The Faculty of  Administration and Public Management (FAMP) is an integrated, extremely dynamic, responsible and credible part of the academic community within ASE Bucharest. The special mission and the defining role of the faculty within the academy, respectively “to prepare for the functions of the public administration, of an economic nature”, were established from the content of the law establishing the Academy of High Commercial and Industrial Studies, promulgated by the Royal Decree no. . 2978 of April 6, 1913.

Starting with the academic year 1995-1996, the tradition of the Specialization “Public Administration” was resumed through the re-education of the study program within the Faculty of Management, and in 2003 the Department of Administration and Public Management was established.

The Faculty of Administration Public and Management was born in the academic year 2010-2011, due to the professionalism, perseverance and ambition of all members of the Department of Administration and Public Management, who managed to create a particularly attractive program of studies in the field of public administration, classified in the first category in Romania.

The most recent phase of the development of bachelor programs within our faculty was the establishment of the Human Resources Specialization in Sociology from the academic year 2014-2015.

The specialization “Public Administration” has conferred on our faculties the reputation of a school offering the best bachelor’s degree program, a correlated academic program linked to the demands of the labor market and inspired by the curriculum of the public administration programs of prestigious universities in abroad. The Sociology-Human Resources bachelor program offers a wide range of interdisciplinary subjects, especially for high school graduates in the socio-human field. With a flexible structure, the program incorporates a holistic approach that will enable students to acquire broad skills specific to the field, which will guarantee their success in taking executive or leadership positions in the human resources departments of public and private organizations.

The subjects integrated in the curriculum are:

  • providing general training in the field of public administration and sociology, focusing on acquiring basic knowledge in the fields of: administrative, economic, legal, sociological and human resources;
  • preparing and refining students to become career civil servants, integrating into institutions, public administration authorities, and human resources specialists able to manage the activities of company staff departments, thus responding to a real need of specialists with higher education in mentioned domains;
  • developing an entrepreneurial spirit in public affairs and private affairs.

The two bachelor and master cycle programs respond to the increasingly dynamic demands of the labor market, to have specialists trained in the context of cultural globalization. The study programs of the Faculty of Administration and Public Management correspond to the profile of the educational offer of the faculty and contain courses with an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character that emphasize the specific competences of the teaching staff.