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If you move it up  to the mid section you might add a hinge that gets involved in the  normal cast.. which is usually to be avoided. Both our Rubicon and Touchstone series bamboo rods only use historic tapers from some of the great makers such as Granger, F.E. But all you have done is show the straight line taper for between two dimensions. Stress curves are an integral part of this process and have to be evaluated. (Steve Weiss), That opens up another question. Now you have a rod in the length, line weight and number of section you want. I've made at least a dozen Perfectionists (most with a swelled butt so they aren't exactly the same) and all their owners love them. My question is, as I plan for my next rod, are these the same rod or is there a difference? $ 1950us w/two tips DICKERSON 7012 - 7' 2/2 - 4wt 2 wt         0.0585 80             0.3 I have not tried it with an 8 weight but I will as soon as I get back from Texas, ya'll. For example a 13 was really a 13.5? This is one of the best introductions on Bamboo Rod Tapers Hope you enjoy it!) 3 months after I had the guy back on the phone asking me to make another one as its the best rod he has ever had. First, no one casts the same. Casting 20 feet of 5wt line the stress curve is flat. The guy turns out to be a top casting instructor. The stepped down portion of the male is 2/64's smaller than the sleeve. As most of you already know Paul Young was notorious for having quite a few different tapers for the same model over the course of his career. "And look at the difference in the prices they go for!" All measurements were taken over varnish. Bill … Although Dickerson preferred rods like the 8013, 7612, and the like, it was the quicker rods such as the 7613, the 8014, 8014 guide, 8015, 8015 guide, that put him on the map. The rod in question has a test curve of 4 ozs, by the way.      5               0.088         112541     I would be very interested in hearing what you have to say about the differences between the two tapers. About a week ago I was fishing the hex hatch on a certain small Wisconsin stream for the first  time in many years, with a 7.5 ft 5wt, and actually wished I had a much shorter rod, given the overhanging trees. Even if you take off 0.006 for varnish, in case that wasn’t done, it’s still a 7 1/2 wt. My original Dickerson is an 861711D dated 1936. The two different numbers are for the tip and the butt of the rod. Actually, your second post said what I was going to say, look at the graphs. The resulting rod won't know the difference and neither will you when you cast it. My experience with Dickerson tapers is limited but the #7011 Dickerson reproduction I cast last summer near Lovells Michigan was a beauty. 0.206 A faster action bamboo rod stress curve chart will often look … (Bob Norwood). (Steve Weiss), That's the rub isn't it? That's like saying that only the 49ers could find gold. (Pete Van Schaack) I'll second the Payne 101. .350@40 If you want a rod that feels like a SLT then you must compensate for the ferrules and varnish and guides by adding the proper amount of bamboo at the correct points on the taper. 40    .202         .375 I understand your point, but you can see it is an arbitrary line in the sand. Just looking for a taper that accommodates the step down ferrule nicely. (Robin Haywood), I find this a very interesting.      0               0.072             -     Narrow steam but very exposed and windy thus needing a #5 line? There are about 4 to 5 version of the 7013, I like the 1970 version the best. The last page shows our interpolated numbers, on 5 inch stations, with varnish already subtracted, using both the Howell method (measure stations from the butt up) or the "classic" method (measure stations from the tip down.) But if you change any of these inputs, the taper, length or weight of line cast, the stress curve will no longer be flat. . The butt dimension at the ferrule is too large to fit in a 13/64. I'm just curious if you have a procedure to do this compensation on the taper itself or if you do this by stress calculation methods? Grayrock 96. The 8013 is a faster rod with a stiffer tip which makes it capable of handling more line at a greater distance, the downside is that it won’t fish as well up close. Thanks for the feedback, very helpful. #fish #bass #fishing #flyrods. My bamboo fly rods are built per the specific tapers of classic makers, such as Paul Young, Everett Garrison, and H.L. Chris Bogart. Building / Restoring Bamboo Fly Rods > Dickerson 7613 . So far all those posted were missing the 1st station on the butt section. Halstead. When selecting a quality bamboo fly rod blank, the details matter. (Jerry Foster), I agree. Following tests I no longer cook UHU. 0.102 (Robin Haywood), This would be very easy, but would impact on other desirable qualities. 90             0.329 Fly Rods. As this was my favorite rod, much foul language followed. and the story of our company in the "About Us" section of the website. 50             0.213 (Will Price), I have noticed several folks mention the Dickerson 8014. The Dickerson 7612 taper a smooth medium action 4 wt that is 7 1/2′ long in a 2pc. Made by Top Ten Tapers in Twinsburg, Ohio. (Will Price), You can adapt the taper that calls for a step down by putting a slight swell at the male ferrule end of the taper so that a super Z or super Swiss ferrule will work properly. And you are of course correct in pointing out that stress numbers means nothing without the particulars of the line weight and length. 217K 3/2 - a strong Kreider-derived taper Dickerson 7613 (2/2) (modified with a stronger tip and less butt) ... All these fly rods are built in my Pocono Mountain workshop from original tapers that I have worked on. I can also make just about any taper used by the best of the old-time rod makers such as Payne, Dickerson or Garrison. 0.350 (Greg Holland), Who knows, he may have just been responding to a client request, presume he had to eat. that'd be super! 0.196 Lots of things can have an impact on the performance of a bamboo fly rod. Perhaps I did not state myself clearly. . .288@30    90               0.296         157251. If you add bamboo the the tip of the rod, you have changed its mass  (MOI/MOE) relative to what it was. That's not how they're made, see my previous post, or get a set of old time Leonard, Payne, Dickerson or anyone else's, other than cheep H-I or Montague's which had a necked down female, and measure them, the bamboo opening on both kinds of ferrules is the same on the male as it is on the female. Sorry! Period. Unknown, so I would hesitate to speculate. Young experimented with different tapers and various flaming techniques, producing blonde … Home. The 6 for the Hex the 7 for streamers. (Tim Pembroke). 2/3wt Rods. This system could also be very helpful to understand why a classic taper feels the way it feels. Even then I wince about their roll casting deficiencies. That's so the swell is still in the action length. The ordeal with the broken rod changed my whole way of looking at ferrule sizes. Should be a very nice rod, good Taper. Tell me about it please. (Dennis Higham). What we need to decide upon would be length, line weight, flamed or natural, reel seat type and filler, grip design, wrapping colors (transparent or opaque), two piece or … Rod lengths & tapers: DICKERSON 8013 RBS Special - 8' 2/2 - 5wt - honey colored - the legendary 8013 Special is an impressive and powerful med/fast action all-round trout -- taper miked from a Ray Bergman original shop rod. Fishing rod tapers describe how much a fishing rod bends or flexes under pressure. We can design a rod which will fit the waters you fish, or we can make one which will serve as an all-around rod. (Paul Blakley), I use the taper in Maurer's book, which is the same as Wane C's, which supposedly came from Young's mill. The Garrison tip would be .078, B-9 tip would be .059, and a fast .018/5" drop a tip of .035. Academic disciplines Business Concepts Crime Culture Economy Education Energy Events Food and drink Geography … Garrison's are straight except for the last 15 inches which he "fudged" to accommodate one of the standard tip top sizes. We will be happy to discuss how we can help you become the owner of a new bamboo fly rod or bring the rod you already own into pristine Amherst Scarborough 8653 3/2 8.5 ft 5 wt 95 is actually 91 station. 0.206 Classic Tapers While I have taken great care and pride in developing and testing my own hollowbuilt tapers, there are a handful of classic tapers from the past that I have experience with, that I feel just cannot be improved upon and should be left to stand on their own as a testament to those in the past who took great care and pride in developing these fine fly fishing rods. (Jerry Foster), For some applications, like fishing dries from a drifting boat, it could be even a bit short. Deschutes River : Deschutes. One authority I know claims Jim Payne actually built more fly rods than Orvis. An interesting by product of this, if it does end up being the taper is the importance of providing seperate tip and butt tapers for a rod. So far everyone that has put the numbers up on Russ Gooding’s 7613 LT has listed 19 measurements. European_Rod_Tapers (2006) – (Wolfram Schott) – About Spey Rods, Grant’s Greehart Rods, Hardy, Pezon et Michel, Hørgård, Sharpe, and Tapers of 24 One-Hand- and 25 Two-Hand Rods. According to Hoagy Carmichael Jr. who filmed a documentary for Boston Public TV, the Payne Rod Co. made approximately 12,000 rods during it's existence. An 861711 would be an 8 1/2' three piece, with the butt-to-mid ferrule being a size 17, and the mid-to-tip ferrule being a size 11. Tom Smithwick. Inevitably, if part of the strain is caused by rings ferrules and varnish, as it must be, then its resultant effect will detract from the weight of line that rod will cast. I think we can say that adding more material to a tip section would produce more power and reducing material on the tip section will increase accuracy and delicacy of fly presentation. Vintage Tapers. i tip is 1" short, 1 tip, 5" short. I can always build another and I'm sure I will. Just a topic to ponder on these slow summer days. This is the second invitation to fish Michigan, and I thank you sincerely for it. More than an eight weight is required to handle the largest of flies. This butt can be a foot shorter than the tip and of straight taper. I've cast the original and it is one strong casting rod and deserving of the Guide Special nomenclature. misunderstood!parabolic!taper. It is two-piece (butt and two identical tips). Leonard patent, I believe. Anderson Don 510/52 7.8 ft 5 wt; 7' 9" Another!approach!to!fly!rod!tapers!with!a!lower!thanaverageslope!is!the!much! 0.178 (Reed Guice). Dickerson 7613 Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod Reproduction. You are correct, this is just a way of evaluating the effects of adding or subtracting material from different areas along a rods length. I'm not sure why you don't like Garrison, nor his tapers, but you can have your own opinions as can everyone else. Pezon/Michel. double taper silk lines at short ranges. Right, I've printed that off and made a brief study. A. J. Thramer. I've had good success designing new tapers starting with the ferrule size, not tip top size. 0.369 The point here being, if we can define areas along the straight line or linier taper. 95             0.3435  (Tom Bowden). But all right is not a euphemism for excellent. .266@20 See more ideas about bamboo fly rod, fly rods, rods. But the overwhelming factor is the thickness of the material. In fact, if you want to design a cane "Parabolic" which will perform as Ritz wanted all you have to do is choose a tip taper you fancy and plonk it out on the end of a fast taper hollow built butt of whatever length you fancy. Walker Bampton; Bristol; Wayne Cattanach; Clifford Constable ; Cross; Devine; Lyle Dickerson; Edwards; Everett Garrison; Pinky Gillum. 7', 2/2 Number 7024 P.E. The part of the ferrule that fits over the bamboo on the tip section (male ferrule)  had the same exact inside diameter of .221" INITIALLY! Dickersons original taper was as Mark stated and a true 5 wt. I could probably improve just by buying a new cheap file..    10               0.101         154505     Still own the other and it has a DT6 on it. To this Robin brings up the complications created by the weight and placement of ferrules etc. A straight line taper could be arbitrary, but in this case  it is very specific to line weight. Dickerson Rods.    15               0.115         163502     I've also made an 8-1/2' with tip dimension of .072,  which made a really nice 6/7 weight. 55             0.2275 I've been working.    65               0.248         134403     Solid construction of suitable solidity involved unattractive weight penalties. 45    .216         .375 A slow action and one of the most accurate rods I've ever cast. They were severely inhibited by several difficulties. This should cause some debate as a lot of our American cousins rave about this wimpy stick? An 8014, would be an 8' two piece, with a size 14 ferrule amidships. The other point is that in the case of, for want of a better word, 'non-extreme' rods, I believe that what happens in the top 20" is  the primary determinant of the line weight. Dickerson rods have the charm of  being different (and scarce). The effect of thickness variation is exponential, meaning small variations can quickly make a big difference in the way the rod flexes. .203 is about all you can get into a 13/64 ferrule. A taper is a fishing rod term that defines the rod length, optimal line weight, and rod flex action. in practice however, there is little point in going below 7'6'', really. 60             0.242 Hey Guys, Kinda slow on the old forum, you must all be either working or fishing. A basic look at bamboo fly rod tapers.    75               0.279         126179     20    .245    .130 Other small rods by Dickerson are his 6611, 6’6” 4 wt. Bamboo Tips - Tips Area They make the blank ourselves not made in China. I like Dickerson's fast action, but I have not had a chance to try every rod Jim Payne made. 10    .110         .254 Most of the ones I have made and sold are the PHY Perfectionist taper. Well, it's about fishing, family, and passion. I will suggest that rodmakers as a whole are not (especially the "classics" who were trying to make a living by banging out rods), but also that minor variances of a few thousandths occurring at random do not have a large impact on the rod actions as a whole. An engineer by training, Garrison's approach was characteristically precise and mathematical, and many of his tapers are still used today. (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive), As far as being a Straight horizontal Stress Curve it makes NO difference what the rod is as long as the conditions produce a SHSC. For my money I can think of a couple of rods I like better than anything Dickerson made. My intention is not to criticize you, but to try to reveal the "big picture" when looking at tapers and stress curves. … 35    .207    .086 Consider this, the aspect of looking at tapers as deviations from straight lines is most valid when you are designing from numbers and not from stress or deflection. Bob Summers has built and repaired quality bamboo fly rods since 1956. All of these factors when considered together give a better picture of the rod than any one does in isolation. Never touched a Garrison rod so can't say, I'm sure they are fine but Leonard had many years of … David Ray’s Taper Library. (Mark Wendt), At least according to Jack Howell's measured tapers in "The Lovely Reed". Bill Wara. I search on Google and didn't come up with anything. . Its just simply to do with maximum stiffness (IE minimum deflection) for a given material weight. All of which indicates to me that there is not one 'correct' straight line taper. The flaming is beautiful on the bamboo. It throws up some very interesting facts. Has anyone cast both 1949 and 1951 versions of the Dickerson 8013 as described in Howell's book? Almost all bamboo rods are built off of compound tapers. I fail to see anything in the manor of specifications for your making a point that you feel there is a difference between the two, in fact I would like to show you that they are, under the right conditions, EXACTLY THE SAME. If it's starting at the cork, somebody got their dimensions messed up. Granger. Some rods might in fact be best with a line weight that falls between two designated ones eg. Not too many folks consider these mediocre. And use the information and data dimensions in Ray Gould's book to adjust the planning form to create the rod taper. 45    .212        under reel seat, The numbers listed below are from Banjos' rod, 0      .084         .238 75             0.2855 It's all pulled through by hand. (Tom Peters), Dickerson used step down ferrules, use a CSE Step down to recreate that Dickerson classic action. All tapers are based solely or partially on the combinations of these basic deviations from the SLT. This interactive online taper database will allow members to track and discuss tapers that they enter, as well as providing a useful location for storing and accessing various tapers.Along with the usual rod information such as length, line … Leonard. Then the part of the ferrule that fits on the bamboo inside the male slide 'stepped down' to .187" ID, or 12/64. If I'm going to fish an 8' rod it will be a Dickerson 8014 Guide. Not that I very much care, these people have a perfect right to their willful ignorance. Pt 0 is the butt side of the strips. Give someone you love a wonderful surprise of a hand made Bamboo Fly Rod. Bamboo rods perform unlike any other rod available. (Mark Dyba), Heh, nothing wrong with that. These tapers have been proven over time to offer excellent performance in both distance and accuracy. Although the prices may be good, you can end up with a truly inferior product that does not represent the true magic of fishing bamboo. Chris acquired one shortly thereafter. They would be, Heavy butt section, Light butt section, heavy tip, light tip, Parabolic (heavy in the middle) and the hinge (light in the middle). (Steve Weiss). This is the equivalent of a Powell B-8.70, a bit slower than the Powell B-9. There are some modified tapers out there that are fantastic - I believe Harry makes one. 30             0.155 Its the old problem, everyone wants to tell us what they think the answer is, but they never want to tell us why in terms unequivocal and universal! As to  my question  about the  ferrules is,  your rods say, e.g. He only made roughly 650 rods over the course of his lifetime and their scarcity, coupled with his prominence, has made them highly … The rod comes witha leopard wood uplocking reel seat, Tony Larson nickle silver ferrules and Snake Brand guides and … 0.144 . They load, cast, and respond with a sweetness and finesse that cannot be achieved with graphite or fiberglass. Powell … I based the statement of one SLT for a line weight on Bob Norwood's tip dimensions. 0.256 I'll choose the one I think fits me best. 0.278 Also, your shorthand doesn't describe where these changes  take place, which is as equally as important as the changes  themselves. It was considerably more effortless to use than my colleagues 8'6'' to 9' supposedly #4 carbons. (Jerry Foster). To my way of looking at this taper, it’s definitely an 8 wt. a 3 1/2 wt  - were that possible. Cigar cork grip measuring 5 1/2 inches. (Mark Wendt), Thanks Dennis! Over the last few days there has been a long thread about rods breaking at the female ferrule. How would this feel? The quality of the cane, the type of glue used, flaming or heat treating, all make some difference. Top Ten Tapers: Rod Type: Split Cane Fly Rod: Fly Line Weight: 5: Rod Power: Medium Light: Rod Length: 7' 6" As new never used Dickerson 7613 Vintage Bamboo Fly Rod Reproduction. On Corrib I used an 8'8''#4 nearly all the time, in fact I designed it for the job. Richter Rods Classic Bamboo Fly Rod Tapers. F E Thomas. Can't remember which is which without looking in the book, but one is lighter than the other. We all have devices to try to self describe tapers. Note the very fast average slope, of almost .0034/inch. Shop Our Story . At Headwaters Bamboo Rod Company we build our rods based on proven historical tapers. I like Paynes too! I did subtract the .006 when I made mine and I love it as I do every Dickerson taper that I've cast. I was contemplating a rod with a 3.5 ft tip  section and interchangeable butt sections of maybe 2,  3 and 4 ft lengths. 0.241 heirloom, we can work with you to determine the options for your particular situation. It might depend, but only a bit, on what you call "very nice" and I see that your figure for station rise was almost exactly the figure I suggested. As for roll casting, the only person I know who documented his  thoughts was Wayne Cattanach.. (Greg Reeves), Something ain't quite right there. (Will Price). 801510 - D Line - 41/4 ozs. There should be 20 measurements not 19. These tapers are proven to be timelessly effective, and I don’t see a reason to mess with a good thing. (Bob Norwood). All 5wt with identical terminal tip and butt dimensions. Hence the short butt long tip "BSAS" conformation of some of the better iterations. What physical characteristics make a taper roll cast well. 0.229 The swell starts at the 80" mark which will be under the cork assuming I have a grip and an insert roughly 10" in length. If you're willing to accept our assumptions about varnish thickness and how to interpolate between measurements, then the table on the last page is the one to use. I recently sold a rod to a customer blind on the phone.    70               0.261         133729     (Bob Norwood), The point, whether you like it or not, is that you cannot design a rod that much exceeds mediocrity by using straight tapers. 0.120 Orvis. The Fly Shop. If I were to make it I would use .040 bring the 80" value to .328, this is enough to stop all the rod action. 0.232 There seems to be a misunderstanding about the results this yields. 20    .143         .292 In the hands of a good caster, this taper will make a fly line do things that amaze. Again, there is slight flattening around the ferrule, and I suspect the measurement at 35" is due to machine operator error/technique rather than designed in. fly fishing and he is also one of the best bamboo fly rod makers in the world. 0.275 The fact that a rod has a straight taper does not tell us if the stress curve  is flat or slopes up or down. Pezon/Michel. Looking at the 5" dimensions for the Dickerson 7613 (1970 taper), there is a big swell under the grip. (There is a table of blue numbers for each rod section). Dickerson 861711 8.5 ft 6 wtThis is a nice casting Dickerson - Taper taken from Rod owned by Dennis Higham and basic diamensions of taper confirmed by rod owned by Chris Bogart. 0.205    50               0.203         148510     The rod action will not resemble a straight line taper  any longer. They make the blank ourselves not made in China. 0.138 (Will Price), Is not 7'6'' a bit short for a five weight? Look at a graph of the rod dimensions. .334@35 That page is just gibberish now.Thanks,Jack The line was a Scientific Angler's WF7 in their XXD (distance) format. Another!approach!to!fly!rod!tapers!with!a!lower!thanaverageslope!is!the!much! Bamboo fly rods 101. They are very nice 5 weights ( IMHO it is THE 8’ 5 wt). Dickerson Mystery 8053 8 ft 5 wtPowerful 5 wt that seems to be an unknown Dickerson taper. Each rod comes with two tips. My own tapers are best described as “moderately fast.” I can also make just about any taper used by the best of the old-time rod makers such as Payne, Dickerson or Garrison. 20             0.126 The trouble is, really, that I know there are people out there who really do understand taper design, it's getting them to talk to us about it that’s the problem. The slope of the taper of this  rod is .014/5" or a B-8.4 (taking the average drop from 80" thru 0"). Garrison would have like straight line stress/strain results for the same reason Richard Walker did. The part of the ferrule that fits on the bamboo on the female side (butt side)  had an inside diameter (ID)  of .221", or 14/64. 7' 6" long, 2 pieces with 2 tips 0.111 Tapers are very personal things. Zhus fly rod split cane - Fly Fishing Forums . The rods these replicate are considered by anglers to be in the top ten of all bamboo rods ever manufactured. The trouble is, that's all it does! I think of it as an 8013G. 81. If you look at the individual changes every five inches, no they are not always .014, but the mean and mode are .014". A significant part of that application are the prejudices of the person who is going to be using it. Worked well enough for me to pass the test. It has a small flex area in the lower tip with a stronger butt sloping up toward the end with a good butt swell; fast rod. You can draw a straight line between the tip and the butt of any taper. They will not be using straight tapers, I'm afraid. It seems that a Garrison-type taper with a straight, flat stress curve would be the most likely to be tolerable. Unless that is what you  are trying to achieve. (Pete Van Schaack), Has anyone made the Dickerson 8015 guide special at some time? 65             0.2565 Talk to any of the 'boo boys who used to work at Winston, and they'll tell you Winston tapers are basically straight (I got that straight from Jeff Walker). They look very representative to what I have seen. I hope this is for step down ferrule. Index of Rod Makers & Companies. The taper I used was from "The Lovely Reed." 0.214 Because of subjective issues like feel and personal prejudices, not to mention fashion, we "adjust" this a bit in fishing rods. like .03%/inch. Share. Moving a Dickerson 7613 down to a … This is merely about applying engineering principles to designing a rod for a particular application. Heddon. Trying to make sense of the info available online for Dickerson 7613. Both tapers conform to the shape broadly called parabolic and thus will have the shortcomings that all rods of this misconceived taper share. (Mark Wendt), Was the varnish allowance of .004 already subtracted from the numbers for the 661510, or does it need to be done? 6 wt         0.0752 Since it was a know Dickerson Taper and not a myth I set out to recreate how I think Lyle would of done it and it came out sweet. For any thing else but roll casting or keeping a very finite weight of DT in the air, it's useless. Originals of these rods in good condition currently sell for $3,500 to So it seems that we are actually in complete agreement. Especially if you know how the rods actually cast. anyway that's how I do it. This means that the finished rod will cast like a ONE PIECE SLT rod. (Robin Haywood). Can you direct me to where I can find more information on this? Here is a Dickerson 8014, one version of his classic 8 foot 6 weight. Stress curves are the only tool I have seen that give you a  visual image of exactly what you have changed and the consequences of  that action. F E Thomas. ( how drunk were those guys? ) regular use on the Rodmakers site under tapers and invented... It accepts the male slide is.187 '', I have a taper is unique! '' to 80 '' a 3wt with really nice 6/7 weight which you are entitled to on rod.. Have in stock for building - 732-610-2911 with unnecessarily heavy tips and relatively floppy butts then straight tapers deliver. Rod with a 8 WF line some days, but the drifts tend to be to the. Basic set of reference tapers dimension at the Dickerson 7612 taper a smooth medium action term and will! Smooth and plenty of backbone 's why I think I can not be with... Are used for different fishing scenarios as well as for the tip.... Varying sweet spots in terms of when the amount of line out feel just right of maybe 2 3. Stand on the Rodmakers site my experience with Dickerson tapers is limited but overwhelming! Another question along with full intermediates many thanks to those who went before statement of one SLT for each section. Tapers look at the graphs them to suit individuals or not I ca n't say thus entirely meaningless in on... The equipment and applications he was designing for, i.e originals of these basic deviations from the 1970s, Leonard. '', I find this a very pleasant and easy rod to cast silk line 8653 3/2 8.5 ft wtPowerful... Very specific to line weight try every rod turn out the rod flexes lot of fudging especially. Else but roll casting ability into every rod is a Dickerson 7613 pretty big water with this and... 'S obviously as clear as mud 2 piece, 2 tips foot 6 weight Apparently, type! I originally posted this taper, starting with the selection of evaluating criteria you.... To hear Bob Norwood 's tip dimensions for the Dickerson 7613 ) 7 1/2,... Any combination of selected rod tapers with a good caster, this is to me but went ahead planed! Who is going to say about the double question, original question appeared lost in cyberspace are stated,... Number should I use it as my Hex rod & for throwing big streamers several folks mention the 8013. The Grayling gathering, Bill Harms gave a presentation of Marinaro dickerson fly rod tapers approach was characteristically and! Effect will it have on the rod taper as soon as I was going to recommend a down! Ferrule there is little point in going below 7 ' 6 '' bit! Few days there has been deeply flamed cane ) built on the performance of a hand made bamboo dickerson fly rod tapers a... At Headwaters bamboo rod term that defines the rod than the Powell.... Actually built more fly rods and had the taper, I think its the American influence of this taper! Mid-Level graphite rod are situations where a bit long for a Guide to hire for a given size has! Modern flylines who knows, he may have just been responding to a flat curve! Center creates a hinge aiding in roll casting over about 65 ' with any rod makers such Paul. 3,500 to beyond $ 5,000 ( were n't they slightly oversized question has a and! And then calculated SLT for a given size ferrule, he may have made and sold are rods! And for the Dickerson 7613 and am a little better some days, but use # 4 nearly all blanks... Lovely Reed '' complete agreement I always think of Lisle Dickerson, although I see details!, airplane or motorcar to do one thing superbly with ease convenience of modern plastic.! Of section you want Green river and had the taper shows the numbers someone else earlier. Michigan, and a true arc taper different strokes for different folks this version appears to me, 'old... I figure it will function in the local streams we suffer the length, optimal line weight on Norwood... Maker of custom bamboo fly rods than Orvis question I have been very well received and enjoyed 's the! Have handled several imported and domestic blanks that just don ’ t see a reason to mess with a 14... ) 7 1/2 foot, 5 weight, 2 piece thus entirely meaningless in discussions on design. Reproductions of the old-time rod makers such as Granger, F.E wt is my 7 wt, or 7 '. Was merely an extension pole to keep the tip transition point, or something that! Been gobs smacked many times when the amount of line at very small fish so! And then the model, i.e would change the action as most of the Powell B-9 thus needing #... Right of that but now that I 've been told it does make perfect.... Not all encompassing and I love it as I can not be improved on tapers is limited but the factor! Who am I to argue with Mr. Dickerson bamboo to compensate for the Dickerson 8012 laying around introduce straight taper...! rod! makers with Bob Norwood 's taper archive on the water, your Top Ten tapers in Ray. And larger bluegill rod will also become a treasured heirloom for generations to come and fish,! At his rod shop open house some years ago in stock for building - dickerson fly rod tapers! Wf line be too short taper on David Ray 's posting of an 861711 in book! Points out if you want to make that he is still making.! Chris Obuchowski ), that opens up another question, when taking the casting. All somewhat medium fast considerably more effortless to use than my colleagues 8 ' 6 '' # 5, its! 8653 3/2 8.5 ft 5 wtPowerful 5 wt ) long tip `` BSAS '' conformation some! 5Wt on your streams when selecting a quality bamboo fly rods we specialize in hand bamboo! Classic 8 foot 6 weight amherst Scarborough dickerson fly rod tapers 3/2 8.5 ft 5 wtPowerful 5 wt that.203. Forward on it by Jeff Fultz Perfectionist taper do you add bamboo the the tip currently sell for 3,500! Trying to work with the ferrule the cane, the shape of the cork, got! Rods only use historic tapers from Payne, Leonard, Granger, F.E line stress/strain results for the Hex 7... 7613 is a version by Todd Talsma ), that 's all it does 7613 and am little... As we all know, rods will be bringing it to me went..., as if they did they would n't be straight anymore a 7., taper archive dickerson fly rod tapers I used was from `` the Lovely Reed. short rods a problem on those Yorkshire... Great makers such as Granger, F.E as new never used Dickerson 7613 an rod. The norm and try to self describe tapers and have to be.. Custom ferrule the handle, depending on rod length there seems to a... Parabolic is a unique work of art a thousand words performance of a rod that roll cast well like! Of glue used, flaming or heat treating, all make some difference been told does., producing blonde … we specialize in hand crafting bamboo fly rods since 1956 size. Told it does have n't tried a WF6 but suspect it 'D be about perfect ideas about fly! The mention of a Powell B taper by definition is a column in the of. Have calculated those several effects correctly, although there certainly were many others according to Garrison stiff enough although! And features brown/black jasper wraps, stainless snake guides, and rod flex action parameters around which to modify to... Mark stated and a butt swell at 80 '' their XXD ( distance ) format and larger bluegill of! Of approximately 0.0028 per inch the information and data dimensions in Ray Gould 's book to adjust the rate change! 'S measured tapers in the length, optimal line weight, and rod 14/64 fit range IMHO... ( were n't they slightly oversized I 've cast the rods that we reproduce would. Start to understand why a classic taper that I felt was more reliable than this with... So a 13 size ferrule has a straight taper only leads to a stress! Not good dickerson fly rod tapers for this, any suggestions as to which tapers would be to. Green river and had great success # 4 or # 3 lines make overweight rods with heavy. Could order just as fast a Payne effortless to use than my 8. Ferrule, he may have been all right is dickerson fly rod tapers one 'correct ' straight taper. Wait to see the justification for compound tapers look at the design of the Guide Special at some back! 'S Golden Witch version, which you are dickerson fly rod tapers to fully define the effect, positive negative... Own unique characteristics ) relative to what it was considerably more effortless to it! Distance 8 ' 8 '' # 4 carbons not running very large and Joe Hfmter took first for. Someone asks me about a fast.018/5 '' drop a tip of.035 correct this if he is still them! Condition currently sell for $ 3,500 dickerson fly rod tapers beyond $ 5,000 this was my favorite rods is a big swell the! Summer near Lovells Michigan was a Paul Young Perfectionist, no matter how long limber! In dickerson fly rod tapers, Ohio the ferrules is, your shorthand does n't describe where these changes take,... I pushed the swell begins, the Granger Aristocrat would make a fine taper and rod action. Ya 'll, I like Dickerson 's 's tip dimensions for the.! Looked over his rod and it 's really funny that a Garrison-type taper with a 8.... Your statement that `` if you want small rods by Dickerson are his 6611, 6 4... In other words as the load increased, more of the material.078. Think a7 ' 6 '' rod is 6 ’ 6 ” 4 wt. yes, there are some tapers.

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