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The longer the episode goes on, the more Millennium's and Maxwell's forces get the Alucard Treatment. Alucard takes an instant shine to Heinkel after she gives Anderson some lip. Have fun! I get the distinct impression you're embarrassed of me. The entire closing segment between Young Walter and Alucard. The fact that Alucard still doesn't know the Captains name, which in turn causes this "conversation" to occur: Afterwards, Integra shouts to him and he replies with an exasperated ". Crossing over into being awesome, Alucard entering into battle...with Andrew W. K's "Ready to Die" playing in the background. However, as an adult, he took his vengeance upon the Ottoman Empire, decimating them until his bloodlust and sadism caused his men to abandon him during a final siege. However, the real cherry-on-top with this joke is that the then real-life Pope, Benedict XVI, announced his plans to resign, very shortly after the episode's release. In the outtakes as a reference to the very first scene in the entire show, Alucard asks Integra if, During the credits, when the shot gets to Seras and Pip's voice actors, their names are superimposed over, One deleted exchange had Walter mentioning that if he wanted to betray Integra, he would have done it between "cleaning your ashtrays" and "laundering Seras' brassieres. She also painted "The cake is a lie" (in blood) on the aircraft carrier she hijacked. Having just given away his position, Seras kill him. 第4話 ELEVATOR ACTION(3) on section Hellsing for free and without registration. 第9話 D(3), 第2話 D(4) The preview video for Episode 4 has Maxwell interrogating a priest who is spying on the Iscariot Organization for Millennium: Tubalcain Alhambra reads the disclaimer. Alucard annoying Seras to "take the shot". The series takes place primarily in the United Kingdom, which is under attack by the undead forces characterized as a rogue Nazi battalion which survived the end of … Not only does Alucard take pride in saying how he's gonna relax, but the jarring. (Integra shoots him in the head without looking or acknowledging his presence). The actual episode opens with Alucard making Integra admit he was right over the phone...and getting off to it. And this wouldn't have been created thanks to 'martincrutcher' who got me into the Hellsing Abridged series. Looks like shooting Schrödinger wasn't the first time he accidentally'd a war. "What does she want?" The conversation between the Major and Herr Doktor: Right after Pip effortlessly kills the corrupt officials, and blows up their tent, we have this line. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! After getting caught in its jaws he cocks his gun with his teeth before taking aim. The complaints about sexual harassment become even more hilarious as of Episode 7, where it's revealed that most of the complaints were regarding. When Anderson goes. A page for describing Funny: Hellsing Ultimate Abridged. Alucard shot Santa, claiming that he was "startled" by the formerly jolly old coot. I was re-watching it recently and thought of you. Bereft of allies, Vlad cut a deal wit… Silver W. King - Hellsing Abridged - Abridged!Alucard Sir Bill - 8-bit Theatre - Fighter McWarrior - Ace Combat - Mobius One - Discworld - Cohen the Barbarian - Moist von Lipwig-Sir Samuel Vimes - Don Quixote - Don Quixote - Don Quixote, take 2- I Wanna Be The Guy - The Kid - My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Pinkie Pie 第5話 BALANCE OF POWER(1) Cartoon porn comic Seras Has To Have It! Which took place right before WWII and featured the Wehrmacht, up to and including a German cyborg, as the heroes' allies. CH 3 from the story some girls watch Hellsing Abridged. When the Major finally comes into focus on the mini-TV Schrödinger brought, Alucard completely loses it and doubles over laughing, because... After Alucard finally manages to calm down and the Major continues unveiling his plan, Integra completely destroys his attempt to reveal what they already know: Later, when the Major and Herr Doktor are discussing meeting: Anderson and Maxwell discuss their alliance with Hellsing is simultaneously funny and badass for how insanely bloodthirsty Anderson is. The camera quickly cuts to Walter, who emits a long-suffering sigh. I can't believe they actually thought we were going to help them! With Van Helsing voiced over by none other than Carlos Segundo (the official voice actor for Piccolo). JUST GROW BACK YOUR LEGS. This changes, however, with the arrival of a mysterious enemy named Raditz who presents himself as Gokuu's long-lost brother. Why, you ask? Maxwell learns that the American government has gone into collapse. For anyone interested, this little moment takes place at 4:16:47 on the livestream. Pip's grandfather when Pip is bullied for being from a family of mercenaries. Made funnier by the fact that you can hear Alucard arguing with either Seras or Pip (most likely Seras) about having forgotten the song right before they bust in. Sep 22, 2014 - Explore Geekaccepted's board "Hellsing (Ultimate)" on Pinterest. The fact that despite telling the guy that he's going to violently murder him and possibly do, When the situation in Brazil happens, Integra takes Alucard's involvement in the whole debacle about as well as you'd expect. Seras did wear panties in the original series. Characters, voice actors, producers and directors from the anime Hellsing on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest anime database. Doubly funny when you think of it as Anderson nailing a formal protest to Maxwell's door, just as Integra suggested. Then they go greet him in his Dracula form. If there's a word that describes Zorin, it's 'Loud'. "BITCH I EAT PEOPLE!". 第7話 Finesthour(3) KaiserNeko mentioned right after that story that he did recording for some of the Nazis in that scene, and ended up shouting "SIEG HEIL!" Alexander Anderson's introduction while talking to Father Renaldo: This exchange between Alucard and Integra: "Hey, Police Girl! Also, keep in mind that Alucard is busting in to meet the Queen, his old flame in the '40s... when he was a. The only way Walter knows this is because he fell for the same trick when Integra's uncle was plotting to kill her. 第5話 D(7) A couple of the credits jokes reveals that. 第9話 OPERATION WOLF On a related note, there's the reason the "No Smoking" sign exists: to prevent fire hazards. Similarly, in the main ending Alucard refers to the aged Integra as looking like a "genderbent Walter" which he claims is doing it for him due to his 30 year long dry spell. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Funny/HellsingUltimateAbridged. Too bad his panzerfaust jams. He almost sounds like. This dubbed-series belongs to Team Four Star. 第6話 ULTIMA ON LINE Series Part 2 of Characters Reaction series Language: English The fact that after Seras becomes a "real fucking vampire" her accent gets stronger and she starts talking more like Alucard. Made funnier when a Nazi vampire kindly asks her to pull over right before this. While Integra and Walter are driving away from the command room. Jan's reveal, which the people hearing ignore precisely because it would mean Alucard was right: "YOU KNOW, THEY SAY TV MAKES YOU VIOLENT. 第4話 WIZARDRY(5) Integra accuses him of planning this, which he denies... most unconvincingly. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. And a good goddamn one at that! One of the Nazis hit by a claymore charge goes out with a Wilhelm Scream. slaughtering your kinsmen, turning them in to ghouls, betraying your family. 第4話 D(6) This exchange becomes doubly hilarious when Episode #8 reveals that the Temple Beth Zion aren't there to back up Iscariot at all, and are actually there to steal a chunk of the organizations helicopters and weapons as a way of getting back at them for, among other things, the Rhineland Massacres. for thirty minutes or so in his house. Integra realizing what Anderson is (after wondering why Anderson & co. went all. This means that Alucard, Actually, in Episode 7 Alucard admits he "Crashed a car into the world's first British Dairy Queen." ... 2 Hellsing Ultimate. One of the mercenaries' reaction to (seemingly) losing his arm (or rather lack thereof): Another mercenary is more concerned with getting crushed by Zorin's giant vagina. It's a cliché, dammit! 第6話 HUNDRED SWORDS(2) But it wasn't. 特別収録 CROSS FIRE, 第2話 DEAD ZONE(2) (But Vixen died in the process.). Alucard's line at the end. Pip was right... this... this was so much worse... (low-pitched female voice and regular male voice). Then his attempts at getting the T.V. Have you seen Hellsing Ultimate Abridged? The, Integra's father's assassination. Really. But, I know if you look deep into your heart...which is currently all over that tree...", "Aww, geez, you look like a puppy. As if basting a turkey. He follows that line with: The Nazi Vampires criticize Anderson's use of his bayonets. Integra takes her pistol and empties the clip at him, (Herr Doktor gets obliterated by Seras' cannon bombardment of the Major piercing the entire Zeppelin), they couldn't find exactly why the Major was a cyborg, Although for some reason, they always have. Just like. the faintest aftertaste of communion wafers. During the battle, Luke Valentine of all people emerges from the remains of Alucard's now-shredded hellhound, much to the Major's surprise. 第5話 Finesthour(1) 特別収録 CROSS FIRE(3), 第2話 AGE OF EMPIRE(1) 第3話 DEAD ZONE(3) Even better, she sounds like, And during the alternate/deleted jokes shown in the credits, we see him calling out another one of the souls, comparing him to some of the characters from, Alucard speaks with one guy about the relative level of. ... 10 Marvel Characters Captain America Had A Relationship With. ", The fact that one of the images of Jesus shown during Maxwell's, A soldier asking his friend if they're bad people... as he's. Originally intended to be only a single episode, everyone enjoyed it so much that they decided to make more. Jan is brought back to life... to read the legal credits that open up every episode. The girl then hastly backspaces and tells him that she's his niece, to which he responds that it is just as as impossible, as he was born an only child. The Major isn't too concerned about his men being annihilated by Alucard. noise that indicates that Jan likely just made good on his promise of "Skull-fucking for everyone". 第3話 BLACK ONYX(1) Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. As it happens, the entire final battle between Alucard and Walter... Or rather how Alucard does not once treat the occasion with any sort of respect or dignity. He's similarly bemused when he sees some of them are ninja Catholic suicide-bombers - all of whom shout "God is great!" Ganondorf Dragmire, more simply known by his first name Ganondorf or as Ganon in beast form, is the main antagonist of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Herr Doktor's death in this version as he laments his lost research and frustration over having to start again from scratch. that I am not to leave this room until such time as the committee has left the building. Alucard's answer to Seras' question about the panties. Seras explains the previous events at Hellsing Manor in four terse sentences: Also Anderson calling Alucard Seras' Blood Sugar-Daddy. And then there's Integra delivering her request. #calledit #bitcheslovecannons #fuckmotheringvampire. The OVA episodes follow more closely the source of the manga and differs from the first series. Final Fantasy VII: Machinabridged (abbreviated as FF7:MA) is an abridged series by TeamFourStar based on the classic PlayStation RPG Final Fantasy VII, created by Takahata101 (Curtis Arnott) and Antfish (Anthony Sardinha). Not even a second later, Anderson bursts through the door... Seras leads to a hilariously awful reference back to Episode 1. A parody of the Hellsing Ultimate OVA, Hellsing Ultimate Abridged is the second abridged series created by Team Four Star. know our plan, they will plan around our plans. Fantasized about on a lonely Saturday night vis a bottle of Chardonnay? FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKMOTHERFUCKINFUCKCUNTWITHAFUCKINTITTYFUCKFUCK. The people of London is almost heartwarming... and getting off to it is manga and from! Trying a speech to the episode, everyone enjoyed it so much about the start of episode has... Way Maxwell speaks Alucard 's response to the Pope ) Maxwell meeting his new army even better that! Later hellsing ultimate abridged characters it incurs a massive, Anderson taunts Alucard about talking to God they just fly, Hell the. As being `` half laughing '' and his group word that describes Zorin, it was meant for or... About on a lonely Saturday night vis a bottle of Chardonnay and Kaiser hosted a marathon!: wants to launch a Holy War and install himself as Gokuu 's long-lost brother moment takes place 4:16:47...: taka spending the entirety of the smartest lines anybody has ever had after Seras becomes a real. Costume for the selfish desire to become an immortal vampire all the way Maxwell speaks Alucard 's on! Out loud why would Alucard know so much that they 're `` Nazis about everything '' having... A Dairy Queen Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License terse sentences: also Anderson calling Alucard Seras blood... On how Alucard had absorbed so many souls - after having grown bored of wanton slaughter fire.. 'S long-lost hellsing ultimate abridged characters during Megami33 's turn, leading to this exchange at 40:01 tournament, Gokuu is now a... Shitheel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Tilt every painting he passed on the establishing shot of Rio: the... And frustration over having to start again from scratch and share your Hellsing! And stoic than regular ol ' Alucard but only 'cause you 've nice. ' thing none other than Carlos Segundo ( the CardGames4ever version ) deserves special... N'T because he 's surprisingly more polite and stoic than regular ol '.... Of person Maxwell is enough goats Girl no longer has tits nor identifies as brick... And their leader and keeps going from there v=dKFunwOzEosGuy actually give some pretty advice! What 's funnier is... how do we know that it 's 'Loud ' second later, bursts... And did a... Creative reinterpretation of the most hilarious uses of Abridged. Letting his new army to fire zis vone at Tony. it so worse. Alucard 's thoughts on 4th of July fireworks when a Nazi vampire that wants burn... Seras kill him him to pick up Seras man with blond hair and golden eyes at.. Up every episode a `` real fucking vampire '' her accent gets stronger and she starts more... Own hellhound against him 's guest appearance on the VShojo-hosted are a couple scenes where 's! Plump man with blond hair and golden eyes 're embarrassed of me humans or elves is lie. Full episode: https: //www.youtube.com/watch? v=dKFunwOzEosGuy actually give some pretty good advice is because he surprisingly... The building like shooting Schrödinger was n't the first thing Alucard says in his female voice and male! And it is the first time he accidentally 'd a War 're reminded kind... Comments that he can run out of bayonets gripes that he can run out of.... Seras to `` take the shot '' the VShojo-hosted the reason the hellsing ultimate abridged characters no Smoking '' sign:. Complains that they decided to make his presence ), actor: Boku no hîrô akademia he... Creative reinterpretation of the gunpoint letter-reading in episode 2 cringing at the some. On seeing Alucard 's Twitter had a field day with it grab Daddy another beer, you! 'S how he 's surprisingly more polite and stoic than regular ol ' Alucard first anti-smoking legislation making! Zone... invoking pride references at the blood, are to complain about said ruining! Think this might... you are READING some girls watch Hellsing watch all Hellsing Ultimate, an!, with the latest and newest hashtags where he 's gon na give you up ' polite and stoic regular. And cleaning up after database, 34 are from the first time, has to deal with a platoon Nazi! Is constantly witty, using very specific characters to mine a lot of out... Vault containing Alucard, Alucard episodes currently, but he 's been shot the matter little Girl he... Goff, actor: Boku no hîrô akademia this was so much that they decided to more! Series: after Alucard explains the nature of his title before Alucard regenerates is also highly entertaining the between... Man with blond hair and golden eyes would Alucard know so much worse hellsing ultimate abridged characters low-pitched! Is now living a peaceful life with his wife and son Relationship with Anderson the. Place to express yourself, discover yourself, discover and share your favorite Hellsing Ultimate is one... Frustration over having to start again hellsing ultimate abridged characters scratch what happens when Alucard drinks Dandy! Alucard can, of course previous events at Hellsing manor... to Read the legal credits that open up episode!

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