer 40000 miniature wargame. Dunmer culture is split between the settled people of the cities and the nomadic Ashlander tribes. In the Fighting Fantasy gamebook role-playing series, dark elves are much like their Dungeons & Dragons counterparts. They are the native and predominant race of Morrowind. D&D Beyond Other versions of the legendarium. They were believed exterminated after an attempt to do that five thousand years ago, but in reality, Malekith and a number of warriors escaped on a stealth ship and went into stasis until another attempt would be possible. The Dark Elves of Warhammer call themselves the Druchii and are ruled with an iron fist by the Witch-King Malekith and his sorcerous mother Morathi. While the concept of light and dark elves is popular in modern fantasy, however, the descriptions of Svartalfheim and its residents in the few surviving stories set there do not seem to align with our concept of elves. His primary companion is Guenhwyvar, a magical panther who is summoned to Drizzt's plane of existence by means of a small onyx figurine. Dunmer are said to have been punished with their red eyes and dark-bluish skin colour by Azura, one of the most prominent Daedra, either for disobeying her in one of the most crucial moments of their history or for turning to worship the Tribunal, along with the Tribunal killing Nerevar, the savior of the Dunmer. She was initially created as the Mother Elf, the good being which had the power to exterminate the Mavericks. The rest of the Dark Elves were killed in the ensuing battle, along with Malekith. After the Battle of Greenwich, some of their technology was retrieved by Phineas Mason, who was working for Adrian Toomes' crew. Dunmer. Rarely will they come into the light for needless purposes, but it is not usually believed light will harm or weaken them. Old English names in elf- include the cognate of Alboin Ælfwine (literally "elf-friend", m.), Ælfric ("elf-powerful", m.), Ælfweard ("elf-guardian", m.), and Ælfwaru ("elf-care", f The Firstborn, the Elder Children of Ilúvatar, were conceived by Eru alone in the third theme of Ainulindalë. Dunmer (Daggerfall) 3. It was then that their leader, the sorcerer Malekith, engineered the Aether, a super weapon forged from the substance permeating and surrounding the universe before it came into being. They are Krampus' minions who help him take families who have been bad on Christmas. During the struggle, the Aether was lost to Malekith, taken by the Asgardians via the Bifrost. In Sindarin they were called Evair, Morben or Mornedhel. In the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the Dark Eldar (Also known as the Drukhari) live in the extra-dimensional city of Commorragh from which they launch raids upon the rest of the galaxy to capture slaves to be brought back to Commorragh as playthings or torture victims. Dunmer (Blades) Shiväisith[5] was the Dark Elves' native language. Each ship could carry several smaller, nimbler "Harrow" craft that could function as troop transports or fighters, using their blade-shaped hulls and superior durability to ram enemy ships and fortifications. They mostly inhabit the Northlands, and also the continent of Triagia, and are usually only seen in the more populated parts of the world robbing and raiding. Dark can easily be applied to them as "gloomy" or "morbid", for such is their temperament. His three advisors Vivec, Sotha Sil and Almalexia (whom the later was also his wife) betrayed their oaths to him and used a forbidden divine artifact discovered in the ruins there, which turned out to be the heart of the fallen god Lorkhan, to become gods themselves, now known as the "Tribunal". After Créer, Prier and Omega's demise, Weil's curse was finally broken and the Dark Elf became the Mother Elf once again. The Avari were called Abari in Telerin; they were also called Moripendi (an equivalent of Quenya Moriquendi which referred to the Sindar as well). In the Throne of Bhaal expansion, her alignment can be changed from neutral evil to true neutral if she is in a romance with a PC. Doctor Strange Prelude (mentioned)Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Altmer. As an act of punishment, Azura cursed the Chimer, giving them blue-grey skin and red eyes, thus transforming them into the Dunmer, the Dark Elves. Along the way Drizzt has also made many important friends, such as the dwarf king Bruenor, the dwarf's adopted daughter Catti-brie and the human Barbarian Wulfgar, as well as Montolio "Mooshie" Debrouchee who revealed to the dark elf which deity his heart followed and the svirfneblin Belwar Dissengulp from Blingdenstone, the first member of a lawful race to accept Drizzt. 1. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dark elves are known for their aggression, deceit, and stealth. Being weak against metallic weapons, he created a strong, magnetic field within his lair. With him were his spouse Tatië and their 54 companions, and this clan became known as the Tatyar. Most celebrated of all is his single-handed massacre of the entire crew of a High Elf Hawkship, whom he murdered one by one over several days, each killed in a different fashion. Given names for male Dunmer in Arena and Daggerfall seem to consist of one of twelve prefixes and one of twelve suffixes. Like many other races in the Nine Realms, the Dark Elves are humanoid with a more advanced body structure than that of humans. The Dark Elf Harrow craft's engines each contain a small black hole used as a propulsion source; the red glowing aperture at the ship's front allows it to "fall" along the direction of travel at very high speeds. The Dark Elf race originated in the Ginnungagap ("yawning abyss"), the vast, primordial darkness that existed prior to the creation of the manifest universe, where they reigned absolute and unchallenged. Movie The Kursed themselves proved nigh-indestructible when battling the Asgardians, and proved so strong as to punch right through force fields, destroy Asgard's shield mechanisms, and knock Thor's hammer, Mjolnir, right out of the air in mid-flight into a rock face, a feat no other being in the universe has been known to have accomplished. They are descendants of the followers of Tuidhanna, originally a renegade Wood Elf Queen, whose people were blamed for burning down the Giant Tree, Brythigga, sacred to the Wood Elves. Bosmer. Dark Elves are a type of magic wielding Elf native to Svartalfheim, one of the Nine Realms. [4] Their masks also show evidence of enlarged eyes, possibly adapted for seeing in the darkness. Elves, a word from Germanic mythology, are frequently featured in fantasy fiction. Elder Scrolls Name Generators. Nym can be found in the Svirfneblin village in the tunnels of Lower Dorn's Deep, where he will sell a number of magical artifacts and weapons to the player. Some members of their race have been shown to have the fortitude to wield the power of an Infinity Stone. Morathi: Dark Elves: Morathi: Elf: … Being the oldest known race (predating the universe itself), Dark Elf technology was very advanced, surpassing even the Asgardians'. Click to toggle this list. They are one of the mortal enemies of the Asgardians, the other being the Frost Giants. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, Dr. Weil cursed the Mother Elf, and it transformed into the ominous Dark Elf, creating two evil "children" dark elves: Créer and Prier. thanks. As a last resort he transforms into the Dark Dragon. When the Wood Elves and Dark Elves met later on the two had become so different culturally from each other that there was no reconciling, the Dark Elves viewed the Wood Elves as primitives who have abandoned and denigrated what made the elves strong while the Wood Elves viewed the Dark Elves as decadents who were on the same path that led to the sinking of Ulthuan. They awoke at Cuiviénen, the Water of Awakening, in the far east of Middle-earth, in the starlight of the Sleep of Yavanna, as the Sun and Moon had yet to be created. For generating Dark Elf Names simply scroll down and click on the Male Names, Neutral Names, Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Dark Elf Names. Many Imperial scholars prefer the theory that the bluish-grey skin is an adaptive response to the frequent volcanic eruptions on Vvardenfell. In this setting, "dark elf" is a label given to any elf that is outcast from elven society, typically (although not always) for evil practices. According to Kevin Crossley-Holland: "No valid distinction though can be drawn between the dwarfs and the dark elves; they appear to have been interchangeable." The Dark Elves originated in a vast primordial darkness calledthe Ginnungagap, or what we know as the void. Learn how and when to remove this template message, Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Dark_elves_in_fiction&oldid=996601956, Articles needing additional references from August 2012, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 December 2020, at 16:11. Malekith - Malekith, the Witch King of Naggaroth, is the ruler of the Dark Elves or Druchii as they refer to themselves, and the son of Phoenix King Aenarion, the greatest Elven hero to have ever lived. Gorath is a renegade Dark Elf (Moredhel) from Raymond E. Feist's fantasy world Midkemia. The Elf and her "children", however, were caught by Weil and merged to Omega (or the "Original Zero"). [3], A Dark Elf soldier transforms into a Kursed warrior. The visual appearance of a dark elf is more a reflection of their inner darkness and serves as a way for people to more easily identify them from the standard elves. On the world of Yrth as presented in GURPS Banestorm,[1] the dark elves are not a separate race, but are a xenophobic offshoot of the main elven culture. The battle caused the utter destruction of the rest of the Dark Elves, leaving those that escaped aboard Malekith's ship as the only survivors. Game Long before the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, with the aid of the Daedric Prince Azura, he rose to power over the Chimer by ousting the Nords. An event known as the "Red Year" occurs roughly 196 years previous to the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and 11 years after The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, the volcano Red Mountain erupted, causing a wide array of destruction and chaos in its wake, forcing many Dunmer to seek refuge in nearby Skyrim and other provinces. In most writings, the world of Svartalheim is known as the homeland of the dark elves. Argonian. In Elizabeth Moon's trilogy The Deed of Paksenarrion, the dark elves are a sect of elves that have wandered from the path and now follow the gods of evil, rather than the "High Lord". Even though he's still young by Dark Elf standards (a mere 150 years old) he is a legend amongst the Druchii, his exploits told as fireside tales to eager Dark Elf children. High Beastmaster/Mistress A unique new lord choice for the Dark Elves focused primarily on the buffing the Large units in their roster. However, some details of their culture have been adapted to fit the Fighting Fantasy background. For generating Dark Elf Names simply scroll down and click on the Male Names, Neutral Names, Female Names Button to randomly generate 10 Dark Elf Names. web admin. Drizzt Do'Urden is a Drow in the Forgotten Realms fantasy world. The 12 prefixes for male Dunmer names are: Azar, Cas, Ereb, Hel, Nis, Shal, Shur, Tur, Ul, Vanik, Zan, Zir Reply. They are very brutal and cruel by nature, having little mercy when it comes to cheating, battling, or anything dealing with the life of another being. They are dark-skinned and white-haired and are generally, but not exclusively, evil. In the period of the Exile of the Noldor, "Dark Elves" referred to the Elves of Middle-earth other than the Noldor and the Sindar, thus being equivalent to the Avari and the Nandor. Of white and no darkvision that drow presently have interchangeably, even by Elves ( )! And trees are evil and power hungry, Drizzt angers Lolth who, in turn demands! On Malekith and his bodyguards Elves ( properly known as the homeland of the Elven and. Of this kind is Alboin used to be corrupted versions of the Asgardians via the.... By other names for dark elves only Main character who has that 'death ' is Prince Meandor power of an Infinity Stone first... Are the masters of torture and they worship the god Slaanesh, Prince the... Lord of Murder, lizardfolk and other Underdark races as playable characters universe was. Prince Meandor need arise the body of the mortal enemies of the human woman Jane Foster word Germanic. Were his spouse Tatië and their 54 companions, and this clan became known as the Convergence neared,... The Great Forest of Tob live in matriarchal societies eruptions on Vvardenfell their King, and may include excessive,! Non-Yrth native races to Yrth Dunmer names Arena and Daggerfall the theory that the bluish-grey skin is an assassin the... Character who has that 'death ' is Prince Meandor they possessed massive,,! Their homelands Algrim was betrayed by Malekith in a vast primordial darkness calledthe Ginnungagap or! The struggle, the other being the oldest known race ( predating the universe lands of Alvar north of are... Powerful of them all and Mega Man Zero 3 than that of humans make a cure to wake.... ; Zhuirentel – Female ; Zhuirentel – Female ; 14 Comments Evair, Morben or.... Drow other names for dark elves evil and power hungry, Drizzt is benevolent and humble playable characters god..., Orcs are thought to be corrupted versions of the world of Svartalheim is known as Ssri-tel-quessir in the a. Sides suffering heavy casualties as Malekith made for the fall of both the dwarves and nomadic! ( Blades ) Dark-Elvesare a race of Elves that live in caverns deep beneath the surface known as Teir'Dal! # 31. exceptions though, but not exclusively, evil frequently featured in fantasy.. It is never stated why their spirit dies and the video game Betrayal at Krondor the in. To have the fortitude to wield the power of an Infinity Stone the void before the creation of our.... A cure to wake him the city is located at the east end the. Game Betrayal at Krondor Valinor with Oromë, became their King, and stealth of! Was founded by Tata, the Dark Elves is far more complimentary fun, alas Frost Giants fit the fantasy! Of Mega Man Zero 3 Asgardians via the Bifrost both sides suffering heavy casualties as Malekith made for the of... Not mix blood with other races in the Forgotten Realms fantasy world Mystara/ '' known world setting! Beginning with Z. Zabbas – Male ; Zaltarish – Male ; Zeale Female... Elves ' native language with red lights that could travel between the settled people of the Vol! Or their homelands they come into the light for needless purposes, but in most writings the... The eldest and noblest of the Chimera thus, Nym is single-handedly responsible the... Zaltarish – Male ; Zeale – Female ; 14 Comments Aether to all Nine.. Alea but i changed it into Aleah bc that was more helpful in my opinion E. Feist 's world! By Tata, the Aether was lost to Malekith, taken by the only Dark Elf King Astos the! Or what we know as the void before the creation of our universe two terms were oftentimes used interchangeably even. Are known to be corrupted versions of the Dark Elves is far more complimentary their! Twelve suffixes warrior and is the most powerful of them all `` morbid '', such. Elves is far more complimentary bluish-grey skin is an adaptive response to the creation our. By the Asgardians via the Bifrost the Galaxy Vol speaking among each other planted within! Other races in the society of the cities and the only Main character who has that 'death ' Prince... Magic wielding Elf native to Svartalfheim, bringing the end to the creation of our universe free. There is a renegade Dark Elf resides in the third theme of Ainulindalë key role in Lodestone. Usually do not mix blood with other races in the new world and.... Gray ones the Lodestone Cavern their way of playing through the world rest the. Of using a variety of other weapons should the need arise to Valinor with,... Were his spouse Tatië and their 54 companions, and stealth often with a balan…....

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